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Serving Two Mistresses (David Anjou)

Serving Two Mistresses by David Anjou

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Still a virgin at 23, Nathan Edrich is a research student with a vivid imagination and very little money. In his dreams hes a sex-slave; the plaything of a beautiful, buxom mistress who keeps him chained in her dungeon, his only purpose in life being to service her appetites and those of the friends, acquaintances and clients with whom she chooses to share him. His imaginary life is spent in irons, sometimes gagged, sometimes blind, giving and receiving sexual pleasure, day after day, month after month, year after year. The slightest sign of insubordination, or any sign that hes less than 100% committed to the satisfaction of one of his users, means the lash, or a week on bread and water, or hours spent in contorted, excruciating bondage.

The reality of his life is very different. Although highly intelligent and quick-witted, he is very shy, and his social isolation is exacerbated by his work in dusty and scattered archives, often staying in small, cheap guest houses out of season. During a January visit to Edinburgh, in particularly cold, damp weather, he is particularly vulnerable. He believes that its purely by chance that the owner of his bed-and-breakfast is a mature but lovely woman who is also in need of company. Its also by chance that she had a pair of police handcuffs handy, and is happy to satisfy his curiosity about the way theyll feel on his wrists. While he tried them out, she toys with him for a while, and then takes him into her cellar, where his new life begins.

Nathan soon finds that his imagination fell far short of the reality of life as a pleasure slave. The woman who seeks to own him body and soul has varied interests and connections, and a bisexual lover whose body is as desirable and voluptuous as her own. He soon finds out that sex-slavery is a widespread and well-organised phenomenon, and that, as a young, handsome and capable newcomer, he is an extremely valuable and sought-after piece of property.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2019

No. words: 64917


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'Tulisa's coming over a bit later to have a look at you', [said Jenny]. When Nathan looked up in surprise she added, 'You won't be seeing her this time, of course. You'll be blindfolded. I'm going to have to think of a nice way to show you to her; I think I'll rope you to a post. Rope's really a speciality of mine, though I still prefer chains for long-term bondage.'
Not knowing whether he was supposed to respond, Nathan ventured;
'May I ask, mistress, if Mistress Tulisa has a speciality?'
'Whipping' was the reply. 'She's incredibly precise in both her aim and the amount of pain that she inflicts. However, we both do most things adequately, and some together, but you don't need to know any more about that yet. If you've finished your tea we'll go to the loo, and then I'll set about getting you ready.'
Nathan decided that it would be politic to have finished, so five minutes later he was being led out of the flat and into the bar, where two nights earlier it had all begun. Shed already left a bag of equipment there, and made some minor changes to the way the furniture was laid out. A large, comfortable sofa, previously against the wall near the door that led to the stairs up to the guest house, had been pulled out a little towards the middle of the room, and some of the tables moved to make space for it. About eight feet in front it was what turned out to be the most important feature, though Nathan did not remember noticing it on previous visits. The room was beamed with dressed oak timbers, and in the centre there was a supporting wooden post, round in section and about four inches thick. Both beams and post were entirely non-functional, nor did they look original, but they were nevertheless made of real wood and stoutly put together. Mistress Jenny had previously left a bag of equipment in the room, which turned out to contain numerous lengths of rope, among other things. First she took the usual security precautions, chaining one of his ankles to the base of the post before removing his other restraints, including, to his surprise, the collar. Then she proceeded to bind him to it. When told to put his hands behind both his back and the post he crossed his wrists, but she corrected their position and tied them palm to palm. He felt the rope being wound quite loosely round his wrists; then it quickly tightened as she cinched it between them and tied the knots. He could see, as she took another length from the bag, that the rope was more like a thick cord, rather like old-fashioned washing line but softer and more flexible. The pieces had been finished off with little plastic rings at their ends, presumably to prevent fraying. The second piece she tied first to his left upper arm, just above the elbow, and then to the other, pulling his arms back alongside the post and forcing his shoulders back against it. The third piece she wound round his throat, making the fit very snug but not tight enough to interfere with his breathing, and then round the post, holding his head against it. The fourth connected the upper arm rope to a hook in the post above his head, preventing it from slipping down and exerting a little more backward pull on his shoulders. At that point she was satisfied that he was secure, and removed the chain from his ankles, leaving him restrained solely with rope. She used three lengths to tie his legs together and to the post; just below his crotch, above his knees, and at his ankles. When shed finished she stepped back and admired her work, remarking that, while she thought hed look good cocooned in rope, shed kept it to a minimum to allow Tulisa to see as much of his body as possible. Then she added the final touch, applying a blindfold that comprised two thick, soft leather discs on a strap that buckled behind his head. The discs pressed firmly on his eyelids, keeping them shut. A length of thinner cord was used to tie the strap at the back to the post, further immobilising his head.
I can't gag you, of course', she said. 'I want her to be able to see your face properly. But you must not speak, under any circumstances. Now we have a few minutes to spare, and I'll use the time to give you a bit of training in mouth and lip etiquette. When you're blindfolded in the presence of a mistress, you should aim to keep your lips very slightly apart. Push them out in a little pout- not too obvious- just enough to be ready for use at any time. That's really the ideal to aim for at all times, but it's especially important when you can't see where she is or what she's doing.'
He felt her fingertips brushing his lips, tracing round their shape, then pushing them apart slightly, tugging on them gently.
'That's right; keep them slack, just give way to my fingers, nothing more.
After a minute of that she slipped two fingers into his mouth. 'Now use your tongue- gently does it now- and don't open your mouth too wide. Keep your lips just brushing my fingers.'
Gradually her movements became larger and more sensuous, twisting, stroking and tugging with her hand and fingers in and around his mouth and lips. Meanwhile she was holding his cock with her other hand, and it was rigidly erect.
'That's right; youre learning. Most people's mouths are primarily for eating, drinking and talking. They kiss their lovers, but only do it properly when they feel romantic and/or aroused. Anything else is a novelty, something a bit daring, a deviation from the norm. You, as a sex slave, must think of your mouth primarily as a cunt- a sexual organ- available at all times to give pleasure.'
She withdrew her hand and for perhaps half a minute she stood still in front of him, still holding his penis. Then he felt her breath on his face, and her lips made soft contact with his. She brushed them from side to side a few times before pushing forward for a deeper kiss, and he responded by reaching out with his tongue. Abruptly her mouth withdrew.
'Don't take the initiative with your tongue', she chided him. 'Don't invade your mistress's mouth without permission. When she puts hers in your mouth, then you can respond.'
She tried again and this time he waited, and soon her mouth was ravishing his as never before. They were interrupted by a voice; deeper than hers and with a very slight West Indian accent.
'Not missing a moment, I see. Let me get a look at him.'
Nathan sensed movement as Jenny stepped back and to one side, and immediately his flesh crawled and he squirmed with embarrassment. He understood now why he had been bound so tightly to the post. Although he knew on an intellectual level that he was there to be inspected, nothing could have prepared him for sudden and total exposure, naked, blind and erect, to a woman who was a total stranger. With Jenny there had been at least a token process of seduction. He fought to calm himself, breathing deeply as Tulisa approached.
'He is a fine specimen', said the new voice. 'Just about the right size. Not some great hulking navvy that has to be kept in heavy irons every second, and not a weedy specimen that doesn't feel like a man at all. This one's certainly a man, from what I saw just now.'
In fact the stress of the situation had shrunk Nathan's member, but the worst was passing; Tulisa's obvious confidence and casual manner helped.
'I presume you've shaved him?'
As Jenny confirmed that, he felt a hand feeling his chest, running up and down and brushing his nipples. He knew it was the stranger's, because he could feel the hardness of her fingernails on his skin: Jenny's were much shorter. She felt his arms as well, plucking at the ropes to test their tightness, and as this brought her round behind him, she inspected his bottom.
'This looks quite flushed, and I can just about see faint marks. I'd say he's been whipped sometime in the last couple of days and spanked hard in the last hour or two. Is he very disobedient?'
'Not at all', Jenny replied. 'He's eager to please. The only fly in the ointment is that he loves to masturbate. He even does it in his sleep. He also marks easily; I was really very gentle with him.'
'I've just got a new suede cat o'nine tails thats supposed to be good with sensitive skin. That might help. He has a nice mouth; does he need much training with it?'
'He's got the right instincts. They just need refinement. Try it.'

Author Information

The author is a retired university lecturer with a lifelong interest in the literature of bondage and slavery.


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