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Julia In Captivity - Book 2 (Victor Bruno)

Julia In Captivity - Book 2 by Victor Bruno

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Julia and Melissa, shipped to Quentin Osmanís isolated Scottish home, continue suffering under the sway of their sadistic owner, Quentin, his wife and servants.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2019

No. words: 34700

Style: Fem Dom - F/F, Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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With a happy heart, Havers descended into the cellar slave-quarters at Cragness. Quentin Osman (or the 'Boss', as he usually thought of him) had gone to the States with his wife, Glenda, for a week ... leaving Havers completely in charge of the remote Scottish manor house where Julia Chant and Melissa Villiers were kept in captivity.
Havers, who had the assistance of Glenda's 'maid', Rosalie, was not only in charge of the house, he was in charge of the girls as well. Fully in charge of them! He could do virtually what he liked with them, although certain restrictions had been placed on the amount of punishment he and Rosalie were permitted to hand out. Not that these were very severe restrictions. The girls could be slapped without restraint and it was only when the tawse or cane were being used that limits came in. And they were not to be birched at all.
Havers unlocked the final door into the quarters and descended some more stairs. It really was incredible that he should be in such a situation. It was one which would have been beyond his wildest dreams six months previously ... and he owed it all to Quentin Osman. He, of course, was the actual owner of those two ex-society beauties but, by virtue of the proxy invested in him, Havers was going to have them at his beck and call, morning, noon and night!
All that week, he wasn't going to have to ask the Boss's permission to fuck one of them. He could have whichever one took his fancy whenever he liked. Equally, Rosalie could have either girl slake her lesbian desires. It was a fantastic set-up. Unique ...
Passing through the main drawing room, Havers glanced at the two large black dildoes which remained permanently fixed to two ornately carved gilt chairs. They were replicas of the genitalia of the two negro overseers who had helped him train the girls aboard the 'Paradise'. Each carried a tab; one said 'Jason', the other 'Ahmed'. Both Julia and Melissa quite frequently had to straddle those chairs and make use of the dildoes. It was something that seemed to amuse Quentin a great deal. Especially as, quite often, it was he who dictated the pace at which their haunches rose and fell. The sheer size of the things fascinated Havers. He was aware that he was by no means badly hung but both these replicas had him beaten. What must it have been like for two girls such as Julia and Melissa to face the real thing when they were on the training ship! But, whatever their feelings, both had had to submit completely and utterly in the end. The rod and the whip had seen to that!
With that now familiar tingle of anticipatory pleasure, Havers opened the door of the girls' bedroom. Both were lying on Melissa's bed, naked in each otherís arms. This bodily contact was permitted. But there was nothing truly lesbian in their relationship. They just wanted the comfort and understanding of each other ... companions in pain and degradation ... lost to the real world. There was no movement and Havers realised the two must be lightly sleeping. He gave Julia's bottom - which was the more conveniently presented - a stinging smack.
"Hup, my beauty!" he cried. "And you!"
Melissa's equally curvaceous bottom got a similar stinging smack as she started awake. Wide-eyed, both girls slid to their knees on the floor. Their thighs parted; their hands were placed on the top of the head. Havers smiled at them. It was a possessive smile ...
Mine ... all mine ... for a week, he said to himself.
"Your Master and your Mistress have gone away," he informed them. "For seven whole days. During that time, I shall be in charge of you. What do you think of that?"
He saw the look of hopeless despair in both pairs of eyes. Large eyes. Once lustrous but now dimmed by a life of slavery. A nervous tic flickered briefly in Julia's right cheek. Havers stepped forward and fondled one of the girl's full, firm breasts. "I asked a question," he said to Julia.
"I ... I am your slave, Sir," answered Julia, "here to serve ... and please you ..."
Havers nodded and glanced at Melissa alongside. "And you?"
"It will be an honour to serve you ... in every way," replied Melissa. Her voice was always lower and a little more controlled than that of Julia.
"Fine," said Havers. He smiled again. One might have almost termed it a benevolent smile. "Now ..." he went on, "there will be a few minor changes this week. Whenever I or Miss Rosalie come into this room, you will not simply kneel like you are doing now. You will get down of all fours and you will get backsides in the air. As high as you can ... with thighs parted. Got it?"
"Yes, Sir," they answered together. Both were more than accustomed to receiving such humiliating orders. And obeying them.
"Do it," said Havers.
Immediately, Julia and Melissa postured themselves as Havers had directed. They were both utterly uninhibited in their blatant exposure ... as if they actually wanted to degrade themselves as much as possible. They knew that nothing less than the most zealous submission would satisfy!
Havers surveyed the delights presented to him. The rounded buttocks ... the smooth thighs ... the depilated sex of each, ready and waiting and so inviting. The lust began to throb. Which one would be first that day? It didn't really matter. Both were equally good.
Opening a dressing table drawer, Havers took out a two-thonged tawse and a medium-weight cane. The lust began to throb deeper. Although he had slapped both girls heartily and frequently, he had not been permitted to use either of the implements. As yet. That prerogative was almost invariably reserved for the Boss and his wife.
"Punishment will be as usual," said Havers, his voice a shade thick, "even for the most minor offences ..."
He measured Melissa's upthrust bottom with the tawse ... then laid it across her viciously.
Probably it was the unexpectedness of the stroke that made Melissa cry out ... and squirm right down to the floor. Havers enjoyed the sight greatly. He noted how quickly the girl scrambled up and back to present herself as before. A bright pink-red band ran across both buttock cheeks.
"How many of those do you think I'm permitted to give you a day?" enquired Havers.
"I ... ah ... d-don't know, Sir ..." answered Melissa.
Havers took a step sideways and brought the tawse down across Julia's bottom.
The girl gasped and squirmed, but managed to keep her bottom high in the air as she did so. It was an equally pleasing sight for Havers.
"How about you, slave?" asked Havers.
"I ... I ... can't think ... Sir ..." replied Julia.
"Then I shall tell you both. The magic number is twenty four. And, if necessary, you'll get them all at one time!"
The two kneeling figures digested this piece of news. At least there was a limit ... whereas there was none when their Master was in residence.
Havers picked up the cane ... and lashed it across the top of Melissa's thighs.
Sswwee ... ccrraaccckk!
Melissa whinnied between clenched teeth but maintained her posture, with no more than a quick juddering-jerk of her lush bottom.
"And ... how many of that?" asked Havers.
"The ... the same, Sir?" guessed Melissa.
"Incorrect ..."
Sswweee ... ccrraaccckk!
This time it was Julia's thigh-tops which felt the biting cane.
"Ah ... aahh!" she gasped, squirming in a very similar manner to Melissa.
"What do you think, Julia?"
"T-Twelve ... S-Sir ..." replied Julia hopefully.
"Clever girl!" smiled Havers.
The two girls remained kneeling. Upthrusting to the maximum. At the mercy of their new master. A temporary one ... but one surely cast in the same mould as Quentin Osman. A vile lecher ... a gloating sadist ...
Havers unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Then he removed his lower garments. A middle-aged, fat-bellied hulk of a man was revealed. The flesh was unhealthily white ... and so covered in hair as to be almost animal-like. In places the hair was grizzled. On top of all this was a criminal face with a close-shaven bullet head.
To say that Havers looked revolting would have been a positive understatement. And this was the man who had two lovely young creatures at his mercy ... so tamed and trained they would come grovelling to do his bidding!
Havers lay down on the bed which the two girls had recently occupied. It still felt faintly warm. He contemplated the ripe nakedness available to him. Oh what a difficult decision it was! Slowly but surely he began to thicken into erection. Suddenly he snapped his fingers.
The girl came off all fours and insinuated herself on to the bed. "Master ..." she sighed submissively.
"Suck me ..."
Julia took the thick root and raised herself up slightly. Then she slid the bulbous head into her mouth and began to suck avidly. Havers lay back, eyes half closed. Julia was very good at this. She had been taught to be very good. Havers licked his lips, clasped his hands behind his head. Mmmm ... yes ... definitely ... this was the life. He gave a sudden snort of pleasure. Julia's tongue was superbly at work as well as her mouth. Oh what a girl! Havers hairy belly quaked with delight.
Soon he was breathing faster ... and his haunches twitching with pleasure.
"Ooohhh ..." he half moaned, opening his eyes. He saw Melissa still on her knees. Waiting. It would be her turn soon. Then he took Julia by her hair. "Easy ..." he sighed. Julia's mouth at once stopped working. She just simply kept the solid organ in her mouth. Waiting. Waiting for an order.
Havers relaxed. Getting a grip on himself. It was all too easy to shoot off too soon under such circumstances. Already the temptation to unleash into Julia's mouth was well-nigh overwhelming ... but he wanted to control himself for even greater delights. No hurry, he told himself. There's so much here, always available to you. Take it easy ... easy ... easy ...
"Alright, my girl, start sucking again ..."
Havers did not give the word until he was half hard again. It was the purest Heaven to have Julia suck him into full rigidity once more! Unfortunately that did not take as long as he would have wished. Soon he found himself teetering on the brink of ejaculation again.
"Stop ... stop ..." he gasped, hauling off Julia by tugging at her hair.
Julia slumped down, wet-mouthed, face to Havers hairy, sweating thigh. Quentin revolted her, yet Havers revolted her even more. Yet she had to do everything he wanted ... give him everything ... every time. She closed her eyes in awful, shuddering despair. If only there were a way out of this eternal nightmare! But there was not. She had tried ... and knew there was not.
Havers' pulses gradually slowed. Once more his erection was softening.
"Again ..." he said. He was the master. Julia the slave.
Without delay, the girl put her mouth to work. It was a task which was fast becoming second nature. It had begun with the giant black Ahmed on board the 'Paradise'. He was the first man she had ever had to fellate under duress. The horror of that initiation would never leave her. Then there had been Jason. Then Quentin. Then others. There seemed no limits. Her mouth had become a sexual garbage can.
Not that Havers thought of it in those terms at that moment. It was like hot, wet, silken velvet. Soft yet strong. Sucking and pulling incessantly. So deliciously. There was the tongue, too, flickering and laving. Oh the joy of it!
He began to pant ...
Began to think of spunking down Julia's throat ...
Almost lost control again ...
Groaning, Havers hauled Julia off his throbbing, wet-glistening organ yet again ...
"Ahh ... alright ... you bitch ..." he gasped, "that will do from you. Melissa ... come and finish me off ..."
While Julia sank to her knees by the side of the bed, Melissa got up and came on to it. "Master?" she queried. The service Havers required was not yet clear to her. That she would give whatever service was required instantly was apparent.
"Get it up into you, my little beauty," said Havers.
"Yes ... Sir ..."
Melissa arched herself up high ... her breasts swung just before Havers' face. He ran his hands up her thighs, over her soft, fulsome buttocks. The thighs straddled wide. Melissa sank slowly down ... grasping Havers' root and guiding it. He slid up into her smoothly and easily, gasping out and clasping her buttock cheeks as he did so.
Then Melissa was wriggling up and down ...
Fucking him rather than he fucking her ...
Oh ... what a girl ... she knew every trick ...
Haversí hands remained on the buttock-cheeks. No longer clasping them, but feeling them juddering jelly-soft in his palms ...
Feeling Melissa rising and falling rhythmically ...
Thumping down on him ... bouncing up ...
Succulent and squelchy ...
Panting and shuddering ... giving him everything ...
Breasts swinging wildly over him ...
Too superb!
It just couldn't last ...
Havers began to quake all over. To pant and snort ...
Melissa knew the signs well. The end was nigh. And she was thankful. She continued to undulate herself as sexily as possible. Bringing the brute to a climax.
There it was ...
Yet there it was ...
And soon it would be all over ...
Thank God!
Oh how revolting he was!
Havers slavered on the sheets, eyes rolling ... feeling the last drops of lust draining from him.
Oh what a fuck that had been!
Out of this world!
Prepared by Julia ... and finished off by Melissa ...
Havers sighed contentedly as he lay back, still savouring the melting succulence of Melissa.
Wasn't it wonderful to know that he could do it all over again?
And again?
And again?
And again?
Just whenever he wanted!

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