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Caged in Paradise (Diana Philbrick)

Caged in Paradise by Diana Philbrick

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Lots of men have kinky wet-dreams, but Julian Stanley intends to make his a reality in a very private ocean-side estate called Hell's Gate. It's just a few miles from Miami Beach, the T&A capital of the world, where Julian hires six incredibly beautiful beach-bunnies. To keep his golddiggers company, he also hires a bondage webmaster.

Havva, a graduate student conducting research for her PhD thesis, joins the party. She tells herself it's for science, but deep inside knows that the real reason is more personal--she's bewildered by her insane, uncontrollable desire to submit and distressed by here addiction to bondage-sex.

It's a Marquis de Sade-like mix of lust and pain that Julian intends to exploit well beyond the suffering of a few throwaway girls.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2014

No. words: 41601

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sado-Masochism (SM)

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Between Miami Beach and Fisher Island is a narrow straight where the water from Biscayne Bay flows into the Atlantic. This flow causes the waters for miles around to roil with huge waves which have been responsible for many wrecks. The area's official name is the Dubinsky Straight but for good reason everyone just calls it Hell's Gate.
Overlooking Hell's Gate is a narrow peninsula connected to the mainland by a natural causeway that is above water only at low tide.
In 1921, Henry Clawson, a recluse and owner of several New England stone quarries, purchased the island. Using granite barged down from New Hampshire, he paved the causeway and built a mansion, naming the place Hell's Gate after the straight. He lived there with his young mistress for four years until the '29 Crash when suddenly impoverished, he hanged himself in the garden.
Henry's uninviting name proved to be eerily prophetic.
Havva watched the girl on the monitor.
There was no question that Tara was beautiful. She had an hourglass-shaped hardbody that set male imaginations on fire. Mounting her was the primary objective of every red-blooded man on campus. What they didn't know was that for a year Havva had used Tara as bait, a luscious temptation for her research into male domination. Together they had videotaped hundreds of hours of men responding to various stimulus, mostly the petting and seduction behavior of Tara's men.
They were now ready to step up their game.
Tara wanted to use Jason Highlander, her latest boyfriend, as their new subject.
"He's just right for us, Havva," she said. "He's got all the earmarks of a latent sadist—introverted with a strong, take-charge personality and a sexually aggressive, highly-determined nature."
Havva had laughed. Tara liked to talk like a psychologist even though she was only the research assistant of an aspiring PhD. candidate.
"How can you tell all of that after just a few dates?"
"I just know," Tara answered. "Men have been chasing me all my life. I can tell the difference between the real predators and the wannabes."
Havva stopped laughing and stared. Tara could be right; there was a kind of menace in some men, a kind of subtle hint of danger. She had felt it herself.
She had hired Tara because she had the right instincts and because deep down she was a natural temptress, someone who could seduce a man, get him to follow her direction, get him to put aside his natural defenses all while remaining totally objective. Now she needed to trust her instincts.
Havva's doctoral thesis was about the human instinct for domination and submission. In the case study with Jason, Tara would lead him into a domination scene while she, Havva, recorded everything. Havva wanted to reveal the male sex drive in a way that no other researcher had ever done. Hers was going to be a landmark study of significant importance.
And it was finally happening...tonight...now!
Their preparations had been extensive once Havva had agreed that Jason was a worthy mark. Tara arranged with Jason for a special evening of "experimentation" at a local hotel. She had hired a room and together they'd hidden cameras and microphones everywhere then run a wire out the window into an adjacent room where Havva was setup to monitor events.
She was excited, nearly as excited as Tara, who was now making out hot-and-heavy with Jason on the bed.
“...You ever done anything like this, Jason?” she asked breathlessly.
Havva expertly adjusted the sound level. The microphones on the bookshelf and under the bed were giving her every whisper, every animal-like grunt. All the equipment was working perfectly.
“Sure, lot of times,” Jason answered confidently, sitting up straight and nervously fingering the soft ropes Tara had dumped out of her overnight bag.
His answer was a lie. They had researched Jason's background thoroughly. Havva had even interviewed some of his past girlfriends…on camera. They all thought Jason was a stud, that he was an extraordinary lover with a pent-up desire for much rougher sex. All he lacked was the killer-instinct, they agreed. "He backed off of me too easily," one girl said. "If he had been given the green light, something she had not dared, he would have done it."
That was exactly what they wanted to hear. Tara had found someone with the raw capacity, but without the taint of experience. They wanted to study inherent responses, natural reactions, not acquired behavior. All indications were that Jason was ripe for a sexual awakening, an explosion of inner feeling. All they needed to do was provide the match.
They had discussed the plan for hours. Tara would slowly and carefully get him hot then lead him through a series of progressively more ambitious BDSM activities, exercising his instincts to dominate. Havva would record every word, every facial expression, every emotion as he descended.
Tara had been dropping hints all evening that tonight was special.
“Can you tie me to the bed tonight…Jason?” she asked shyly, “face down…and do me from the back? We've never done it that way, you know, up the ass. Don't come though, I have a lot more planned. I just want to feel you inside me, okay? Not too rough though.”
Havva smiled into the monitor. Tara was amazing, completely innocent, even blushing with feigned embarrassment. The girl was totally dedicated to this work, working him like a spider luring her hapless victim into the web.
“I...I, well, I always wanted to try bondage," she continued, holding his hand, "but I’ve never been with…the right man, someone I could really love...and trust." She looked away, ashamed to verbalize her forbidden feelings. Then she looked back. "You know, Jason, someone with actual experience like you.”
She turned and sat on his leg, running her pointed tongue into his ear.
Havva couldn’t believe how good an actress Tara was. She had hoped that the passion of the moment would hide the girl’s real purpose, but it wasn't necessary. She was playing her part perfectly--just the right combination of naiveté and raw desire. Havva felt a tinge of guilt; she was almost sorry for the Jason...he WAS being played.
“I, ah…well, ah, I can do that for you, Tara,” he answered shakily, still fingering the soft black rope. "This isn't something I do all the time, but...I...ah..."
Havva listened closely to the nervousness in his voice. There was something not quite right about his demeanor, his affect. On the surface, he appeared unsure, cautious about taking this important next step in their relationship. Unsure...as if Tara’s request had taken him by surprise. That was all natural and expected, but underneath, something else was going on. He was plotting. Havva could see it in his eyes. Tara, who seemed to be trying to crawl into his ears and mouth, seemed oblivious to it.
Havva watched nervously. Something was happening here that they had not planned.
“If you want, you can get...get undressed, okay?” Jason suggested in a squeaky voice.
Havva knew his uncertainty was false. He was playing Tara! She wanted to scream for her to be careful.
But Tara was too excited to notice. She stepped back and began to undress, to provocatively strip off her clothes as he watched. Havva was breathing hard. Maybe her sudden insight about him was wrong. Maybe just the idea of watching something that was so private had momentarily unhinged her. She leaned back and forced herself to breath hard as Tara slowly took off her bra then turned around in a teasing 360 for him and removed her panties.
Her body begged to be fucked. Normally the man would be salivating now, touching her, stroking her with fierce desire. Strangely, Jason just watched with a look of dumb inaction. Havva felt her stomach turn over once again. Jason was no dummy, not one to hold back. What was going on? Why was he playing this part? The feeling that he had a menacing intent returned.

Author Information

I enjoy submission. It opens the door to another world--one filled with extremes of sexual feeling that just don't exist anywhere else.
NYC is home, but I travel often for work writing stories about BDSM along the way.

Your feedback is important to me. Please leave a comment or write to DianaPxxx@gmail.com.


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