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Sentenced To Slavery (Peter King)

Sentenced To Slavery by Peter King

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She was a farm girl trying to escape an uncomfortable situation at home by running away to the big city. But eighteen year old Denise quickly finds that she is not equipped for it and quickly runs afoul of the law. In her country slavery has been legalized and she is offered the choice of prison or being sold into servitude to a private citizen. In fear of prison she opts for slavery, and soon finds it was nothing she could have ever imagined. As a young and beautiful woman she is earmarked for a very specific vocation, and the couple that set their sights on her are determined to acquire her. Once they do, Denise learns that what she left home to avoid was nothing compared to what she would have to surrender now. But in the process, she also learns that their was a side to her nature that she had denied, and she no longer could.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2019

No. words: 51885

Style: Sex Slavery / Training

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Denise Ryder was scared and confused. She was just a simple country girl who left her parent's farm on her eighteenth birthday because her step-daddy made her nervous. Her real father died a year earlier when a tornado struck and he could not reach the root cellar in time. Ma really struggled to keep the farm running with Pa gone, but a few months after he passed their long time farm hand Butch got Ma to agree to marry him and help her run the farm. Denise used to like Butch, but as she got older and developed into an attractive young lady, he started making lewd comments when he was alone with her.
So, on the eve of her eighteenth birthday Denise gathered her paltry savings and took a bus to the closest city, several hundred miles away. But the minute she stepped off the bus things went horribly wrong. A vagrant man tried to snatch her purse as she walked through the terminal, and in an act of self-defense, she swung her small suitcase at him. Unfortunately it struck him in the side of the face, and when he tumbled to the floor he cracked his head open on it and died soon afterward.
She was arrested, but contended that she was merely defending herself when she was attacked, but no one seemed to listen. Denise had no idea how much society had changed when her country took a strong Nationalist approach and closed its borders. The end of immigrant workers led to a shortage of people for menial jobs and an overly crowded prison system brought about a series of laws making indentured servitude legal. They did not call it slavery, but it was. The legal system was also designed to make it nearly impossible for a poor person like Denise to get a lawyer, or particularly, a fair trial.
So a week after her arrival she sat in a small cell, convicted of assault and manslaughter and waiting for sentencing. She had been treated like a non-entity through the entire process, and worse, like an object. Her dignity and modesty had been destroyed when she was arrested, the vile strip search and the way they processed her left Denise humiliated and distraught. Everything she owned was confiscated and she had yet to feel comfortable in the bright red short sleeved dress they made her wear. It was made of a stiff fabric that felt like denim and covered her from her neck to her knees. But beneath it she was naked, and it made her nervous that her breasts and sex were not covered under it. The only other things they gave her to wear were a pair of flimsy flip-flops for her feet.
She had never been provided a lawyer, but a woman calling herself a 'legal advocate' came to Denise's cell shortly after her conviction. She explained that Denise had two options, she could accept the court's sentence, which would be twenty years to life in prison. Or, she could sign a contract and be registered as an indentured servant for the same length of time. The latter option, which already seemed preferable to the beleaguered girl, would require her to enter a training facility where her skills would be assessed. Once her abilities were determined she would be trained to fulfill that role before being assigned to perform it. She was warned that as an indentured servant she had no rights and would have to do whatever she was told or void her contract and be sent to prison.
Denise now sat alone waiting to face the Judge and make her choice, but neither option was all that attractive. The harsh reality of her short time in her cell since she was incarcerated made the first option extremely unappealing, but the other seemed almost as scary. Denise also considered what she was told about assessing her skills, and as the only one she really had was being a rather good cook, she began to think that was where they would place her. In her young naive mind she chose to request the contract rather than the prison sentence, thinking that at least avoiding prison had to be a better option.
What the poor girl did not know was that her assessment had already occurred, when the doctor they had examine her confirmed that she was a fit, healthy, and most importantly, virgin girl. She had no idea that once she was fully processed by the state that she would fetch twice the price of sexually active girls. The kind of wealthy people who purchased girls like her preferred them to be fresh and unsullied. She was a very valuable commodity in a world Denise had no idea even existed.

Chapter 1: Sentenced and Transported

When the guard came to collect her Denise felt butterflies in her belly, even though she had made her choice, it still made her nervous since she had no idea what to expect. The guard put on her chains, which were attached to metal wrist and ankle cuffs with all of them connected to each other in front of her. Then he stepped behind her and used his nightstick to prod her forward against her lower back. The walk from her cell to the court room took a little over five minutes, but for Denise it felt like a lifetime. Though she knew her life was just changing again, the unknown aspects of her future made it seem like it was ending.
Once they arrived in the courtroom she saw eleven other prisoners sitting on a bench along the wall and she was directed to sit at the end of the line they formed. What seemed strange was that they were all young girls, just like Denise, and that made her even more nervous. There was a man sitting at a table in front of the Judge's bench, but there was no one else there. There was a small stand between the table and the bench which looked a prayer bench with a step to kneel on below a small angled table on top of a post in front of it.
An officer in a uniform entered through a door behind the bench and announced, “All rise,” and the Judge entered the room right behind him. Denise followed the lead of the other prisoners beside her, all of them standing until the Judge was seated. When he said, “You may be seated,” they all sat back down on the bench.
Denise got to watch all the other prisoners before she was called before the bench. Each one was led over to the small stand where they knelt before the judge. Every one of them opted for the servitude contract, and once they did, the man at the table gave them a document to sign on the small table in front of them. Once they signed it an officer emerged from a side door and escorted the girl out a door on the other side of the room.
Once her turn came Denise knew what to do from watching the others, and when the Judge said, “Denise Ryder you have been found guilty and are here for sentencing. Do you choose to accept it or will you choose the contract?”
“I choose the contract Your Honor,” she answered, just like everyone did.
In a moment she was signing her name on paper she was not even allowed to read, and then she was whisked away. The officer who collected her led her just like the guard, using his nightstick to guide for a much longer walk that ended in an outside yard with a small bus parked in the middle of it. Her guide directed Denise to the bus, and once she climbed up into it, she saw all the girls who were just in court with her. There were twelve seats with six on each side, leaving all the prisoners facing into the aisle down the middle of the bus.
Denise froze for a moment when she saw how they were situated in their seats. But another prod in her back propelled her toward the woman waiting by the lone empty seat at the rear of the bus. The other girls still wore their chains, but once they were seated, the ones between their ankles were clipped to the floor and their wrists chains were attached to the front edge of the seat between their legs. There were also a pair of seat belts that dropped over their shoulders, were crossed between their breasts, and secured to the back sides of the seat next to their rumps. That kept them sitting up straight with their arms stretched downward, but that was not the worst of it. All of them had their head covered in black cloths bags that spilled down over their shoulders.
When she reached the matron waiting for her, the woman said, “Open up prisoner 87562,” as she tapped Denise on her chin.
Denise complied, but tried to recoil when the woman went to insert a white rubber ball into her mouth, only to find the officer was still standing behind her. He grabbed her upper arms and held her still as the woman forced it between her teeth before she could object, and just as quickly, the man behind her released his grip so he could strap her gag together behind her neck.
“That was a mistake girl, but I will let it pass if you don't act up again. Can you do that sweetie?” the stern looking woman said, her mild tone belying her appearance.
Though Denise was terrified, she remembered that she agreed to be obedient and could be sent to prison if she wasn't, so she nodded to affirm that she understood. The woman said nothing more, as she and the officer steered Denise into her seat and coaxed her to sit by pushing down on her shoulders. Once she was seated her ankles were secured to the floor by the officer, just before he left her alone with the woman. The matron proceeded to strap her body down before locking her wrists to the seat between her thighs. Finally, she dropped the loose hood over Denise's head which blinded her like the others. Denise heard the woman walk back to the front of the bus.
Shortly thereafter the motor started and she felt them start to drive away, and almost as quickly they all learned that the vehicle's suspension was suspect at best. Though they were securely bound to their individual seats, the way the bus bounced over what seemed like a very bumpy road, they were jostled around almost constantly. At first it was just annoying, but after a while Denise could feel her nipples hardening against the rough fabric of her dress, as her breasts were bouncing just like the rest of her. The first part of the trip passed in general silence, except for the hum of the engine and the sounds the bus made when it bounced along the roadway.
But after a while, once they were all relatively rattled by the less than comfortable ride they were on, the voice of the matron came over a speakers mounted to the walls above their heads. She was driving the bus, but was wearing a headset so she could communicate to all of them from the driver's seat. She had made many runs like this, and always allowed some time for her passengers to get acclimated to their first taste of being completely restrained before she gave them a well-practiced speech that would prepare them for arriving at their destination.
“Hello Ladies, I am Matron Willis, and I am transporting you to a state facility that will prepare you to train for the roles you just agreed to assume. If there is any doubt about the extent of the contracts you just signed, I will explain exactly what it means for all of you.”
“First and foremost, you have abdicated any rights as a citizen, or even a free person. Though you all agreed to accept something called indentured servitude, in order to make what that means perfectly clear, I will used an older term to clarify it. You are effectively slaves, and for now you are owned by the state. This will only be a temporary situation, as once you are fully processed, you will be auctioned off to a private owner.”
That comment did not sit to well with her passengers, and Denise heard several of them struggling and making muffled sounds through their gags. Though Denise had already realized how bad her situation was, she did not react like the ones she could hear, she instead sat there in stunned silence.
But after only a short pause, in which the matron looked in the mirror to note which of the girls were reacting poorly, she continued, “Now, now girls, I can see who is acting up and I strongly suggest that you calm down, or your path forward will be much harder than it needs to be.” That comment quelled the resistors, and after another moment or two, she said, “That's better. Now remain quiet and still while I fill you in regarding what is expected from all of you.”
“Most prisoners who opt for the contract are put through an evaluation period where their skills are assessed and an optimal role for them is determined. Uneducated and unskilled prisoners are mainly regulated to what we call grunt status, basically used as beasts of burden in physically challenging jobs most folks could not be paid enough to do voluntarily. Lucky for all of you, that does not apply to you.”
“Then there are poorly educated people who do have aptitudes, most of which end up learning to use their inherent skills in more complex vocations. Cooks, seamstresses, carpenters, and a variety of other roles are available to them based on their abilities. The next type of people are highly educated and they are conscripted to make use of their knowledge. Even though in the free world they could earn good livings, they will work for just food and shelter. But none of those options apply to any of you.”
“As I am sure you all noticed when you saw each other in court, you are all very attractive young ladies. Also, none of you are married or have had a child, which automatically puts you in a very special category. Girls like you are extremely valuable and the profit the state makes auctioning you off pales in comparison to any other type of prisoner. You see, our extremely wealthy citizens have always wanted their personal servants to be both loyal, accommodating, and attractive. As you are already deemed to be lovely girls, you will now learn how to be loyal and compliant. Take some time to consider what I mean and in a little while I will explain it further.” The speakers then went silent, as Matron Willis allowed what she said to sink into their minds.
Denise was not slow to pick up on the implications of what the Matron just said, and it felt like what she was running away from was what she ran right into, in an even more chilling way. She left her home and her mother to avoid the possibility that her step-father was becoming attracted to her in a way she did not want. Now she was going to be auctioned off to some rich stranger, who would be buying her just because she was young and attractive. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that whoever bought her would want to do the very things she wanted to avoid.
Truth was, as her parents only child, and with her father working a small farm, Denise grew up as a farm hand. That gave her no time to be a girl like the ones she saw at school. That was because when class was let out, Denise was back in the fields with her Pa. She was a true tomboy, her sexuality having never been something she ever considered. But then Butch took notice of her that way, even though the boys at school ignored her. Since all she ever wore were her overalls, and never put on any makeup, the boys her age never took notice. But Butch would see her in her nightgown and it always made her nervous, especially when he made a quietly lewd comment only she could hear.
Now she was feeling like she had been played by her 'legal advocate,' because she might have considered prison as a better option if she had been warned about what she knew now. Being left alone in a cell seemed preferable than having to do things she knew nothing about, nor wanted to do. As Denise pondered her still murky future she started to want the Matron to tell her more. If she had to deal with what she thought was coming, she needed to learn more about what they expected. That way she could figure out how to handle it, as distasteful as it felt.
There was a period of relative silence from the hooded passengers. They were beginning to realize they were in a situation that went well beyond what they thought when they signed away their rights. But they also knew that the only way out was to accept a prison sentence, and as bad as what the Matron was insinuating, it still did not seem as dangerous. Several of the girls had come from dire circumstances, and hearing they would be purchased by 'wealthy people' seemed like an improvement over their past situation. But others, like Denise, were railroaded into this predicament and had always been good law abiding girls. They were not looking forward to the future the Matron suggested.
After what seemed like a long time, but was actually only half an hour, the Matron started again, and said, “I know some of you some of you have already accepted what I have told you and others are upset. You all need to know that before you are fully inducted into the role as a pleasure servant we will test you to make sure can handle it. Some girls just aren't wired for what pleasure slaves must do, but we are very good at determining if you will be. I can promise you that if you are ranked as a class A pleasure slave you will know why and you will become what you are meant to be.”
“We will be arriving soon, so I want to go over your induction process. Upon arrival at the facility you will be released from your seats, but will remain chained, gagged, and hooded. We will make sure you are able to walk without incident, as we will tether all of you together and steer the line by the lead girl. You will be outside for a short walk before entering the facility.”
“Once inside you will separated and placed in a room where the hoods will be removed. You will watch a short video and then be collected by your trainer. He or she will explain what happens after that, but my expectation is that all of you behave yourselves when we arrive, or there will be dire consequences. If you all heard me, nod that you understand.”
The matron checked her rear view mirror and saw all twelve girls nodding, and given how quiet they were, she expected she would be able to get them off the bus and into the facility without an incident. There would be guards there to stifle any prisoner who did not cooperate, but it would reflect poorly on the matron if they did. Matron Willis had done dozens of deliveries for the facility, but the one time a prisoner rebelled upon arrival still haunted her. She thought she would earn a reprimand after more than a dozen incident free runs, but she was strung up in a whipping tripod and received fifty lashes on her buttocks with a hard leather strap. That made her take her job far more seriously, and also realize that, in reality, she was not much better off than the slaves she transported.
Unlike her usual recruits Matron Willis was a plain and rather stocky woman, so she was never selected for this program. But her testing revealed she had the ability to influence others rather easily, so she was recruited to be a transporter. Tasked to prepare and deliver these girls for training, and as they were always young and impressionable, her skills were perfectly aligned with this job. She had just the right mix of a stern demeanor coupled with a knack for delivering the real reason they were recruited in a way that kept them from rebelling against the inevitable.
At first, when she learned about her job, she wondered if it might afford her an opportunity to actually escape her own sentence. It was immediately dashed when she was informed that a GPS tracker had been installed somewhere in her body to make sure her excursions stayed exactly on the planned path. If she deviated at all the authorities would know and dispatch officers to apprehend her. She was also informed that they were authorized to use lethal force to achieve their mission. That kept Matron Willis in line, as it did for every transporter shuttling girls like these. The prices they would fetch at auction made this cargo a high priority for those that ran this program.
As the bus got closer to the final destination it stopped three times since it had to pass through several check points before reaching the facility. Each stop made the passengers nervous, and also confused them once the bus started moving again. Matron Willis did not bother to let them know what was going on, as she had found that the short stops tended to instill more meekness in her girls. As she approached the final stop they had to pass through two gates, one where the barb wired fence circled the perimeter of the property. Then there was the tall stone wall that surrounded the old prison now used as the pleasure servant training facility.
Once inside the gate built into the thirty foot high brick wall, the bus came to a final stop, and the girls knew it once she turned off the engine. They all became tense as they heard the other girls slowly released and lined up down the center of the bus. Since Denise was the last to enter the bus, she was also the last to join the line of hooded and chained girls. They released her wrists and ankle clips first, then the straps were removed and the Matron's hand grabbed her upper arm to urge her to stand. Hands on her shoulders steered her to face the back of the last girl in the line.
Denise felt a chain wrapped around her waist and heard it clipped together in front of her. It was then drawn forward to connect her new chain to the same one behind the back of the girl in front of her. Once she was connected to all the other girls Denise heard the matron walk back to the head of the line with her nerves now frayed. She did realize that by bowing her head she could see her feet, and it made her relax a little about walking into the facility since she could actually see where she was stepping.
“All right ladies, my time with you is about to end and I want you to know that your compliance has been appreciated. I know you all have a lot to process, but I must warn you to be attentive and obedient once you exit the bus. Once you are situated inside the facility many, if not all, of your questions will be answered. I will say this, of all those who sign up for indentured service your vocation can provide the most interesting and, if you can accept it, satisfying future.”
“Now, once you feel the girl in front of you start to move forward it will be your cue to follow her. If you glance downward you should be able to see your feet from under your hoods, so watch your step as you go. It was a pleasure transporting you girls, and good luck in your new lives.”
Denise heard the line start to move, but it took a while before the waist chain was tugged forward and she started to walk. She walked to the front of the bus, turned right, and walked down the stairs onto a concrete paved surface. The first thing she noticed was the bitter cold, and only wearing a short dress made her shiver. The old prison was built on top of a hill at a very high elevation that made it considerably colder than it was where she boarded the bus. Denise trembled all the way across the cold yard, just like they all did. It helped quell any desire to resist, as they all wanted to get inside as quickly as possible.
They had to trudge up a dozen concrete stairs to enter the building, a difficult task with the short hobbles they wore and nearly bare feet already getting numb from the cold. Once they reached the top a few more steps led them through a doorway, but the inside was only slightly warmer than outside. It was not until they passed through a second door that, as Denise counted, took twenty more steps to reach, did they feel the temperature was high enough to warm them again. Just a few steps into the room a loud, “Halt!” was heard, and all of them froze in place.
“Please remain still until you are released from the line and escorted to the induction area. Any attempts to resist will not be tolerated, so just do as you are told,” an amplified voice proclaimed.
Denise shifted her weight from foot to foot, finding it helped return the blood circulation and warm them up, but her toes still felt very cold. It took a little while before she was disconnected from the girl in front of her, but when it happened she did not feel the chain go slack, instead it tugged at her waist chain, and she stumbled forward to follow whatever was pulling her.
“Head down and watch your feet Denise, we have a short walk to your induction room,” a female voice said.
Denise followed the mystery woman, her voice much more pleasant than the matron's was, but just as strict. As she walked she could hear the heels of the woman leading her clicking on the polished floor she was walking on and it reminded her of some of the girls from school who wore those painful looking high heels. She hoped they wouldn't make her wear them, but given what she learned so far, it became just another thing to worry her. Denise never considered herself pretty, so she was confused why a plain country girl could ever be valuable to a wealthy person. She had no idea how beautiful she actually was because she was far too modest to consider it possible.
In reality, Denise was five-foot eight-inches tall and weighed a solid 135 pounds. Because of all her hard work on the farm, there was not an ounce of fat on her. She just started developing her womanly figure a couple of years ago, but by wearing tight bras and loose overalls you could not tell that she sported a 38D-23-34 figure. She had dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes with a face that was almost perfectly symmetrical, and therefore highly attractive. Her initial processing upon her arrest made all that clear to the authorities, and coupled with her virginity, it placed her in this facility.
They came to a door and went through it into a room. She was led over to a plain wooden armchair and then the chain at her waist was removed. The woman walked over to the door and closed it, as she said, “Sit down Denise, the chair is right in front of you.”
Denise could see the front of the chair from under the hood and slowly turned and backed into it before lowering her bottom onto it. Once she was seated the woman returned and knelt in front of the chair to remove the ankle chains. She then strapped each of her ankles to the outsides of the chair's front legs. The way it made her spread her legs left Denise anxious with her bare sex open and exposed with just the meager dress covering it. Once her ankles were secured, the woman released her wrist manacles and tightly strapped her wrists to the arms of the chair. This confused the girl who opted out of prison, feeling more imprisoned than she did back in the cell.
The woman stood up and reached over to pull off Denise's hood, and once she did, it took a few moments for her eyes to adjust from the dark to bright light. But even as they did a spotlight came on behind the woman, so bright that it left her to appear as a black silhouette to the squinting girl.
“Hello Denise, I am Mistress Zee and I will be your trainer. I will leave you for a little while to view a video that should answer many of your questions. When it is over I will return and you and I will get better acquainted. I can see why they sent you to me, from what I heard about you already, it is obvious that you are potentially very valuable. Together we will find out if you are. See you soon,” Zee said, and then she strapped a virtual reality face mask over Denise's eyes that would give her a shocking introduction. It also measured her physical reactions to what she was watching and made it impossible to turn away with everything appearing very real.

Author Information

A specialist in the art form of training slaves, Peter King is a great new author we welcomed to A1AdultEbooks in 2008.

After 25 years of living and playing with some lovely submissive women I started writing about the dynamic of the M/s relationship. My books are about the the numerous ways a woman can be dominated and trained by a determined man, and whether consensual or not, they are all about how she can be transformed by the experience. Many of my characters are mirrors of the women I have interacted with over the years in the lifestyle.


Publisher Information

Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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