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The Slave Gallery (Simon Grail)

The Slave Gallery by Simon Grail

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A young, ambitious man gains total power over women!

Danny Robinson comes to the Perridor Gallery with a photographic portfolio on his laptop which contains a fascinating but sinister kinetic image which bends women’s minds to his will. Once exposed to it they will happily obey his slightest wish, however intimate, humiliating or painful. Soon attractive gallery owner Minerva Duncan and her assistant Tami James become totally subservient to his desires, and as his sex slaves they begin to help him realize his perverted plan: to stage the ultimate obscene portfolio show.

Once he has made the gallery his base of operations, Danny extends his mastery over other women. He takes over local health club manager Sandra Hall, who he instils with an unnatural love for chains, and pretty, naïve, aspiring model Deborah Cook, who must run a race of tears and suffering for Danny’s art.

Next, Danny gets a pair of his women to re-enact the story of Little Red Riding hood with a carnal man-wolf and subjects another woman to a conditioning programme that renders her perfectly obedient and submissive. Then he stages an electric boxing contest with naked contestants who have captive partners mounted on display in their corners who are intimately connected to them and share their anguish in the ring.

Attractive teacher Millicent Howells is the next to fall under Danny’s influence and through her he extends his power to her exclusive summer school for girls who need extra tutoring to re-take their A-levels. Soon he is the new Master of Discipline and he introduces a scandalous school uniform and the practice of chaining girls to their desks until they learn their lessons. He then stages a naked sports day with sexuaal events that lead to pain, shame and multiple orgasms.

Everything culminates in Danny’s gallery show, in which celebrity beauty Trina Delray is subjected to prolonged public degradation in a bizarre sex orgy. But the final outcome is not quite what any of them anticipated...

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2019

No. words: 47400

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sado-Masochism (SM), Bondage/BDSM Fantasy

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One

Minerva Duncan flicked through the portfolio of photographic images of moody skies, rain on the river and gnarled trees in the local woods displayed on the laptop screen with increasing despair. The creator of the images sat on the other side of her office desk watching her intently. Danny Robinson was an unprepossessing, tall slender young man with pale skin, rather watery eyes and lank brown hair who seemed filled both with nervous anticipation and a touch of arrogance. A camera hung ostentatiously around his neck.
Why on earth had Tami sent him up from the front desk and said she should look at his portfolio, Minerva wondered? Well she had spared him the ten minutes she had reluctantly promised and now she had to tell him the cold hard truth.
‘I can see you’ve got some technical ability, Danny, and there are some interesting processing techniques you’re using, but this isn’t yet mature work,’ she said, letting him down as gently as she could. ‘You’re nineteen, right? Well a couple of years in Art College would help train your eye. The problem is you don’t communicate any true involvement or passion in your subjects. I simply couldn’t exhibit any of this work in my gallery.’
She feared he might argue or get sulky, but instead he seemed to treat her words as a big joke: ‘But you haven’t got to the end yet, Ms Duncan,’ he said with a broad grin. ‘I saved the best for last. I think that’ll communicate with you…’
Grimly Minerva flicked through the last images in the portfolio, beyond the landscape studies, into sets of synthesised graphic images, bursting with abstract blocks of line and colour. But they still didn’t have any inner life. He’d just thrown things together. Couldn’t the boy accept the fact that he had no artistic talent…?
And then she came to something labelled “Kinetic Image #3”
It was a panoramic complex black-and-white double swirl of distorted rectangular blocks in the classic Op Art style. It didn’t seem radically different from anything else in that style she had seen over the years, and yet for some reason she couldn’t take her eyes off it. The thing danced and shimmered in front of her as she stared at it unblinking. Suddenly it seemed as if nothing else in the world mattered. She would simply sit and stare and let the wonderful pattern fill her being, satisfying her every desire…
Distantly she heard Danny speaking. It was the only voice in the emptiness of her thoughts and his words entered her mind unchallenged.
‘I see you’ve found KI hash 3, Ms Duncan. I only made it up a couple of weeks ago to bulk out the portfolio. Actually, it’s some old Op Art images I found in a library book which I sampled and superimposed. It gave me a headache but then this fat college girl who lives across the hall from me and who’s always trying to make friends saw it by chance and she couldn’t look away. I thought it’d given her some kind of epileptic seizure or something at first, but then I found that it had got right inside her head and made her totally suggestible. She’d do or think anything I told her. Well, you can guess I had some fun with her for a few days finding out how it worked. Didn’t work on my landlord when he came for the rent, though,’ he added regretfully. ‘For some reason it doesn’t work on men at all, but it brainwashes every woman I tried it on. And then they’d forget all about it afterwards when I tell them to. I found I could do anything I liked to them… like I’m going to with you. So don’t move and don’t speak, that’s an order! Keep looking at the screen. It takes a minute or two for it to reach full strength…’
Minerva was aware of him getting up and moving round behind her desk to stand over her, but she could not drag her eyes away from the screen to look at him. He stroked the tight light brunette bun of her hair pinned up on the back of the head. In a detached part of her cold horror clenched her heart. She tried to pull away. but his command held her immobile. She tried to scream but her lips might as well have been glued together. ‘I’ve always thought older, cool sophisticated women like you are hot,’ Danny admitted, stroking her cheek. ‘Of course, they don’t usually like if you stare at them too long or try to talk them into posing for pictures, but you can’t complain now because you can’t speak or move, can you?’
She expelled a feeble whine from the back of her throat. That was the totality of her resistance. It was as if she had fallen into a nightmare of helpless paralysis. While image KI#3 filled her mind she could do absolutely nothing to stop him examining her at his leisure.
Minerva had pale skin and a slender build. Her chin was small but firm, complimenting her high cheekbones. Dark arched brows rose over deep dark intelligent eyes, red shapely lips and a neat nose. She was dressed in a black short sleeved blouse with a detachable floral print scarf over a matching calf length skirt with black wedge sandals.
Danny checked his watch. ‘That should be long enough,’ he said, turning the screen away from her. ‘From now on you’ll do anything I tell you to. Only me and nobody else. What you like or want doesn’t count anymore if I tell you different. For instance, I want to see what your tits look like. Undo your blouse and get them out so I can have a look…’
Like an obedient puppet Miranda undid the front of her blouse and pulled it wide apart, bearing her shoulders and exposing her white bra. A vestige of shame found its way to her cheeks and burned forlornly, but still she slid the straps down over her shoulders and scooped her breasts out of their cups, as if offering them to Danny. They were shapely pink flesh-mounds, capped by small but prominent brown nipples.
‘Oh, these are good,’ Danny said approvingly, stroking her breasts and tweaking her nipples. ‘I’m going to have so much fun with them. Yeah, they’ll fit in with what I’ve got planned very well…’ He stood back and took a picture of Minerva sitting there holding her breasts up provocatively. ‘The first one for the new portfolio,’ he said.
Silently within that detached part of her mind Minerva was raging in fear and revulsion at his touch while she tried to cover herself, to scream at him, to do anything… something! But the image seemed to have robbed her of her will-power and Danny’s words had taken the place of her own volition.
‘Now get down on your knees,’ he told her.
She obeyed without hesitation.
Standing before her he opened up his flies and freed a straining young hard penis. ‘Now you’re going to suck me off, Ms Duncan,’ he told her. ‘And you’re going to do it because this is the most incredible cock you’ve ever seen and you have to taste it…’
And she realized it was the most incredible cock she’d ever seen and she had to taste it. Eagerly she took it into her mouth and began to suck on it. Her bared nipples throbbed in delight while deep inside her bottled-up will raged impotently.
As she dipped and bobbed her head, he stroked her hair and continued speaking, as if enjoying her helpless attention both to his words and body.
‘My dad wanted me to be a plumber like him, but I said I wanted to be an artist. He said I couldn’t paint and I said I can use a camera and he said that wasn’t proper art. So I moved out to a bedsit in Millsend while I put a portfolio together, photographing weddings and presentations and helping with a few advertising shoots and all that kind of crap work to pay the rent…uhhh… look up at me and smile, Ms Duncan…’
She looked up into his camera as he snapped a carnal selfie with her mouth full of his cock.
‘But once I made KI hash 3, I realized I could do so much better,’ he continued as she resumed her pleasuring of him. ‘So I started looking for a place like this run by women I could use it on. Earlier, when I showed it to Tami, I got her to tell me more about the layout. She said there’s an old flat upstairs which is hardly used now, and an old storeroom next to it that might make a studio. Yeah, I think the Perridor Gallery is going to be just right for what I’ve got planned. And you’ve already got a steady trade. All down to your hard work, she said…’
She had founded the gallery five years ago. It was housed in a converted three-floor nineteen twenties redbrick double-fronted shop opening onto Waterside Lane just off Thames Morton’s high street. The ground floor and most of the first floor was exhibition space. The back of the first floor was Minerva’s office. The top floor was junk storage and an old flat which she had lived in during her first year here but which was rarely used now. There was a small walled yard at the back with a car stand and a workroom and storage extension. Double gates give access to a corner of the Charter Street public car park. The gallery not large but despite fluctuations in the market she had built it up into a successful business. Two years ago Tami James had joined her. She was enthusiastic, attractive and good with customers. They got on well together…
With a grunt of satisfaction Danny came in her mouth and she swallowed his hot, sweet, disgusting sperm down.
When he was drained, he said, ‘Undo you hair and dry me off with it.’
Minerva unpinned her tight bun of hair and shook it out lose and used a handful to carefully dry his wonderful and revolting soiled cock-shaft clean. She knew now that she would do anything he told her… and hate herself even as she did so.
Danny zipped up and said: ‘Now you’re going to sit at your desk again and call down to Tami and tell her she’s to close up the gallery as soon as it’s clear and then come up here. She shouldn’t ask why because I flashed KI hash 3 at her earlier when I told her I wanted to show you my portfolio so she’ll be suggestible. Now she’s got to come up here so I can complete her treatment. You can speak now but only to say what I told you…’
Obediently, with the taste of his sperm still in her mouth, Miranda rang the front desk on the intercom. ‘Tami, will you close the gallery up as soon as it’s clear and then come up here, please… ‘
She had not meant to say that. She had meant to call for help. But she could not do it. It was as if she was reading from a script Danny had put in her mind.
And Tami’s voice came back unquestioningly: ‘I’ll do that right away. Minerva…’
Tami entered the office just a couple of minutes later.
She was twenty-five and had a bright alert face. Her thick black hair was bound into one long plait which hung down the centre of her back. She was wearing pale jeans and a white gypsy top which swelled over her full bust and contrasted with her coffee- tinted skin.
Tami did not have time to react to the sight of Minerva seated behind her desk with her breasts still bared before she saw the laptop screen facing her and her eyes locked onto KI#3.
‘Look at the screen, Tami,’ Danny said. ‘You like that don’t you? Come closer and don’t move or speak,’ he commanded her, and she obeyed.
Minerva could see Tami’s pupils dilate and her mouth hang open as she stared at the screen. It was as if Minerva could see the willpower being sucked out of her. Was that how she had looked when she had stared at the image? It was awful! She must fight back! But she remained as Danny had positioned her, passive and silent.
When Tami had been exposed to KI#3 for two full minutes, Danny let go of Minerva’s breasts and closed the laptop. ‘From now on you’ll obey me without question while acting perfectly naturally in front of everybody else,’ he told Tami. Then he said to Minerva. ‘Get up and come round and stand in front of Tami and hold still…’
Minerva obeyed as if she was a puppet with her strings being pulled. So much for fighting back…
When the two women were facing each other Danny said: ‘Now I’m going to teach you about keeping quiet and about pain and pleasure. From now on you’ll do or feel all of them only when I tell you…’
He packed the laptop back into the holdall he had brought with him and then took out a broad reel of silver repair tape. He tore off some strips and stuck them across their unresisting mouths. Then he took out a pair of black leather dog collars from the holdall and buckled them about their necks. Minerva whimpered as she felt the pressure of it about her throat.
‘After some experimenting with my college girl I found reinforcing verbal instructions with physical associations makes them take better and last longer,’ he explained. ‘So the tape is to teach you to keep quiet when I tell you. I want you to remember what it feels like to have your lips closed. And the collars are to teach you that you belonged to me now. You’re my bitches. You can cover them with scarves or something while you’re in public, but you’ll want to keep them on and all times because they reassure you.’
‘You don’t speak unless I allow you and you’ll tell nobody about KI hash 3 or what it’s done to you. Everything must seem normal to your customers. Of course, I could tell you to forget all about this and you would, like the girl I first tried KI 3 out on. She doesn’t remember anything about what I did to her now. Or I could make you think serving me is all your own idea, and then you won’t fight it. But I’ll need you as my assistants, so you have to know what I’m doing to help. It means I’m going to have to condition you a bit harder so you’ll still obey me even when you really don’t want to deep down.’ He grinned. ‘Actually, I think it might be fun with you knowing what I’m really doing to you but being unable to stop it. You’ll be my unwilling servants, sort of thing.’
Minerva felt a cold shiver run down her spine. Oh God how much worse could this get? She must be able to fight this, to get free of his influence! But she remained absolutely motionless and passive, except for a pathetic whimper in the back of her throat. She saw the same struggle going on in Tami’s eyes, but she was equally helpless.
Danny licked his lips in anticipation. ‘Now both of you strip off! Pretty bodies like yours shouldn’t be covered up. Take off everything except your collars and gag tapes. When you’re naked, stand with your legs wide and hands behind your necks, showing yourselves off to me properly…’
Helplessly they obeyed, undoing buttons and clasps and piling up their clothes on Minerva’s desk until they were both standing stark naked before their new master, one pale creamy body and the other coffee dark. They trembled as they spread their legs and clasped their hands behind their necks as he instructed, but not from cold.
Minerva saw the bulge growing once again in front of Danny’s trousers as he grinned at them in lustful delight, taking more pictures and moving round to look at them from all angles, stroking and pinching their breasts and bottoms. ‘These are hot bodies,’ he said with feeling, as unwillingly their eyes were filled with the naked sight of each other.
Minerva’s neat breasts were in proportion with her build. They jutted out from her slender chest above a tight waist and slim hips. She had a “V” of closely trimmed pubic hair, exposing her pink labia, and smooth tight pale buttocks framing a dark narrow posterior cleft. Her legs were strong, shaped by regular workouts.
Tami was of a stockier, fleshier build. Her full breasts were capped by large dark chocolate nipples. Her navel was a deep pit flaring out to wide hips. Her smooth heavy buttocks were excitingly fleshy. Close dark pubic curls covered the mound of her pussy, through which a slot of sooty dark flesh could be seen. She had good legs and strong calves, also the result of regular exercise.
‘Now each if you will take hold of the other one’s nipples and play with them.’ Danny commanded. ‘You know how you like to be touched there, well do it to each other. I want to see those nips standing up hard!’
Helplessly they obeyed, rolling and rubbing each other’s nipples between their fingertips. Their inner fear and disgust did not prevent them responding to this intimate stimulation and they could feel them swelling and stiffening as the circulation flowed into their breasts which grew steadily heavier and hotter. As they performed these manipulations they stared into each other’s eyes exchanging mute looks of shame and pity. They had never done anything like this before. But there was absolutely nothing they could do to resist Danny’s command, and their natural bodily responses took over.
Once their nipples were rock hard and throbbing in each other’s hands and their cheeks were burning with embarrassment, Danny said: ‘now press your thumbnails into those nips, dig them in hard and twist like you’re trying to pull them off! I want to see tears!’
And they obeyed, digging their nails into each other’s swollen nipples and twisting right and left, whimpering as they felt tears pricking at the back of their eyes. With their nipples engorged the pain was redoubled so they were inflicting exquisite intimate torment upon each other even as they gazed into each other’s contorted faces, with the tendons standing out on their necks under the strain of bottling up the shrieks of pain they wanted to express.
Danny’s camera flashed as he recorded every detail of their mutually inflicted torment. ‘I want you to remember what this feels like,’ he told them. ‘This is what you’ll feel in your head any time you think of disobeying me. Do you understand?
They nodded desperately.
‘You can let go now…’
They let go of each other’s pinched and bruised nipples with relief, whimpering feebly as life flowed back into them.
‘That was pain, now you’re going to give each other some pleasure,’ Danny said, his eyes shining. ‘Take hold of the back of each other’s collars with your left hand and with your right reach down between each other’s legs and stick your first and second fingers up your cunt holes and rub your thumb over each other’s clits. I want you to frig each other until you cum…’
Minerva wanted to resist but the memory of her throbbing misused nipples drove her hands forward. With the left she grasped the back of Tami’s collar while she slid the right up between Tami’s smooth thighs, even as Tami did the same to her. She slid her fingers up into the tight, hot, slick passage of Tami’s vagina, shocked by its close intimacy, and began to twist them about even as she worked her thumb into the soft folds of the upper valley of Tami’s dark vulva. She gave a shudder as Tami’s small strong hand penetrated her sex and began to pleasure her in the same way. In any other circumstances they would have been too ashamed to look each other in the eye, but now it seemed they could not look away from each other, mutely apologising even as they guiltily searched for a response to their actions, which only seemed to intensify the sensations they were inflicting upon each other’s most intimate organs.
Their juices began to flow freely over their churning fingers, making them slippery and even more mobile, while the heady scent of their mutual arousal began to fill their nostrils. Their sore nipples began to swell up once again in response and they felt beads of perspiration forming on their foreheads and chests.
‘That’s right,’ Danny said, snapping away in delight at their pumping fingers and horrified features, ‘you enjoy yourselves. I bet you secretly wanted to do this for ages but were too frightened to admit it. Well this is what proper pleasure feels like, and this is what you’ll remember every time you obey me…’
By now their hands were wet with their juices and they were swaying and making indistinct groans and sobs of helpless delight. They were slowly pulling closer to each other as the grasps they had each other’s collars grew tighter with growing passion, so that their inflamed nipples began to touch, sending fresh shivers of delight through them. No, please, Minerva thought in despair as she felt an orgasm building in her loins; don’t make us do this to each other!
But they were Danny’s helpless puppets and he wanted to see them perform this most intimate act for his amusement and their instruction. So he let them continue plunging their fingers into each other’s pussies and rubbing their clits until their nubs were swollen hard in desperation while he snapped away. Overtaken by irresistible raw lust, Minerva and Tami rubbed their hot sweat-slippery breasts together even as they grunted and groaned behind their taped mouths. Their helpless grasp on each other’s collars was tightening so much the fresh new leather edges were beginning to cut into their skin, but they could not stop it.
And then suddenly a dam seemed to burst inside Minerva and she squeezed her sheath about Tami’s plunging fingers and jerked her hips onto her hand. At the same moment it seemed she felt Tami convulse inside and squeeze on her churning fingers which were stuffing her pussy. They gasped and ground their naked sweaty bodies against each other as their juices spurted out between their thighs and dripped onto the carpet, while the air filled with the scent of female orgasmic discharge as despair mingled with primitive delight.
As the orgasmic shock faded Minerva wondered dizzily how she could have been made to do such a thing. And how could it have felt so good?
By now the front of Danny’s trousers was distorted by the bulge of a straining erection which had already recovered as only a young man’s cock could from its earlier spend in Minerva’s mouth. Giving them no chance to rest he snapped: ‘Both of you bend over the desk, grab its back edge and spread your legs. Quickly! And don’t move until I say…’
Hurriedly they disentangled themselves and bent over the front of the desk side by side and reached for its further edge on which they rested their chins, flattening their hot breasts on the desktop even as they presented their posteriors to their new master, with their inflamed vulvas still dripping freely. Even as he gazed hungrily at them, Danny tore open his flies and freed his cock once more. He took hold of Minerva’s hips, positioned himself and then thrust his rampant shaft up into her sopping vagina.
She sobbed as he drove deep into her, grinding her hips against the edge of the desk. This was terrible and yet wonderful…
But after only half a dozen thrusts he pulled out of her, stepped to one side and thrust his straining wet cock up into Tami’s dark pussy mouth. She grunted and sobbed in dismay as he pounded her for another half a dozen strokes. Then he pulled out of her and returned to Minerva.
And so Danny moved back and forth between their dripping vaginas, plunged his wet cock shaft into their hot, clinging, pre lubricated passageways. As he did so he said: ‘My prick is giving you the best screw you’ve ever had and you’re going to come again… I command you!’
And to their helpless horror they felt the lust being rekindled within them as they begin to respond to his thrusting shaft. Had he stolen all their inhibitions? Had they no pride left?
While he had one hand braced on their hips with the other he held his camera up above them and took more obscene selfies of his shaft plunging between their buttocks and the expressions on their distraught faces.
‘Is that enough passion and involvement for you now, Ms Duncan?’ Danny taunted Minerva as he rammed his cock deep inside her. ‘These are also going to go in my portfolio… like you cumming again!’
It was what they were for. Their sole purpose was to achieve an orgasm and satisfy the terrible need which Danny had it instilled within them. They lived to serve and cum!
It was with his cock buried deep between Tami’s sooty sex lips that Danny came with a grunt of triumph. A moment later in response to the spurting of his sperm within her, Tami came as well. But again he did not linger…
With his cock still spouting, Danny pulled out of Tami and plunged his shaft back into Minerva’s dripping slot, so she received his last spurts of sperm. The sickening intimacy of his presence was enough and she clamped her sheath tight and came again. Then he sagged across her back while she was lost to the world.
For a minute all three of them were still, locked in the thrall of their mutual orgasm. Minerva had never felt anything as intense before and she was stunned by the power of it, even as she was revolted by the means by which it had been dragged from her. Again she strained to rise from the desk but she might as well have been glued to it. Danny had commanded her to remain still until ordered otherwise and she could not defy his will. The mere thought of disobeying recollected the pain of her nipples being pinched and twisted, which seemed to be magnified into something terrible that was not to be defied.
At last Danny straightened up and exclaimed: ‘that was fucking awesome, ladies!’
And to her horror Minerva felt a thrill of warm delight flow though her, knowing she had pleased him. He was deepening her conditioning with every word he spoke.
Danny pulled his shaft out of Minerva’s clinging sopping vagina and with it still hanging out he walked round to the front of the desk. ‘Undo your hair,’ he told Tami. Still lying across the desk she undid her plait, and he used her thick dark tresses to wipe his soiled penis clean of his sperm and her and Minerva’s juices, and then he tucked it away.
‘Now you’re going to learn how to be my bitches,’ he told them.
From his holdall took out a couple of chain leashes and clipped them to the rings on their collars.
‘Now get down on all fours like dogs,’ he commanded.
They obeyed, sliding of the desk and dropping onto their hands and knees, with their bottoms sticking out and hot breasts dangling. Keeping a tight grasp of their leashes he walked around them, examined them from all angles, then he took a couple more pictures.
‘You two look good like that. You don’t walk on two legs again until I tell you, understand?’
They nodded mutely.
Danny gathered up his holdall. ‘Now I want to go upstairs and check out my new flat,’ he said.

Author Information

Simon Grail is an artist and author of many strong BDSM content A1 books, including the best sellers "Sex Slave Holiday","Hell School for Teachers" and "The Young Women of St Evals" and "The Bagatelle Club". Past works include:"The Purgatory Club" trilogy, the "Bondmaid" Saga sextet, the "Lesbian MILF Blackmail Gang", "Sisterhood of Submission", the "Dragon School" and "Castle of Slaves" novels, and several short stories including the ongoing "Breaking in..." and "Nightmare in..." series.


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