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Tamed Tethered & Trained: Part Two (Amelia Stark)

Tamed Tethered & Trained: Part Two by Amelia Stark

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Part Two of the Puppy-girl Discipline Series.

The Toyushi Academy has bestowed its harshest punishment on Etsuko by putting her into a Puppy-girl suit for an unspecified period of time. Also, her best friend, Himara has been chosen to be her carer, which entails being fitted with a clit clamp, just like Etsuko’s. The electronic tether warns them if they stray more than 30 meters apart and also keeps a track of their whereabouts.

Koji, a junior psychologist, worships her boss, Doctor Harada, to such an extent, she agrees to become his submissive Puppy-girl and help with the program. He is spoilt for choice once he has Koji and Himara crawling around naked plus Etsuko in a Puppy suit.

The academy wants to do more than just punish inmates, they want to find guardians who will take well-trained Puppy-girls off their hands. Their plan is to train a succession of inmates and find wealthy interested parties to pay their bonds and cream off a huge sum of money. This Puppy-girl story includes scenes of a sexual nature so is only suitable for mature adults over 18.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Amelia Stark's Erotica     Published: 3 / 2019

No. words: 31462

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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1. Koji – Intimate examination.

As a qualified psychologist Koji had the run of the academy, along with three colleagues and the head of psychology, Doctor Makito Harada. However, she was only a junior member of staff, on a probationary contract, so had to tread carefully and perform to the highest level.
Whether the academy was right or wrong to allow Koji and the other psychologists to intimately examine inmates was a moot point. Their medical qualifications were never questioned by staff, so the practice was accepted as the norm. The recent introduction of collars and clamps were therefore controlled by the psychology department and not the medical staff.
The authorities used to believe that the way to rehabilitate young offenders was to understand the little shits and pamper them, before returning them to society. That changed rapidly when behaviour in the remand institutions deteriorated and crime rose on the outside, mainly due to the kids reoffending.
The Toyushi Academy for young offenders was one of several new style institutions, for youths between the ages of 18 and 21. The academy had a dual approach to rehabilitating offenders. Harsh punishments combined with close psychological supervision was their ethos. However, even that had to be reviewed and tightened, when they struggled to re-educate the young inmates to an acceptable level of behaviour.
The introduction of Electro-Pulse Treatment, combined with Canine roleplay therapy, was the latest high-tech weapon to be added to their armoury. They were the first academy to be given the go-ahead to use it on the toughest elements among the inmates. EPT was a tried and tested technique in mental institutions, while putting the youths in canine pelts gave psychologists a chance to analyse and monitor their progress.
Etsuko Yamada was the epitome of everything that was bad about the modern-day youth. Insolent, disobedient and promiscuous, she was the perfect guinea pig to trial the treatment in the girl’s section of the academy. Across the canal, Isami Nishimura had the dubious honour of being the first boy to be put into a Puppy suit.
Each recipient of the treatment needed a carer, who would behave like the Puppy’s owner. Best friends were ideal and in Etsuko Yamada’s case, there was a clear and obvious candidate, Himara Ikada. It was another bonus for Koji, because the delightful girl had a submissive nature and was perfect for another trial that Doctor Harada was working on.
To ensure the Puppy didn’t wander away from her Mistress, both the carer and Puppy-girl had clit clamps fitted; and in the case of the boys, cock collars situated at the base of their penis and scrotum. The devices would warn the carer if the distance between the pair became greater than 30 meters. Doctor Harada, the head of the psychology department, came up with the idea to tether the two together and added it to the trial.
Koji had just dealt with the math teacher, Fujio Matsue, and ushered Himara into the consultation room for a check-up. The timid teenager stood awkwardly in a hospital gown, waiting for instruction while she closed the door. The girl had only been wearing the clamp on her clitoral ridge for 10 hours, during which time she slept in the recovery ward, looking after her new charge, the Puppy-girl, Etsuko.
“Will Suki be okay with a stranger?” Himara asked uncertainly.
“Relax, she’s in safe hands for a few minutes. Sit up on the couch, Himara, and lay back…” Koji waited until she was lying down before questioning her. “Comfortable?”
The slim teenager was wearing the pink hospital gown she slept in and looked uncomfortable while Koji leant over and glanced over her body. Himara had a perfectly shaped body and decent sized, firm tits, but she wasn’t a girl who flaunted her sexuality.
She was two inches taller than Etsuko so would need a larger Puppy suit if she was ever bad enough to warrant such a punishment. That was unlikely because Doctor Harada had something else in mind for the teenager.
She couldn’t help comparing her with Etsuko, who would most likely stay in the Puppy suit for some time. Himara had decent size breasts, while her friend’s were underdeveloped for a girl of 18. They both wore their black hair with a fringe and bunches, but Etsuko’s face was rounder and she had a dimple in her chin, accentuating her cheeky appearance. It was a shame to hide the impish teenager’s face beneath a dog’s mask, but as compensation, she had Himara to drool over and mould into a willing submissive.
She lifted the hem of the teenager’s gown, until her mons and navel were exposed. “Knees up Himara, so I can examine your labia.”
The girl’s eyes reflected anxious thoughts, but there was only a brief hesitation before she adopted the classic ‘pussy pose’.
“Himara, I want you to clench your ass and squeeze your thighs together…”
The girl complied, causing her convex lips to project slightly upward and stand proud between the back of her thighs. The girl’s cunt was so beautiful, Koji salivated at the thought of sucking and chewing the discrete line of clitoral flesh peeping from her three-inch-long major lips. The silver ball-clamp she fitted, gripped the top of her ridge, just before it formed into a dimple at the base of her mons.
Lower and connected to her major lips, quivered a cute pair of minors which glistened with the girl’s pussy nectar. When she gently ran her latex clad fingers over the girl’s firm folds, the teenager let out a gasp.
“Are they sore, Himara?” she asked softly.
“Yes, Miss, the clamp is still hurting and my pussy…”
“What about your pussy?”
“It’s itching, Miss.”
“It’s the clamp’s pressure on your clitoral ridge, but the nerves will adjust. Do you want me to massage the area and sooth it like I did last night?”
She looked at Koji with an anxious expression on her face. “Yes please, Miss,” she whispered.
She had only smeared one application of a special hormone cream on the youngster’s labia and in her quim. The lotion was formulated to boost her libido and sensitize her vulva and vagina. Koji knew the effect it would have after several applications, because Doctor Harada smeared it on her cunt every night as soon as he had finished with her. It meant that she was gagging for sex by the time she reported to him later that evening.
“You can relax your clench and pull your knees apart.”
She began by squeezing the lotion from a tube onto her fingers and gently massaging it on her labia. Her major lips parted slightly, making it easier to delve into her furrows and massage her clitoral flesh. Increasing the pressure and sinking deeper, she continued a swirling movement, then started to rub the submissive girl’s minor lips and fleshy entrance with two fingers of her left hand.
“Oh. Miss,” she sighed, “That feels soooooo goooooood.”
“Just concentrate, Himara…” She slipped the digits into the girl’s succulent tunnel.
Koji built up a rapid jagging tempo until the girl’s body was spasming through an orgasm. “Oooooooooo…” she sighed in one huge gasp of relief.
She removed her fingers and wiped the girl’s major lips with tissue but left the cream untouched within her folds and succulent quim.
She slapped her ass gently. “Sit up on the edge, Himara.” Red faced and quiet, the teenager straightened her legs, and swivelling, sat up. “Feeling better?”
“Yes, Miss. Thanks.” She looked shaky but was getting her shit together.
“Okay, it’s eight-fifty. First, we’ll take Suki back to the ward. After you’ve dressed, we’ll going to the main hall for assembly, then we’ll have breakfast in the cafeteria. At ten-thirty we’ll go with Doctor Harada to his clinic at his residence.”
“What’s happening in assembly, Miss?”
“Today, Doctor Harada will be giving everyone the low down on the new ‘CAP’ treatment and obviously introducing our two Puppies to the inmates and staff.”
“Will I be able to go to lessons today?”
“Probably from tomorrow. Doctor Harada has booked a long session with you and Etsuko today.”
“How will Etsuko be able to attend lessons?”
“We’re going to provide cushions for Suki and her male Puppy, Isami to sit on, so they’ll be just as comfortable as everyone else.”
“Suki and Isami won’t be going to the same lessons, will they?”
“We’re going to trial it for a few days. There will be some lessons in the boy’s block that you’ll have to attend, but I or one of my colleagues will accompany you there. Come on, let’s get you dressed.”
Koji led the teenager out of the consultation office and was pleased to find Fujio Matsue gently stroking Suki’s head. Was the Puppy-girl already having a good effect on the teacher, who until she cuckolded him, couldn’t keep his hands off the girls.
Another part of Doctor Harada’s experiment was to analyse the effects on chemical castration to find out if it removed temptation to abuse the girls. If it did then he would look at expanding the scheme in the following term, which of course was bad news for the rest of the male staff.

2. Etsuko – Fear and hope.

Etsuko (Suki) was mesmerized by Himara’s lyrical voice and sparkling eyes. She watched her hands and arms move around, but unfortunately couldn’t understand what she was trying to say to her. She cocked her head one way and then the other, but it didn’t help. Her sight, hearing and smell were good, so that wasn’t the problem. Her carer spoke earnestly but whatever she was saying got lost in translation.
“Ruff, ruff,” she said, interrupting Himara.
She rubbed her tummy with a paw, which her carer immediately understood.
“After we’ve finished here, Suki, I’ll organize breakfast.”
The sound of a door opening caught their attention. A man and a young woman emerged and stopped between the desks. Himara got to her feet and Suki followed suit. Her intention was to stay as close to her carer, especially as there was a man close by.
“Himara,” the young woman said, signalling to her. “Come on in, this won’t take a minute. Mr. Matsue can look after Suki while I brief you on the day’s schedule.”
“You said I had to stay with Suki.”
“I said, stay within thirty yards. Don’t worry. Mr. Matsue will be teaching you both later in the day, so he needs to meet Suki and understand her limitations.”
The Puppy-girl looked on in dismay when her carer handed over the leash to the middle-aged man. There was something familiar about him, but the fleeting memory disappeared as quickly as it came. He led her back to the chair and made her sit between his legs, like her carer had.
She almost wet herself when the man cupped her chin and leant in until there was only six inches between them. “I warned you about this didn’t I?”
Trembling with fear, she whined. “Ruuuuuu.”
“Etsuko, Suki, whatever they’re calling you, the deal’s off, now we’re both in the shit.”
He spoke aggressively and in a threatening tone. Thankfully, she had just emptied her bladder, but couldn’t stop a little urine seeping out and dribbling onto the hardwood floor.
The man looked down. “You dirty little bitch…” He looked into her eyes again. She tried to pull away, but he maintained his grip. “Etsuko?”
“Ruuuuuuu,” she whined again.
“Can’t you speak?”
“Ruff, ruff!”

Author Information

~~ Amelia’s new Paperback site ~ https://www.amazon.com/author/astark
~~ Follow Amelia on facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/amelia.stark.98
~~ Keep up to date on her website ~ https://www.ameliastarkserotica.co.uk
~~ Follow Amelia on Twitter ~ AmeliaStark_18
~~ Email Amelia at ~ Amelia.stark@mail.com
Amelia was born in Hertfordshire, England, and now lives in a beautiful country setting in the midlands. Working from a small cosy office and with only the occasional company of her pet cat, Amelia weaves her stories, morning, noon and night. She entered the literary world on a notion that she could write more interesting stories than she was reading; and thinks she has succeeded in her goal. An avid reader of BDSM, erotica, horror, science fiction and detective novels, Amelia is determined to bring some or all of these subjects into her own work and hopefully thrill her readers.
All of her work belongs in the BDSM category, but she has written in a wide variety of niches such as Urban, Interracial, Pony-girl, Puppy-girl, thriller and adventure. Her most popular books to date are the Hijack series (3 books), the Frisky series (3 books), the Husni series (9 books) and the Caged & Transported series (8 books/4 compendiums); but there are many more in the library to choose from. 45+
There’s a new paperback site that will grow quickly during the back end of 2016 and on into 2017 - https://www.amazon.com/author/astark


Publisher Information

Amelia Stark's Erotica is a Publisher of BDSM and Erotica stories. All the work is written by Amelia stark, although her work is split between 4 pseudonyms. Her own, Tor Melati, Laura Sinn and Tabatha Wild.

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