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Blonde Cheerleaders (Declan Brand)

Blonde Cheerleaders by Declan Brand

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The TWINS—everyone remembers them, two gorgeous blonde teenagers who suddenly appeared on the USC cheerleading squad, bouncing onto the field in briefer than usual halter tops and short, short skirts.

USC had given them a cheerleading scholarship—a brilliant move as it not only ensured the team would be shown on television more often than usual, but that players in High School were far more likely to go to SC than they had been in the past—after all, they had the chance to captivate two of the most beautiful women on campus.

In the old days, PLAYBOY would have done an article about them—tall and slender, with breasts of just the right shape and size and hips that created perfect curves and led to perfect round, smooth, and firm asses.
And, by come miracle, their faces matched their perfect bodies—lovely and alive.

All during that first season, USC football’s ratings rose higher and higher even as the team’s won-lost record began to fall. Nobody really wanted to watch their games—they just wanted to watch the two gorgeous blonds gyrate on the sidelines, every move forcing the watcher’s dicks to get a little harder…

They had come to find a career in movies—USC helped all it could, putting them in commercials and mini-docs about the school. It helped, exhibiting them to the press and the studios at the same time. It didn’t take long for agents for the studios were offering them contracts.

The girls considered them carefully, making sure they got the deal they wanted while continuing to showcase themselves to all the millions of men watching them on television.

Many of those who watched yearned to touch those perfect legs, cradle those perfect asses—something they knew would never happen.

But there were some men who didn’t just dream about it—these were men with money and power—and they knew that there were ways to get what they wanted—even if what they wanted was a pair of young girls…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2019

No. words: 30000

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

“He offered how much?”
The big guy smiled and handed him a check. “Half up front, the rest when we deliver.”
“This would cover our operating budget for a year!”
“A bit more, I think.”
“And he wants…”
“Both of the twins, completely broken and trained.”
“Time limit?”
“Not indefinite—but sometime soon would be best,” the big guy smiled again. “If we can manage to make sure nobody’s looking for them, that would be appreciated.”
“I’ll bet it would.” He looked at his boss. “How do you want to go about it?”
“The girls live up in the hills somewhere between Burbank and Pasadena. They share a house with three other cheerleaders.”
“Team bus drops them off most days, when there’s no practice, they take turns driving.”
“We have to find out just where that house is.”
“Agreed—I think it would be best to follow them from school for a few days—get a timetable set up.”
“When do you want to start?”
“Tomorrow. You take the first run, I’ll take the second, and we’ll keep switching until we find what we need.”
“What about Mike?”
“He’ll watch the store,” the big guy smiled. “I don’t want to have to clean up after the girls we have waiting for auction—let him take care of that.”
“Gotcha,” Mike nodded, looking at the check again. “I’ll see you around lunch tomorrow.” He put the check down and headed for his room—if he was going out on surveillance for half a day, he’d need some sleep now.

Chapter 2

The two men spent a week surveilling the short bus that took five girls—including the twins—to the largish house they shared in a wooded area near Burbank. It was a 45 minute ride through a pleasant lightly populated area far enough from the city center to be quiet and private--but close enough to give easy access to restaurants, clubs, and bars.
The twins seldom went to the bars, however. They spent most of their time at home, studying, working out—keeping their lovely bodies taut and beautiful.
“So how do we do this?” Mike said on the first day of week 2 while the two men, together now, followed the bus and began to make plans. “Force them off the road?”
“Twins might get hurt.”
“Storm their house?” He looked at his partner. “We can cut off their cell phones…”
“And if they have a land line or a panic button?” The big man shook his head. “Dangerous.”
“Then what…” Mike suddenly pointed ahead of them. “Look!”
Something had happened to the short bus or its driver. The vehicle was pitching back and forth across the road, barely controlled. It suddenly lunged to one side and got a bit more than halfway up a hill before the engine stalled, shutting down the power steering. The bus froze in place for a long second--then slowly toppled down the hill. It slid for a moment, the came to rest—upside down—on a rise of soft, leaf-covered earth.
“Can we be this lucky?” The big guy powered their own van forward and smoothly brought it to rest just below the toppled bus—close enough to stop it from sliding down the hill any further.
“Get our stuff ready,” the big guy hurried out of the car, “Make sure you have your stun gun.” He sped over the loamy ground to the bus’s big rear door. It had plowed deep into the loamy soil and, he quickly learned, could not be opened.
“I don’t think this door is ever going to open again,” he shouted over his shoulder. “I’ll check the driver and passengers!”
He cautiously moved up alongside the bus, studying the angle at which it had settled before getting close enough to look through the window. “Driver’s out—don’t see any serious injury…”
The driver hadn’t been wearing his seat belt. He had been thrown into the windshield and was laying on the floor bleeding from a head wound. Behind him, five girls were huddled together on what had been the van’s left side, trying to use their cell phones—unsuccessfully in this dead area.
“Hey!” One of the girls, a hot little brunette, noticed the big guy. “Can you help us?”
“Of course!” He smiled. “Is anyone hurt?”
The girls glanced at each other and shook their heads.
“We’re okay,” the brunette answered.
“Okay,” the big guy nodded. “Stay where you are and don’t move around—this thing could still slide or roll the rest of the way down the hill.”
“Okay,” the girl nodded.
“I’m going to get this door open,” the big guy touched the door handle. “And see how badly the driver’s hurt.”
“Okay,” the girl agreed once again. “Is there anything we can do?
“Just stay where you are,” he grinned—there would be plenty for them to do in a few minutes. “And don’t move.”
He examined the door, tried to open it. Jammed, he muttered to himself. I’ll need a crowbar…
“Here,” Mike arrived with a bag of gear, a pry bar in his hand. “This might work.”
The big man grinned as he saw the other things in the bag, then took the prybar and jammed it into the gap between the door and front body panel, forcing it in deep before applying some strength…
The door groaned—but did not open.
The big guy used some more strength, and smiled as the plastic of the door panel began to crack and peel. “Once more,” he whispered to Mike. “Be ready.”
“Right.” Mike leaned forward. “Need help?”
“I don’t think so…” The big guy pushed with all his strength—and smiled as it popped all the way open then rebounded back toward the car’s body, stopping when it met the prybar which the big guy had left jammed between door and body. “That should do it.” He propped the door open wide enough to give him access. “I’ll have a look at the driver…”
The big guy pulled himself into the bus and checked out the unconscious man. “Pulse is strong, he’s breathing just fine.” He turned toward his companion but spoke loud enough for the girls to overhear. “Let’s get him out. This thing could still catch fire.” He got his hands under the driver’s arms and lifted, picking the man up as if he were weightless. “Take him and put him on by the back door—he should be safe there.”
Mike grabbed the man, pulling him up and out of the bus. “We’ll call the cops when we get near a tower.’
“Okay,” the big guy turned toward the back of the bus. “Ladies, I think it would be good to get you out of here—this thing still isn’t completely stable and there’s gasoline everywhere” He reached into his pocket and produced a stun gun, triggering a bright blue spark. “Now, before we begin…” He smiled.
“I want all of you to strip!”

Chapter 3

Jean Bernhard had been terrified when the bus went off the road and rolled. Her terror had increased when she discovered that all their cell phones were useless. Things had begun to look better when the two big men in the van showed up, but now…
“What did he say?” She whispered as much to herself as the next nearest girl.
“Strip,” the big man said, once again conjuring a blue flash from the device in his hand. “Take off your clothes.” He smiled at the questioning eyes turned his way. “Do you need a diagram?”
“I’m going to count to ten, anyone not pulling their clothes off by then will get ten lashes.” He raised an eyebrow. “You understand? That means I whip you ten times.”
Jean froze. Whip? She thought. Who uses a whip these days? Who is this man…
“One…” he shook his head. “I’m not kidding. Two…”
Jean stared at him. Frozen, unable to form words, unable to move.
“You can’t mean it!” One of the twins spoke up. “I mean, we’re only a couple of miles from Burbank, how can you expect…”
“Six,” the man’s blue eyes sparkled as saw the girls begin to understand what he wanted. “Seven
Carole Lynn, a short redhead with big boobs stared at him, eyes wide. “You do mean it, don’t you?”
The big man ignored her. “Eight…Nine…” He shook his head. “Ten.” His eyes, hard now, ran over the girls. “All right,” he nodded, eyes ice. “All of you have earned your first whipping.” He smiled a very scary smile. “Should be fun. Now, though…” The big man stared at Jean, you—you’re first.”
Jean began to cry. I can’t just give up, she told herself. I have to do something! She had taken two years of self-defense classes—they had taught her a dozen ways to immobilize an opponent. Not much room here, but if I move fast…
The big man watched her, almost reading her thoughts. She’s going to try to take me out with some kind of martial arts thing. He kept his smile hidden. It’ll give me the chance to teach these other bitches just how helpless they are.
Come on, bitch! He smiled to himself. Get it off!
And waited…
Jean put her head down for a long moment, frightened and trying to get her breathing to smooth out. Can’t wait too long. She glanced at the big man near the door. If he’d only come toward us…
But he wasn’t moving—and the only way out was past…through him.
God help me, she thought, then took a long breath, let it out in a scream and ran toward him, her right-hand arrowing toward his throat.
“About time!” the big guy murmured, already in motion, dodging left and allowing the girls thrust to miss him. She stumbled forward, off balance, and he grabbed her by the hair, lifting her off the floor.
“Bad move, bitch.” He turned her to face him. “Real bad move!” His left hand, clenched into a fist flashed, burying itself in the girl’s helpless stomach. Breath wuffed out of her and she sagged in his grip, fighting to breathe. He calmly ripped her halter top off, dropping it to the floor. Her skirt joined it a second later, followed by her rather brief panties.
He turned, the girl still dangling from his fist, had lifted her up a bit until Mike could grab her and drop her to the ground. A set of leather binders were soon strapped to her wrists and run up to a collar and a largish ball gag.
“Anything else you want done to her?” He asked the big man.
“No, I don’t think so.” He turned to the other girls. “Now who wants to be next?”
A moment later, four more cheerleader uniforms were on the ‘floor’ of the van, their owners sobbing and trying to cover their sex with their hands.
The big guy took a moment to evaluate the skin now on display. I can see why the twins are so valuable, he thought. The others aren’t bad—we might be able to make a buck with them. He reached out of the bus, hand open. “Give me four of the ballgags.”
The girls moaned a bit upon hearing that.
“Alright,” the big guy said, the ball gags in his hand. “Strap them on—and make sure the ball is all the way in!” He tossed the gags to the four women in the back of the bus. “Do it quickly—don’t make me angry.”
A few moments later each of the girls were sporting a ballgag—pulled tight at his command.
“All right, time to get you out of here. He looked at the group of women.
“One at a time…” He pointed at the slightly overweight redhead with the large breasts. “You first!”
Moments later the redhead had her hands bound behind her and a collar around her neck, as Mike led her to join her friend in the van, the big guy pointed at a willowy ash blonde. “You.”
She staggered forward, sobbing, and was soon bound and in the van with the others.
“Okay,” the big guy smiled as he regarded the twins. “Who goes first?”
The two looked at one another before the one closest to the big guy moved forward. He admired her beauty and the grace of her carriage—then lifted her out of the bus and into Mike’s waiting hands before turning to her sister. “All right, come on—you’re last out.”
The girl started forward, eyes fixed on her captor.
“It’s not a good idea to look at your Master like that,” he told her, smiling slightly as her eyes widened. “It can get you punished.” He reached out a hand. “Come on now—it’s time to go.”
She was shivering as he lifted her to the waiting Mike…

Author Information

Started as a writer for the long-defunct HOM brand in the United States. Spent time as a film writer/editor, a novelist, and an educator.
Now dabbling in this and that--and writing about my long love of bondage and discipline


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