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Cuckolded & Trained to Please (Steve Lacroix)

Cuckolded & Trained to Please by Steve Lacroix

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Scintillating sequel to Girlfriend’s Revenge, the action really heats up. Having ensnared him for revenge, Gabrielle now wants to further subjugate Steve. He is teased and punished unmercifully, whilst learning to hone his exceptional oral skills for her pleasure. He begins to realise there is no way out, she is truly his Mistress. His mental pain and cock caged discomfort is made worse when she cuckolds him for the first and then the second time. Meanwhile her Bi-sexual friend Monika, enjoys her own normal female to male action, before seducing the lovely young and innocent Justina, before realising something strange has happened in Steve and Gabrielle’s relationship. Extracting the secret from Gabrielle, she is determined to get in on the Fem/Dom action, and introduces Gabrielle to 2 well hung young guys, as part of an agreement to be allowed to join Gabrielle in training Steve. Punishments for him and pleasures for them, as Steve discovers he is now answerable to 2 Mistresses.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 9 / 2015

No. words: 50656

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Chapter One: Another visit, another step down

Steve saw the sign for the airport and once more indecision gripped him. Should he, shouldn't he. He passed the junction feeling a sense of relief, which was quickly and powerfully overcome by a sense of foreboding. His nerve kept only as far as the next exit and with a heavy sigh and an even heavier heart, he flicked on the indicator and took the exit, returning the way he had come. Within twenty minutes he was at the airport, checking in for the flight. A trip that was to take him to face another two weeks of pain, humiliation and sexual frustration.
Gabrielle, notionally his girlfriend, but in reality for the last few months, his owner and Mistress awaited him and he knew he had no choice but to go. Well he had a choice but really not much of one. He could take the flight and submit to whatever new pain and humiliation Gabrielle had planned for him. Or he could not take the flight. The trouble with that option, he knew, was that within a few minutes of him not arriving, Gabrielle would release an e-mail to everyone he knew, friends, colleagues, Clients, everyone he knew.  It would be no ordinary e-mail but one detailing his masochistic tendencies, accompanied by hugely embarrassing photographs....and that would just be the start...
Based on her threats it would be quickly followed by another e mail to the UK tax authorities ... And much, much worse, if her threats were to be believed... An accusation of rape, made to the Lithuanian and UK police, supported by pictures, from when they had been role playing as an ordinary girlfriend and boyfriend....Thus enough to destroy Steve's entire life...
Was it any wonder then that as he contemplated his fate he saw little choice but to board the plane and accept whatever Gabrielle had planned.
He checked in and boarded the plane like a condemned man facing a firing squad. On the plane he was surrounded either by stunningly attractive Lithuanian girls heading home, or English guys heading out to Vilnius to enjoy the delights the city had to offer, which was a mixture of more incredibly attractive woman and cheap drink. Oh how he envied them. How long ago it already seemed since he was going out there with the same agenda. Now he was flying out sure in the knowledge there would be no sex for him, only pain, humiliation and worse after the last time, a possibility of being cuckolded. It was bad enough being unable to have sex, but mentally much worse to then have evidence flaunted in front of you, of others enjoying your girlfriend and what was by rights yours.
He closed his eyes and tried to rest, knowing there would be little respite for him once he arrived. But no matter how he tried he could not. His mind was too full of images and what had happened at the end of his last trip. As he recollected the events he inwardly cringed at how stupid he had been. Despite all she had put him through and everything he had experienced at her hands until then, at the end of the fortnight, he had honestly thought that Gabrielle was taking him as her boyfriend, to her friend Monika's fancy dress party. However on arrival he discovered to his dismay that Gabrielle had “volunteered” him to be the waiter/butler and general dogsbody for the evening whilst she flirted outrageously with the men at the party.
Steve, cock caged, as ever, had spent a horribly frustrating evening, surrounded by gorgeous and scantily clad woman, including Monika, who was clad head to toe in a tight leather cat suit and thigh length boots. Then there was Justina, a minx of a girl who had been dressed in a very abbreviated maid’s outfit. She had hit on Steve and made it clear her body was his to enjoy. But of course cock caged as he was and terrified of the consequences if he displeased Gabrielle, Steve was forced to pass up the opportunity.
So instead of enjoying a great party and the sight and bodies of the woman there, Steve was forced to act as waiter to everyone there. The gorgeous woman, who hardly seemed to notice him, the arrogant guys that were taking advantage of the attractive and available woman, Monika, who seemed to take particular delight in his increasing humiliation and Gabrielle who had clearly always been planning to cuckold and humiliate him. Whilst serving and constantly aroused at the sights in front of him, he had no choice but to watch as Gabrielle flirted with the men who were drooling around her, dressed as she was as a provocative schoolgirl.
He grimaced at the memory. The evening had just got worse and worse. Justina took her revenge for the perceived slight by having hooking up with another Guy. She then had Steve take wine up to one of the bedrooms, where she had led the guy, giving Steve a glimpse of what could have been his for the night. Then at the very end of the evening, there was the vision of Monika standing at her bedroom door in front of him. She had been dressed only in her boots and the shirt of the man in her bed, who she was about to fuck, thus cuckolding her own husband.
He could feel himself getting aroused, painfully so of
course, due to his cock cage, as he recollected just how desirable Monika had looked, how much he had lusted for her, both as a woman and strangely also as a Mistress. When he had first seen her clad in the figure hugging leather cat suit and high heeled black leather thigh length boots, he had realised that she had looked every inch the Mistress and for someone with his submissive nature, a woman truly worth serving.
It was a nature that he constantly cursed, as it was those feelings and desires that had got him into the position he now was, well that and his conflicting need to bed every woman possible. He had explored his deepest submissive male and female domination fantasies with Gabrielle, enjoying incredibly fulfilling role playing with her, until he had been unfaithful to her and she had discovered his dalliance.
Incredibly she had then displayed an inner steel and depth that Steve had been stunned by, as she had taken her revenge on him. Not for her scenes or an unpleasant break up. No Gabrielle had enjoyed being Steve’s girlfriend and role playing Mistress, and what she wanted was long term revenge that would punish him and allow her to continue enjoying all the delights of such a position, So she had turned the tables on him, making it clear that she wanted the role playing of Mistress and slave to now become a reality, threatening him otherwise with destructive exposure in regard to his unusual sexual desires.
And not just to his friends and family but also to his business contacts, so as to destroy both his personal and business life. As if that were not she had gained his password and breached his computer files taking all the information he had on the hard disc regarding his business affairs and threatened to inform the tax authorities.
Then with a final flourish, with the photos she had kept from when she had got him to role play a fantasy she had always had, as she had told him, of him attacking and raping her, she had threatened call the police providing all the photographic evidence.
Given the total destruction of his life as he knew it, and the likelihood of spending many years at best case, broke and outcast and at worst case, in jail, Steve had reluctantly accepted the only real choice open to him, which was agreeing to her terms. He had thought at the time that he would quickly find a way out of the quandary he found himself in, due to his own idiocy. But Gabrielle had proved both resilient and far smarter than Steve had given her credit for. Rather than finding a way out, he had been drawn further and further into the web that Gabrielle had weaved and he was now to all intents and purposes her real life slave, she, his owner and Mistress. Although he was submissive and still had submissive needs and desires, it was a relationship that had already progressed far past that level and any real pleasure for Steve.
The humiliation, pain, punishments that Gabrielle was inflicting on him and the control she was now exerting over him was far in excess of anything he had experienced before. Worse, as time passed it seemed that Gabrielle had moved quickly from role playing to taking a very genuine sadistic pleasure in in her treatment of him. Her arousal at punishing and using him for oral pleasures was undisputable. It was like she had discovered a deep vein of viciousness within her and she was constantly finding new ways to humiliate and punish him, both mentally and physically.
The party at Monika’s was though the first time Gabrielle had cuckolded him. However it now seemed clear to him this was just another milestone in his degradation at her hands and it seemed she had many more steps planned. He had seen Gabrielle earlier in the evening flirting with a guy called Julius, humiliating him in front of Monika, who was the only person at the party that knew at that stage that Steve was Gabrielle’s boyfriend.
Monika’s husband Gregor was away on business and she had only her own friends at the party so she too was flirting outrageously with all the men. She was also visibly enjoying the way Steve looked at her, unable to disguise his desire while it seemed at the same time he was being humbled at Gabrielle’s hands. It was Monika late that night, just as she herself was about to get fucked by one of the guys that had been fondling her all night, that had gleefully informed Steve that Gabrielle was in one of the other bedrooms being fucked by Julius.
Steve recollected how she had stood there, clad only in her thigh length boots and the guy’s shirt, chatting to him as if she was discussing the weather, while the guy stretched out naked on the bed behind her, his cock hard and eager. Monika had gushingly explained that not only was Gabrielle being fucked in one of the other bedrooms, but she had left instructions for Steve to continue working cleaning up. And to his utter shame Steve had simply stood there accepting what was being said and then slunk away to do exactly that, whilst Monika and Gabrielle enjoyed a night of hedonistic pleasure.
Steve shook his head at the thought of the indignity, but in reality what choice had he had? He had thrown himself into the cleaning trying to keep his mind from the thought of Gabrielle upstairs being fucked, but of course it had been useless. He had been angry, hurt, frustrated and most of all jealous at the thought of her giving herself freely to another guy, while he had been denied her body for so long, and not just her body, but in fact any release at all. In between those thoughts his mind had been filled with the vision of Monika in her cat suit and then in just the boots and shirt. He could not shake the thought of her on her back being fucked by the guy who had been led on her bed. Making him feel even worse was the sheer size of the cock the guy had been sporting and was undoubtedly giving Monika at that very moment, and Monika’s comment about Julius’s cock and what Gabrielle would be enjoying.
The plane droned on, eating up the miles and seemingly taking Steve faster and faster to the destination he dreaded, but that he was resigned to. He closed his eyes once more willing himself to sleep, conscious of just how hard things were going to be when he arrived, but as soon as he closed his eyes, his mind took him back to the morning after the party……some of which he could remember, some of which he had not known, but was destined to find out……if only he knew as his flight droned on inevitably towards his destination others too were thinking back to the party and its aftermath…. Much had happened since then, as he was soon to find out…

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some of the best f-d ideas around, this guy really gets to the heart of the f-d scene. Really understands the angst of the cuckold husband/boyfriend and weaves a great storyline around well developed characters, and situations, as the beautiful and dominant woman and their lovers gradually subjugate the husband/boyfriend, pushing him into the depths of slavery as they enjoy the peaks of pleasure.


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