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Pleasure Slaves of the Archipelago - Volume 3 (David Anjou)

Pleasure Slaves of the Archipelago - Volume 3 by David Anjou

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Judi is the property of the organisation known as The Archipelago, which acquires slaves by a number of methods, and holds them in a ‘Library’ for loan to its members. Born into slavery, she is one of many girls who, having been raised by foster-parents in the outside world, are repossessed soon after their eighteenth birthdays, to be trained as sex slaves. A lovely young woman with a voluptuous figure, she is intelligent but biddable, and accepts her fate more readily than most of her cohort. She loves the constant and varied sex, and finds the bondage exciting. Her instructors soon accept that she is ready for service, and is likely to become one of the most desirable and popular pleasure slaves in the catalogue. Her first few borrowers, however, prove to be something of a disappointment, varying from the rather dull to the mildly sadistic. A lucky encounter with the rich and powerful Ughtred Mather-Plunket brings about a sudden change in her fortunes.

On Ughtred’s private island, Judi’s sexual prowess is exploited to the full, and she also finds herself involved in the sports, games and hobbies much beloved of her new master. They can be as physically demanding, and as painful, as they are exciting. Before she is fully engaged in the affairs of the large and complex household, she attracts the attention of his mercurial sister Beatrice, a lesbian who is passionate, loving and cruel in unpredictably varying degrees. She is soon introduced to the family’s mainland interests, where a blend of financial greed, complacency and brutality has brought about a situation that soon puts all their lives in danger.

This is the third volume in the series, but it can be read as a stand-alone novel, and an introduction is provided for new readers who are curious about the background to the story.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2019

No. words: 63427

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Romance, Bondage/BDSM Thrillers

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Ughtred Mather-Plunket had charisma, presence, and very obviously, great wealth, while his unusual given name testified to (or was meant to suggest) a distinguished lineage. He was about thirty-five, and although not a big man, he seemed to occupy a lot of space. He was affable, talkative, and quite athletic, with a broad face, a wide, full-lipped mouth, and a mop of curly blonde hair that Judi thought adorable. He came to see Rachel about ten days before the loan period was due to expire, bought several large paintings, and dined with her and her two body-slaves. Chatting almost continuously with the mistress throughout the meal, he gave them the impression that he was romantically interested in her, futile though that would have been. In fact, he knew perfectly well that she was only interested in women, and had already agreed with her that Judi would warm his bed that night. In the evening he took one of the ‘z’ pills that were available to members, guaranteeing him about ten hours of frequent erections, and half an hour after that, she was chained down and spread out in an ‘X’ shape on the bed in the main guest suite. After the usual half-hour’s sleep he was rampant, and took her first between her ample breasts, then in her vagina- giving her a massive single orgasm- and for the third time in her mouth. It was then that she was able to deploy her special skills, for she had a strong tongue with a line of beads locked into the piercing, both top and bottom. She was especially adept at curling it round a man’s member to maximise the contact area and sensation, and she could ‘pump’ it to vary the pressure, and to press hardest against the bridge of skin that connected the glans to the shaft. She’d also practiced using her lips and tongue independently of one another, and as he approached his climax she gradually transferred the responsibility for his shaft to the former, while the latter worked mainly on the tip. As he came, he just thrust hard into her throat, and she swallowed him while tightening her lips, sealing in the cum as she allowed her mouth to fill up, waiting for him to finish before she swallowed.
Afterwards, he took fifty minutes to recover, and lay fondling her breasts. They’d been big before her enslavement, but a little extra bulk and firmness had been added during her first round of modifications Now they remained soft and pliable to the touch, but retained some shape when she lay on her back, with the nipples just inclining slightly to one side. They were not pierced, for her trainers had expected that at some point, she’d be put in milk. That hadn’t happened yet, but Master Ughtred clearly enjoyed sucking and nibbling at the hardened buds. He also spoke directly to her for the first time. ‘I like flesh’, he said, rather superfluously. ‘I like it in big, soft, handfuls and mouthfuls. I like to feel a cushion of it under my body while I’m fucking. I like you, in other words.’
‘Master is so romantic’, she replied, careful to exclude any trace of irony from her tone of voice. ‘I’m always afraid that masters and mistresses will think me too fat.’
She was taking two risks, teasing him for the crudeness of his compliments, and then fishing for more. She’d always hoped, however, that her wit and intelligence could be used to attract more discerning users, and felt that, so far, her keepers hadn’t appreciated what she had to offer. Master Ughtred seemed happy, at least, to tolerate her cheek. ‘I’m known for having a diamond tongue, not a silver one’, he replied. ‘If I’d wanted skin, bone and muscle I’d have had Milly chained to my bed. You’ve got just about the right amount of blubber for me. If I was your keeper I’d have you stay just the way you are.’
‘You know how to make a girl feel good, master, in more ways than one. I do like your hands on my breasts.’
‘Never, ever, say anything to me that you don’t mean. I don’t want flattery from slaves. I need to know that their feelings are real, whether good or bad.’
‘Mine are real, master. Never doubt that, please.’
As the evening and night progressed he used her more in her vagina, tonguing her first, and at about midnight she enjoyed a long, multiple orgasm that certainly ranked in her top ten. Soon after that he released her from the bed and locked her hands behind her back, and then he gave her what was in her experience, a rare treat. Her butt plug had been removed when she’d been lent to him, and now he penetrated her anally while, with his arms round her midriff, he stimulated her clitoris with his fingers. Since leaving the island training camp, no master or mistress had used her so unselfishly. She did her utmost to ensure that he was repaid in kind. She had several chances to deploy her oral skills, but the sodomy was especially welcome. She’d been told that her control of her anal and sphincter muscles was unusually precise; particularly her ability to use the latter to squeeze a penis at the top of the shaft, trapping the glans inside her, putting pressure on the most sensitive point. He certainly appreciated what she could do, and in the small hours, when the effects of his pill had worn off, he held her close against his body for a long time, kissing her gently from time to time. When he was fast asleep, Milly crept in and took her to the en suite to let her pee and clean her teeth. In the morning he took her in her vagina, from the back, before kissing her again and leaving her, and she didn’t see him again that day, or until her loan period with Mistress Rachel expired.

Author Information

The author is a retired university lecturer with a lifelong interest in the literature of bondage and slavery.


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