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Wolf Worlds 2: Slave Captain (Chris Shaw)

Wolf Worlds 2: Slave Captain by Chris Shaw

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    • Average 5.0 from 2 ratings

Caris Maltby, star combat captain for United Worlds, has been captured with all her crew, thanks to the incompetence of her superiors. She finds slavery - strangely - can involve a great deal of power, if one is prepared to commit absolutely to one's new owners - and with a 'Robiot' up her backside, which can cause her agony, death (or pleasure) at her owner's whim, anywhere in the universe, doing anything else isn't really an option.

She finds that the power she now has is a little intoxicating, just as the power others have over her - including embittered members of her own crew - Is very hard to cope with. She has to deal with these conflicting emotions, with being stolen, and with being, for a while, the property of a princess of the very United Worlds she used to fight for. The constants in all this are games of sex and power, and the turnabouts of revenge and betrayal - and steadfast loyalty.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2019

No. words: 55709

Style: SciFi BDSM/Bondage, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Slave Captain – Extract

Julie Norman followed “Miss” Martin up the passageway. Martin wasn’t unknown to her, she’d presided at two of the four courts martial Martin had earned so far – as opposed to the dozens of appearances at Divisional Officer’s Table that seemed to have been a constant background to her service. The first one Julie had been involved in had been for “fornication”, which in reality meant having sex when one was supposed to be working, and that had earned her ten days in cells on an unkind exercise regime. The second had been for gross insubordination to her divisional officer – at Table, in fact – which had got her ten days’ cells as before, but with “daily punishment detail”, which involved exercise as before plus eight hours a day cleaning the ship’s heads (latrines).
Thus, giving the woman respect and obedience was coming hard, though she did regret her stubbornness – idiocy, really – in the exercise session, since it had not only been pointless it had been contrary to what Caris had required of her. Really it had just been a petulant little revolt against the whole situation of being a Wolf slave – and that was the most pointless part of all.
So when they reached Martin’s spacious and comfortable cabin – bigger than Julie’s had been as “Jimmy the One” in Alice, though of course heavy cruisers classed as capital ships and had a lot more room - she began by apologising for being awkward and admitting that she’d been out of order.
Martin looked at her without expression for a moment. “OK, good. You were out of order. I was keeping my part of the bargain and I had a right to expect you to keep yours. Still, that’s taken me by surprise - and it was graciously stated, too. Can’t fault it.
“But while I respect your apology because I honestly don’t think for a minute you were trying to get brownie points with it, well, you don’t get brownie points.
“You’ve been court on me twice, which you were going to get away with if you’d been a good girl, but now you aren’t. First, though, I tell you the rules, which I agreed with the Captain last night and which you no doubt therefore know. In public and in combat or ready-for-combat situations, I call you Ma’am, I rush to obey your every instruction, and I do everything I can to support you and back you up, same as the Captain – and you get to feel lucky, because I honestly respect her while you’re just another jumped-up arrogant fucking officer. But you’re the Jimmy, so it has to be that way.
“But when we’re in private – especially here, but anywhere we’re private - you stand to attention like a fucking recruit on Defaulters until and unless I tell you that you can stand easy, which I rarely will. Also you call me ‘ma’am’ very respectfully, and you obey any fucking order I give you instantly and with fanatical enthusiasm, without me ever having to threaten you with anything. Because if I’m not entirely happy with the way all that is happening, I won’t threaten, I’ll just zap you until your mind starts to shred. So that’s from now. Understanding me?”
Simultaneously angry and nervous, Julie snapped to her very best attention and said crisply – like a recruit - “Yes, ma’am! Understand you very clearly, ma’am!”
Martin reached out and weighed Julie’s right breast in her hand, rolled the nipple, examined the increasingly crinkled areola with her fingers as she continued.
“So… on to some revenge for those courts. The revenge that wasn’t going to happen until you fucked up. You’re going to enjoy the appropriateness of this - but not a lot. You just became a nun, is the first thing. You can’t do anything about Wolf people, if they want to fuck you they’ll fuck you. But other than that, until I tell you otherwise you have sex with nobody – not even your right hand. You live in that barrack room, so you know I’m going to find out if you so much as feel someone’s tit, or let somebody do that to you, never mind anything more. Not only do P & AM get access to all the surveillance output, but I got a contact or two in there. If I hear about you doing that, or so much as touching yourself, I will give you hours of fucking agony, get me? That means when you wash your bits you make sure lots of people can see you are just washing and nothing else.
“Second, I’m going to run an entertainment evening for some of the crew – I got permission for it yesterday. It’s going to include some officers doing a truly vicious fitness session, and quite a few other things they will hate, and you will volunteer to be in that or seem willing if I pick you. I think you’re going to have a horrible, painful and generally bad evening, Jules, I really do. Feet wide apart, turd. Wrists crossed behind your back.”
Martin’s hand left her breast and started examining her sex, first rummaging in her wiry, reddish pubes, then feeling along between inner and outer lips, squeezing the inner lips together painfully enough to make July breathe in sharply and wince – at which she did it again, slightly harder. Then she delved inside, not so much in seduction as invasion, examining the walls with her fingers, feeling the shape and position of the neck of her womb, mapping her. Not gently, not kindly – clearly saying ‘I can do what I like, without caring how it feels to you, and you just have to stand there and worry about what I’ll do next’. Of which the worst part was that it was true.
After a long time – well it felt like a long time to Julie but was probably just a minute or two - Martin resumed talking, while still mapping inside her. “Third, you will come here every morning - until you have duties on Alice - and clean my head, which is through that door, until it gleams. Just rags, soft brushes and water. Plus lots of hard work. You get no other tools or cleaning stuff. I really, really advise you to work like a dog at that, because now and then, randomly, you actually will eat your fucking dinner off the floor in there. No plate, just the floor. And lick the fucking toilet pan. At which point you’re going to be really hoping you cleaned it brilliantly. Got all that?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Like a recruit, I said!”
And Martin pulled her fingers out of Julie, moved forefinger and thumb to the top of her vulva and squeezed very hard. Julie’s clitoris felt as though it was being crushed.
July went involuntarily up onto her toes. “Aaaaah! Uuuuuurghhhhh! Yeeeeeee! Yes, ma’am! Got it, ma’am! Oh Fuuuuck! Haaaaaaaa! Pleeeeeaaaaaaase!”
The fingers removed themselves and Julie gasped with relief.
“Deep bend forward and spread your fat arse with both hands.”
“Yes, ma’am!” Julie obeyed instantly, bending forward spreading her buttocks as wide as she possibly could. Martin’s thumb went unceremoniously up her anus while her fingers re-entered her vagina but from a new angle and continued exploring with absolutely no regard for Julie’s comfort.
“Enjoying that, Julie Norman?”
“No, ma’am!”
“Well, this is a lot like what it felt like to be Ria Martin aboard the ship you were Exec of, being managed by that piece of filth Jura Kateides. Now sing me a song.”
“What! Like this? Ma’am?”
“Well I haven’t told you to get up and I have told you to sing me a fucking song. And you’re the one with the master’s degree on her record. So work it out, arsewipe, and tell me what the answer to your question is.”
“Ma’am, I have to sing you a song while bent over like this with your fingers up me, ma’am.”
“What a clever little officer you are, Julie Norman. Now sing.”
Julie croaked out a verse of a popular song she didn’t particularly like but was the only thing she could think of at that moment, interrupted three times by yelps as Martin got even more aggressive inside her.
After the one verse, though, Martin let her stop. “Well that was pretty unrecognisable, but funny. Remember the punishments I gave you?”
“Yes, ma’am!”
“Now tell me why you’ve got those things.”
“Ma’am, the first time you were up before me was fornication; having sex while on duty - which I punished less than I might have - and now I can’t have sex at all, which would have been poetic if I’d been harsh. The punishment included penal exercise, so I have to participate in a grotesque exhibition including exercising. The second punishment was cells, exercise and punishment detail, which involved cleaning heads, so now I’m cleaning yours.
“Ma’am the difference is that you earned those things and I haven’t, ma’am.”
Martin snorted. “But the point is that you could give me those things, but I would never have been in a position to give them to you. When you might have been vulnerable as a junior, you knew that your turn would come, so you were down with it. I knew my turn would never come. Others give it out and I get to take it. Even when you’ve done something to earn it – by someone else’s rules – that’s going to hack a person off.
“Well fine. Now it turns round and I can give it out and you’re going to have to take it, aren’t you, Julie? Nice and loud, now.”
“Yes ma’am! I am, ma’am!”
“What are you going to have to do, Julie?”
“I’m going to have to take it, ma’am!”
“Too fucking right. In fact you are taking it, right up your chubby arse and amazingly virginal arsehole, aren’t you?”
“Yes, ma’am!”
“Where are you taking it?”
“Right up my chubby arse and amazingly virginal arsehole, ma’am!”
“Good, answer, Norman.” The fingers and thumb withdrew, as roughly as they’d entered.
“Back to attention, Julie. Make it fucking good.”
Julie straightened up, somewhat painfully, and adopted a rigid attention. Martin came round the front again. “Open. Wide.”
Julie opened her mouth wide and Martin inserted her fingers, which Julie carefully sucked clean without needing to be told, then her thumb, which Julie gave the same treatment without showing in any way how she felt about the taste of it – how nauseated she was just at the idea of it. Martin dried her fingers in Julie’s hair.
“Actually, you don’t have a dreadful body, Norman - little tits, chubby arse and all. I might give you a go sometime, a little holiday from being a nun. Show you I can make myself a lot more welcome in your cunt than I was then.


Excellent story, looking forward to Part 3 5 out of 5

Author Information

Chris Shaw is a writer of Science Fiction, Swords and Sorcery Fantasy and BDSM Erotica - sometimes his stories are at least two of those at once.

He is currently writing a succession of tales that investigate what happens when a strong, intelligent woman with power or influence finds herself suddenly reduced dramatically in status and subject to the authority of others. How does she respond? In what way does she react to her situation and try to improve it? Several very different tales are in preparation around this theme.


Publisher Information

Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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