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Keeping Dena (J.M. Sauvage)

Keeping Dena by J.M. Sauvage

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Having been a very defiant hostage on Mistress Madeline's island, Dena looks forward to Madeline fulfillilng her promise of releasing her after one year. But when Madeline informs her that she will not be leaving because she hasn't accepted her submission, Dena is despondent. Even worse, she learns her punishments will be increased in frequency and intensity until she accepts her role.

Dena soon learns how serious Madeline is. She can barely tolerate all the clamps and plugs used on her, and her resolve is challenged as the length of each punishment is extended. Still angry, she is unsure if she can continue to resist.

When Madeline throws a party, Dena is the object of attention from two young men, who have no problem satisfying their sadistic lust using her as their unwilling victim.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2019

No. words: 30896

Style: Bondage/BDSM Thrillers, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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“How long have your arms been tied behind you, with or without the arm binder?”
“Nine weeks.”
“And how long has your ass been stuffed with that plug?”
“About a month.”
“And when was the last time you climaxed?”
Dena lowered her eyes in anger and frustration. “I haven’t cum since I’ve been here,” she admitted.
Eileen appeared truly shocked at the confession. “You haven’t cum in a year?” Dena shook her head. “That’s even more amazing than being tied up for a year. Is that why you’re bucking your hips like a whore?”
Dena realized that she was gently, but insistently, fucking the air as a result of the pleasure coursing through her body. She knew her cunt was growing wetter with each passing second, but hearing this young lady tease and torment her about her situation had as much to do with it. She looked towards the floor, unwilling to meet the gaze of her questioner. “Yes, because I haven’t cum in so long.”
Eileen narrowed her eyes. “Really? I think there’s something else. Tell me.”
Shit. Dena tried to come up with the words, but her embarrassment was too great. She opened and shut her mouth several times in the attempt.
Eileen, however, came to the rescue. Squeezing Dena’s nipples a bit harder, she touched her lips to Dena’s cheek. “Maybe it’s because,” she whispered, “you’re standing in front of a woman much younger than you, who was taken hostage like you, who is also a submissive like you. But she’s not tied up like you are, and she’s not plugged and corseted and wearing a posture collar and uncomfortably high heels. She’s squeezing and caressing your nipples against your will, and you know that she can make you eat her out or anything she wants, and you can’t stop her. That’s it, isn’t it?”
Dena shuddered at the crisp clarity of Eileen’s words. She bent forward at the waist as the flutters of arousal increased a hundred-fold in her belly, only to have Eileen clamp down on her nipples and pull her back to a fully-upright position. “Answer me,” Eileen told her.
“Yes, you’re right,” Dena said in a breathy tone. “It enrages me, but I can’t help but get excited with you standing right in front of me and degrading me. I hate it and I hate you, but I can’t stop responding to it.”
Eileen slid her tongue over Dena’s cheek before stepping back. “Well, then I’ll keep some of that stimulation going.” Releasing Dena’s tits, Eileen unhooked both sets of nipple clamps from her belt, stringing one pair through the ring at the front of her collar and connecting those clamps to her nipples, leaving the tips exposed. The second set, predictably, went right on those very tips to maximize the discomfort. “Thank me, bitch.”
Dena was still trying to breathe through the pain and the pleasure, but she managed to groan out a response. “Thank you for clamping my nipples.”
Eileen ran her fingers through Dena’s hair. “Every time you think how much they hurt, remember that I put them there, just because I can. I did so because you didn’t want them there, or at least claim you don’t. Do you understand?”

Author Information

I am a decadent and deviant BDSM writer. Most of my stories have some form of non-consensual activity, heavy punishment, and intense verbal humiliation. All of my submissive characters are tightly bound for the entire book. There are also degrees of forced lesbianism and revenge.

For additional short stories and other details about me and the bondage lifestyle that I live and write about, see my blog at http://jmsauvagebound.wordpress.com/.


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