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Angel And The Hunter (S.L. Hendrickson)

Angel And The Hunter by S.L. Hendrickson

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Trace had been on hunts in Africa, the United States, and Australia. This hunt was totally different. There were six hunters and three prey so there was no guarantee he would get one. That made it more exciting. If he got one, she would have to do whatever he wanted for twenty-four hours. Angel loved being the prey, running naked though the woods, being hunted, and taken. They both loved satisfying their lust. Will Trace move on to new adventures, or will he stay and make Angel his permanent prey.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 4 / 2019

No. words: 4293

Style: Erotic Short Stories, General Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The woods were thick. Trace used the machete to hack and remove the brush, and sweat was running down his chest and back. He removed the shirt. The sun barely made it to the ground through the tall trees, but it was still warm. He hacked until there was a decent space to set up base camp. After putting up the tent, it was only seven still an hour before the hunt began. He sat up against a tree and wiped the sweat off with the bandana deciding to leave the shirt off. He may get scratched up a little, but it would be a little cooler. The hunt consisted of three prey, and six hunters so there was no guarantee, which made it more exciting. In Africa and Australia, the hunts were with a camera and not a gun so this one was unfamiliar. He didn’t know the range but figured it would have to be close. The hunting area was just two square miles but with these thick woods, the prey was going to be hard to spot.
He ate an energy bar and then packed the backpack. At exactly eight, he put it on, picked up the gun, marked the location of base camp in the GPS and then headed north so the sun wouldn’t be in his face. He walked carefully, quietly listening for any sound. In a little while, he came to a creek and replenished the water bottle and then splashed some water over his head to cool off. He listened and there was no sound except for birds. Now he was starting to think that the whole thing was a bit silly. He paid thousands to get pictures of lions in Africa and a Tasmanian devil in Australia. This hunt was much more expensive. The cost was no problem making millions in real estate. The real reason this hunt was exciting was the prey. The rules were that if got one they had to do anything he wanted for twenty-four hours. The organizer said they were ex-military so it wasn’t going to be easy. His military service was spent behind a desk ordering supplies. He was still in decent shape running a couple of times a week and working out at the gym.
There was a sound of splashing water. The Creek took a bend about fifty yards up. At that point, he saw someone leave the Creek and go into the woods. When he got to that spot, there were the tracks of military boots in the soil. He followed them deeper into the woods. About five hundred feet in the tracks stopped near the base of a large tree. He couldn’t figure out how the tracks could just stop, and then it dawned on him; they went up. High in the tree was a figure. He brought up the gun and fired but missed. They were very agile like a Lemur going from branch to branch disappearing in the thick leaves. He thought that if anyone wanted to move around in this forest easily, they would move along the Creek, so he went back to it. It didn’t take long to find some tracks along the edge. The tracks stopped. The water was below the knee, and he picked up the tracks on the other side. The Creek straightened out. Up ahead he could see the figure and beyond that another hunter. The figure stopped and started back towards him. He went behind a tree. When they came by, he stepped out and fired three times. They stopped when they felt the wet paintballs hit their back. She was dressed in a camouflage short-sleeved shirt and shorts. He walked up and said, “Sorry; I know it was a lucky shot. Put your hands behind your back.”
He tied them and then put the leather collar around her neck and attached the leash. He checked the GPS and then pulled her along to base camp.
When they arrived, he said, “Get on your knees.”
She was sexy, short black hair, with ample breasts and long tanned legs that were muscular like her arms. He unzipped his pants and pushed the hard cock into her mouth. He grabbed the sides of her head and started pumping. It was exciting to take her like this to be in complete control. He continued to pump in and out, and she was still her mouth and throat relaxed so he could drive it in deep. She didn’t make a sound while taking it and swallowing his load.
“Now stand up.”
He unbuttoned the shirt and spread it open. The breasts were just a little bigger than his hand. The nipples were brown and small. He unbuckled the shorts, pulled them down, and she stepped out of them. There was just a little patch of hair above the pussy. She was only five foot four much smaller than Trace, who was six three.
“I don’t think you need to be tied.”
When the hands were untied, she tried to get away. It took all his strength to get her under control and face down on the ground.
“I guess you need to be treated like a wild animal,” he said out of breath. When the hands were retired, he dragged her over to a tree. Taking another longer piece of rope, he put it around the waist and secured it to the tree. He sat down next to her and ran his hand over the body enjoying it. He bent down and kissed the breast and sucked on the nipple. His hand went down between her legs and there were big thick pussy lips. Two fingers went in, and she moaned. The pussy was wet but tight. The fingers explored the inside, and the smell of her was getting him excited. He took off his pants, got between her legs, and ran the tip of his cock over the pussy. It was so hard again fucking like animals was such a turn on. He rammed it in grunting from the force of the thrusts and the pussy gripping his cock.
“I want to fuck you forever your pussy is so good.”
She still wasn’t saying anything just kept taking it. He kept pumping not thinking about her at all just his own lust. He worked it in and out slowly enjoying the pussy massaging his cock then faster pumping juice out of her and next hard thrusts until the cock erupted. He sat next to her rubbing his hands over the breasts, stomach, legs, enjoying the feel of her body.
“I need to rest.” He drank some water and then gave her some. “I don’t want to leave you tied to the tree.”
He untied her and led her into the tent, and unrolled the twin sleeping bag. She was on her side, but then he thought that she would escape and the fun would be over. He got one of the extra tent pegs and pushed it though the ropes around her wrists. Taking the hatchet, he pounded the peg into the ground. He got next to her.
“You really smell.” It was a combination of sweat and sex. “I love it.” He tried to kiss her, but she turned her head. No kissing, just fucking, I can live with that, he thought and fell asleep.
When he woke up, it wasn’t surprising she was gone. Getting the peg out of the ground was easy for someone with her strength. There was a sound, and he opened up the tent flap. She was squatting, hands untied, naked, eating some of his rations. The hair was all messed up, and she looked like a wild animal, and he loved it. He crawled out, got one of the ration packs and sat on the ground. It was getting dark. He opened the potted meat with the P38, spread it on crackers, and ate it, then the canned fruit cocktail, and an energy bar. He took out a sanitary wipe and cleaned his hands. She held out her hand for one. He gave her one, and she wiped her hands reached out for another. She took it and he said, “Don’t wipe your pussy, I want it raunchy.”
She went behind the tree and then came back. “Do I have to tie you up?” She shook her head no. He guided her into the tent. “Straddle my face, I want to eat you.” The pussy lips were large and thick. He chewed on them then drove the tongue in. The pussy smelled of sweat but the juice was light and tasty. When he had enough, she straddled the other way, reached back, and spread the hard small cheeks. He went after the hole. She stroked the cock and sucked on the tip until it was ready then drove her pussy down on it. She was possessed going back and forth on it hard. Trace was grunting from the force.
“You are a beautiful, sexy, animal.”
She bucked on it until he exploded then massaged the balls making sure every drop of cum came out. He couldn’t believe that she got the legs back and was licking her own pussy. She moaned tasting cum. The slurping sounds were so erotic. He massaged his cock and balls while she licked the pussy clean and then got next to him. She took his cock into her mouth, which was like a vacuum.
“I don’t think it will get hard again.”
But he was wrong; it got slightly hard, and she got it into her ass then spread the cheeks, so he could watch it go in and out. He couldn’t believe how erotic she was. While the cock was still in her ass, she massaged his thighs, legs and feet. Her hands were strong, and he closed his eyes and fell asleep while she continued to massage.
Being on the ground with just the thin sleeping bag for padding, he still slept hard. She was sleeping on her side. He ran his hand over her back, hip, and then ran his fingers between the cheeks. He was thinking about spreading them and tasting that sweet hole again, but his phone went off.
“Good morning Mr. Addison.”
Trace cleared his throat and said, “Morning.”
“I hope you enjoyed the hunt.”
“Yes, it was very nice.”
“We hate to rush you but please be out of the reserve in the next hour. Other hunters will be arriving.”
“Sure no problem.”
He couldn’t believe that he slept that long. She stretched.
“I have to leave. Now what happens to you?”
“I could stay with you for a while and keep taking loads of cum.”
“Now you are talking. I thought maybe you were mute or something.”
“No I was just playing the part of the wild animal. I thought you would enjoy it.”
“Oh, I sure did. So what is your name?”
“Angel but I’m anything but that. I’m totally wicked and a cum slut and can never get enough. I just love sucking my pussy when it’s raunchy and full of cum.”
“So you don’t have to stay here?”
“Of course not, I just did it for the extra money.”
“Just for the money?”
“And because I enjoyed it. I love getting tied to a tree and fucked like an animal.”

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Writer of erotic fiction.


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