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Slavery - Punishments and Sex (Mark Andrews)

Slavery - Punishments and Sex by Mark Andrews

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My wife, Mary and I are newly qualified Phys Ed graduates and decided to pursue a joint career in training slaves to be perfect domestic slaves who are also trained in the sexual and entertainment arts so as to turn them from crass amateur servants into the best of those formerly employed in the stately homes of England. This is our story.

This story contains a complete mix of male and female domination and submission so something for everyone, hopefully!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2019

No. words: 33400

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual BDSM

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

Slavery was first introduced around the world in the fifth decade of the 21st-century, in response to an out-of-control crime wave and the concomitant inability of penal institutions to cope with it, and coupled with an almost total lawlessness and lack of application by students at school, it was realised that only criminal slavery would be enough to bring the planet back onto the straight and narrow.
It took years of discussion but finally the United Nations agreed by resolution of the General Assembly to the basic principle and that it was to be so draconian in nature that criminals and school students would go in real fear of it.
Of course, one couldn’t be made a slave until they reached the age of eighteen years but even the reformatories for those under that age who committed offences would be a great deal more unpleasant than they had been to that date.
At first, while all the new slaves were by law stripped naked upon arrival at the new State Slave Centres (SSC) and denuded of all facial and body hair as well as the bleaching of any tattoos, they were treated simply as a low class of labourer by their new owners. But the aim of the new laws was to strip them not only of their clothes and dignity, but also of their very humanity. Indeed, it was the intent that they be considered as less than animals. In order to achieve this, upon conviction and sentence to either life (and that meant for the rest of their natural life) or a term as a slave, a person lost his or her citizenship of their country and became items of property.
But as time passed, owners of slaves slowly came to the realisation that their slaves were useful in a great many more ways than simply as a source of labour. Not that this wasn’t a compulsory part of their slavery. Indeed, they were required to be worked for at least fifteen hours a day, seven days a week and were to be fed with a product that was developed to facilitate the feeding process and provide a cheap, efficient and easy means of feeding them without the fuss of buying, storing, and cooking food and then providing a place for them to eat it.
This product was developed by an English producer of chook pellets who quickly recognised that he could develop a new set of ingredients to suit human consumption but without the necessity for top quality raw materials. He experimented not only with the adaptation of his chook food pellet machines but the acquisition of appropriate cheap meats, vegetables and grain in the right proportions to provide a perfect diet but at very low cost and his final product passed all the tests wonderfully.
He obtained patents not only for his new machines but also the product itself and almost overnight became a millionaire, and then successively billionaire and trillionaire – and good luck to him.
That product is now available worldwide, produced by branches of his ginormous empire and is called Slave Chow. It is marketed in one kilogram paper bags, fifty kilogram hessian sacks and for those who have a large slave-herd, could be delivered in bulk.
In these cases, the slaves line up to the slave feed dispenser, cup their hands under its chute and then press their forehead against the activating bar that allow the machine to deliver a measured portion of the pellets, at which they turn away, heading towards the water spigots while rapidly swallowing their feed.
These units were always affixed to an outer wall of the slave quarters and since this was usually in the basement level of their building, the large hopper above the dispenser was fed from another chute leading outside and allowing it to be topped up by the delivery truck.
The dried pellets are designed in such a way that as soon as the slave consumes as much water as he can take in, it mixes with them and they rapidly break down and are then digested in the normal manner.

But to get back to my original theme that while at first slaves were simply used as units of labour, albeit fifteen hours a day, seven days a week, later on as owners began to cope with the fact of having naked human beings around them, began to train them physically so that they presented as very much better specimens than the items they had purchased from the State Slave Centre, it being felt that having ugly, fat or skinny naked human beings around was not all that pleasant and so owners of one or two slaves either sent them to a local gymnasium or arranged an exercise program of their own.
A very pleasing result of this program was that free men and women decided to pay a great deal more attention to their own bodies and ate better foods and exercised a lot more than previously. And of course the end result of that was a marked lifting in the appearances of populations all around the world.
And another corollary to the vastly improved appearance of the slaves, was that their owners now considered them as sexual objects.
There was no opposition to this, as governments wanted slavery to be considered the absolute pits when it came to penalising criminals for their crimes and final year students for failure in their exams.
It took years, of course, but as first one or two began to use a slave in his or her bed and then later, have them trained in both sexual activities of all kinds as well as entertainers, first one and then another, (and they were followed by more and more people), began to use slaves for an after-dinner entertainment of one kind or another while they and their guests sat around with their brandy and cigar or other appropriate beverage and watched the more and more salacious performances being staged for their pleasure.
And this is where we came in…

Mary Smith and I had been childhood friends, lovers and then man and wife from our earliest days. Our parents had been neighbours and were friends themselves. My father is a practising accountant and my mother a solicitor; Mary’s father is a dentist and her mother had been a high school teacher before retiring when Mary was born.
We had both elected to study physical education at Monash University with me concentrating on gymnastics and athletics while Mary studied ballet as a corollary to her basic degree as it had been a love all her life.
We are both physically suitable for our chosen vocations: I am tall and inherited a good physique from my father; while Mary is of medium height, athletic and good-looking rather than stunningly beautiful but to me she is the epitome of the perfect woman.
Once we were old enough, we experimented in sex and discovered that the little our parents had taught us in this department was pitifully lacking and so we consulted with all manner of ‘experts’ in these matters from professors of medicine to ‘madams’ in the slave brothels that had now replaced professional prostitutes – and we found the latter to be very much more helpful than the so-called academic experts.
In this way, we developed a sex life that I suspect was as good or better than any others we had ever heard of and as we watched the transition of slaves from basic labourer to skilled domestics and the attendant rise of their use as bed-wench or bed-buck, we wondered that perhaps our skills upon graduation might be directed in a totally different way to that we had originally planned.
Most Phys Ed graduates become teachers, athletics trainers or the like but as we talked about it, we could see a real need developing for a school for the now emerging domestic slaves to train them in those household crafts that would make them into top-class servants, but also in the arts of good sex so as to enable them to provide their master or mistress with the very best sexual pleasure that we had now learned and practised. And of course, as the well-to-do were beginning now to use their slaves to put on the entertainments I mentioned above, these sexual skills we had learned for ourselves could now be instilled into them to perform as an entertainment to follow a formal dinner.
And here, Mary’s ballet training which had included the elements of choreography could be used to provide other entertainments than simply pure sex, and if we were successful, we believed that slaves trained by us would be in high demand in the private slave dealerships that had sprung up immediately after the introduction of criminal and failed-student slavery.
We talked it over with our parents and while at first they were horrified at our choice of career, as they thought about it, realised that if we were successful we would be creating a whole new industry and would be at the forefront of it.
Our parents being professionals themselves, had been able to afford a single slave for their respective households. And so as we had grown up we were used to having a naked slave performing all the menial tasks of your normal middle-class household.
Our slave was a male – these are very much cheaper than females because they comprise about 80% of the criminal branch of slavery, although 50% of the failed students. But as students realised the consequences of their past bad behaviour and lack of application in school, they bucked up considerably and applied themselves a great deal more diligently to their studies and this led to a marked increase in the pass rate and so the vast majority of all slaves put together was still very much weighted in favour of the male.
A male could be purchased for around $100,000 but the range varied from as high as half a million down to $50,000 depending on their age, appearance, skills and demeanour. A female however, if attractive enough might actually sell for closer to a million dollars and so households such as ours tended to purchase males.
Our slave’s name is Tony and he’s just twenty-three years old although a rather successful cat burglar since he left school, five years earlier. He was sentenced to twenty years slavery and while he already possessed a quite pleasing body, I was able to take him in hand and turn him into something my parents were very proud of.
Mary’s parents also purchased a male by the name of Cam who was aged twenty-five and had killed an elderly lady whilst under the influence of alcohol. Although his offence was manslaughter, he still received slavery for life as this was the penalty for all major crime. He was of medium height with black hair and brown eyes although naked, not a very prepossessing specimen. And here again, Mary was able to undertake his training so as to fine him down and tone up his muscles until he was a quite splendid looking specimen.
At that time however, we had only just begun to indulge in sexual activities ourselves and so our training of these two slaves was restricted simply to the physical appearance of their bodies and while that was eminently successful, neither of our parents even considered using either of them as a sex object in their bed or indeed to put on an entertainment after a dinner party.
Yes they entertained people for dinner at home but the kind of show that was able to be staged by the upper crust members of our society were quite beyond them and indeed I doubt they even thought of it.
But as Mary and I were now approaching our graduation and with us four years older, the society pages of the daily newspapers now often reported on these after-dinner entertainments as a perfectly legitimate and indeed an expected corollary to the dinner itself.
Now with our parents fully onside with our idea, they helped us to find a suitable venue which in fact was in Prahran which is quite near to our homes in Malvern. Ah, I see I have omitted to acquaint you with our domicile. Prahran and Malvern are suburbs of Melbourne which is the capital city of the state of Victoria in Australia. In looking for a suitable premises, we were not seeking luxury or an upmarket building but finally hit upon an old factory in the suburb’s back blocks that we believed would suit us admirably and would enable us to live on the premises (in the small caretaker’s apartment on the roof) while converting part of the main factory floor into our gymnasium where we would hone and tone their bodies. The front part of the building had originally been offices and showroom.
The showroom we would keep but equip as a place to show off naked human beings trained to perform both as very competent domestic slaves but also as potential bed bucks or wenches and entertainment slaves for their owners. The offices would be converted to specialist classrooms for the purpose of training our slave-students in the domestic and sexual arts.
This would cover all aspects of domestic science except cooking which was rather outside our domain and requiring a great deal longer period of training than those of the ordinary domestic sciences. Housekeeping and laundering as well as the art of laying and serving a table full of guests was well within our scope, though.
Our parents also helped us in placing appropriate ads in Melbourne’s daily newspapers in which we invited slave owners to contact us to take one or more of their slaves and train him or her up to be the very best house-slave they could be.
Later, if this was successful, we would expand the operation by buying totally untrained slaves directly out of the SSC, give them a crash course in gymnastics to hone and tone their bodies until they were as good as we could get them and at the same time train them in the domestic arts, particularly of housekeeping and laundering as well as sex, and then market them in a sale.
We didn’t have any real idea of how long this would take and we would therefore inform our first clients that whilst we would be working their slaves hard in order to turn their bodies into something their owners could be proud of and training them as above, we couldn’t be really sure how long this will take. However we promised to carry out the training until it was successful, no matter how long that took. So they would pay a fixed fee and at the end of their training, regardless of how long it took in each individual case, we would return them to their owners as fully trained domestic slaves.
We were honest with our first clients in promising this, informing them that while we were confident we could achieve what we set out to do, we believed the time process might vary quite markedly with individual slaves.
The process of renovating the old factory, which we had been lucky to acquire for a song, mainly because it had been vacant for so long, took only a few months and in that time we acquired all of our gymnastics equipment, second-hand where possible, and it included all the major items of equipment currently in use including Roman rings, parallel and horizontal bars, vaulting box and pommel horse and of course all manner of heavy medicine balls and other small equipment that together go to make up the perfection in the human body that only gymnastics (and ballet) can achieve.
As I said, this process took just a few months and we began placing the ads when it was almost complete. By this time, we had moved into our apartment up on the roof and most of the work in the front showroom and training rooms was also complete and while we were quite happy to go to a client’s house to view his slave or slaves to be trained, we also accepted appointments for people to bring them to us.
In this way, we had bookings for twenty-three slaves for our first ‘class’.
You may be wondering how we financed this operation thus far? We had both obtained scholarships to Monash University and had also taken up part-time jobs to back these up.
Now, our parents helped us to prepare a proposal to the bank including the costs of acquisition of the property and its renovation, a scale of fees that would determine our income and our costs including future staff we thought might be necessary if we were able to enlarge on the number of trainee slaves under training at a given time.
We believed it was a realistic estimate of how things would go and even included an appendix showing how future operations would be very much improved if we were able to purchase slave ourselves from the SSC, train them and then market them at a substantially increased price.
Because we were able to buy the property at a fraction of its real worth, the amount we were asking for as a loan was very much less than that and as we mortgaged the building to the bank, they were well covered so long as we were able to make a go of our little operation.

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a prolific BDSM writer who lives on the Gold Coast of Australia. His books have been delighting Olympia Press customers for many years and now he is one of Fiction4All's exclusive authors.


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