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The Chronicles of Rita - Volume 15 (Shadow)

The Chronicles of Rita - Volume 15 by Shadow

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Carmella faces her worst day yet at the hands of her former slaves. It’s not the most painful, but it is by far the worst. Before it begins she tries to convince herself that it won’t be too bad. Then it begins and she changes her opinion. Amber reprises a punishment Carmella gave to her; she makes her eat a lot of bugs.

The day for the meeting with the IRS has arrived. The ‘tax team’ members are all dolled up and Carmella is bound and gagged... and naked, as usual. Off they go to the IRS. The meeting goes well from Craig’s viewpoint while Carmella has to commit herself in a way that could result in her permanent enslavement. If they can catch her. She has a hideaway that nobody knows about.

Leo visits Craig at home. Carmella thinks that Leo’s presence will result in her immediate release and freedom. She never dreamed that the reason for his visit is to use her as the slave she is. Worse, he treats her as a slave, complete with whipping her for disobedience.

All good things come to an end. Mandy is late getting to work and her boss notices. So is Cleveland, but nobody notices. Then Leo gets a surprise visit from Mandy and Cleve. Some days are better than others.

Now that each of her former slaves has had a turn at Carmella, Irene requests her freedom. After a night of saying good bye to her sister slaves she leaves to rebuild her life as a free woman.

Michelle on the other hand is not free and has been sentenced to a severe punishment that she is now strung up to receive. Rita rallies the other slaves to join in an effort to ease Michelle’s whipping, but Craig isn’t going along with her idea. Well, he is, but not quite the way she presented it.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2019

No. words: 58500

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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As was her nature, Alessandra woke early. Not as early as Sasha, but ahead of all the others. It wasn't her plan to supplant Sasha as the first one up every day but her working career had reset her circadian rhythms and she found no reason to fight with changing them back.
Sasha had fallen into the pattern of going to bed sooner than everyone else, then rising earlier in order to get into the kitchen to put coffee on and begin breakfast preparations for the rest of the slaves. Naturally that meant she was well ahead of the time Craig might rise, except for the days he was leaving very early to go on a business trip. Despite the apparent selfless act of caring for her sister slaves, she wasn’t being altogether altruistic with her early morning efforts. She really appreciated the quiet and solitude of being the only one awake in the house during that first early hour so she never regretted her choice to do it.
Her pattern also had the added benefit of giving her first dibs on picking a sleeping spot before the best ones were taken. The other slaves realized that too, but none were prepared to complain because, for the most part, they relished getting up knowing that coffee and whatever they wanted for breakfast would be there, waiting for them. That was particularly important for the ones who preferred to sleep as late as possible on the days they were on ‘morning duty’ and had to be dressed and made up before Craig woke. In any event, the system functioned smoothly, and everyone appreciated that.
Acting on his growing concern, Craig had spoken to Sasha about her being awake and made up every morning. He was ready to command that she give herself a break and sleep in occasionally rather than assuming the burden of being turned out for him day after day, but she convinced him that it was her preference. He acquiesced to her choice only after extracting a promise that if she ever wanted a few days off she would tell him. Still, for all the crowding and occasional congestion, the daily routines had shaken out well. Even the Carmelites had adapted well. But considering the environment they had come from, they thought this life was easy no matter what they were called on to do.
Alex stared at her face in the mirror trying to decide what 'look' she wanted today. After playing with a few ideas in her mind she made a decision and reached for the appropriate make-up to begin. She enjoyed doing this. Like Sasha before her, she used natural light as much as possible to apply the cosmetics. This time of year was perfect for that. The sun had risen high enough that its rays were streaming into the bathroom providing all the illumination she wanted.
Almost every photographer she shot with preferred shooting in morning light, so that meant getting on location before it was light. As a teenager she was like most teenagers; she slept as late as she could and resented being forced to rise early. That attitude stayed with her during her early years as a model. But over time, Alessandra’s years in that professional had reset her internal clock to that of being a morning person. She saw no need to fight to reset it again.
While she worked to get herself ready for the day, her mind wandered back to the years she worked. Despite their stated preference for morning light, the photographers still set up enough lights and reflectors to light up a stadium. For whatever reason, that was the way it was. Despite seriously doubting the purported virtues of ‘morning light’ back then, with all the artificial lights they set up anyway, she had learned to take the mornings with grace and eventually it became second nature. Now she understood and agreed.
Last night, when Yvonne asked her to wake her in the morning, Alex was more than happy to agree. She would be up anyway, so waking her friend was no big deal. Yvonne was a late sleeper unless she set an alarm clock, but once she realized just what the sleeping arrangements were, she quickly dismissed the idea of setting her clock. Alex would wake her.
When Yvonne had asked if she might be able to bunk in with the slaves she was going to be responsible for fixing up, before saying yes, Alex had warned her that things were a mite crowded in the house. Yvonne had thought she had been overstating the conditions. Now, she realized, Alex had understated them if anything. Regardless, Yvonne had dismissed the warning about crowding as an acceptable trade-off to having a place to stay rent-free, meals included. She didn’t regret that choice. But now, after seeing how things really were, she dismissed her thoughts about making this an extended visit.
The job Alessandra had set in front of her was an interesting challenge and she would enjoy doing it, particularly so now after having seen the women she would be working on. She marveled slightly at the assemblage of female beauty that had been collected by one owner. She had mentally assessed each without even thinking about doing it. Her years of working with models made doing that second nature to her. Sasha, she concluded, could easily have become a model had she chosen to do that rather than becoming a lawyer. Shannon should have become a model, although she had chosen to become an actress and that was close enough. Had she not been enslaved, that career probably would have paid better anyway, assuming that the girl could act. The others didn’t have model quality looks, whatever that was, but there was no disputing they were all very pretty; many would even say beautiful. She decided that the others would have been better suited to being Hollywood actresses. They were more than gorgeous enough to make it in that town if they could act.
Alex crept into the room, wending her way silently around sleeping forms until she got to Yvonne. She shook the other woman gently, then whispered, “I’m going to shower and get ready, you have a few minutes yet.” Yvonne yawned sleepily and stretched as Alex made her way back out, then she got up a few moments later. She too had gotten used to the early morning regimen of models and being a hairstylist and make-up consultant to models meant that she was there before the crack of dawn.
A short time later both Alex and Yvonne were downstairs; Alex with coffee, Yvonne with tea. Sasha puttered in the kitchen getting ready for the horde. Yvonne kept silent for the first few minutes then gave in to the urge and jumped into the topic that was bothering her. “Alex, you’ve changed. When I knew you before, you wouldn’t hurt a fly. You felt sorry for slaves being punished, yet last night I watched you and the others beat the shit out of that poor woman. That wasn’t just a beating... you tortured her, and you enjoyed doing it.” She paused, gathering her thoughts and Alex didn’t rush to say anything. “I mean,” she shrugged and gestured with her hands, searching for the right words, “beating her on her ass like that would have been bad, but on her pussy? My god! That poor woman. How could you?”
Alex didn’t need to consider her answer. “That ‘poor woman’ is my former mistress. She made my life a living hell every minute of the day and beat me for amusement when she was bored. I didn’t mind being used for sex, either for her or for the men she gave me to. In fact, some of the men were rather fun. But what we did to her last night wasn’t one one-hundredth of what she did to the others or me. We’re simply getting some payback and unfortunately we have to pack it into a very short time. Master is giving her to each one of us for a day in which to do to her virtually whatever we want. The other time constraint is that her period of slavery is running out in a few more days, so we get it in now or never.”
That last comment caused Yvonne to look up sharply. “Running out? What? I thought slavery was for life.”
Alex nodded in agreement. “It is. Unless your master frees you, which is something an owner is allowed to do. In fact he’s done it twice. More than twice. Actually, he’s done it for two of his slaves and he’s going to free Irene when she asks for it. But that’s beside the point. Carmella... that’s the woman we were beating... he got her on a bet during a party. Thirty days of slavery. When that’s up he has to free her.”
Yvonne looked shocked and more than a little scared. “Are you serious? You beat the holy poop out of the woman who owns you and who’s going to be freed? What do you think she’s going to do to you once she’s free?”
Alex laughed. “Nothing.” She sipped her coffee, then explained. “When a woman is enslaved, the person who enslaves her gets all her assets if he wants them. In this case he did. He took all of us and he now owns us. When Carmella gets freed, we stay with him.”
Yvonne looked at Alex and watched how her face softened when she said that. “You like the guy, don’t you?”
Alex took a second, then nodded her agreement. “Yeah, he’s actually rather nice as long as you don’t piss him off. I hear he’s brutal with a whip, but thankfully he hasn’t whipped me yet. But as far as liking him, I can’t hold a candle in comparison to some of the others.”
Yvonne prodded, anxious to hear some juicy stories. “Like who? What do you mean?”
Alex considered where to begin. “Well, let’s start with Jodi. She’s the one with ass-length hair. She’s one of the two in his bed last night. She loves him. He loves her too, and it’s really kind of fun to watch them together... lovebirds, if you can believe it. Anyway, he freed her and she enslaved back to him. So she likes him a lot more than I do.”
“Why did he free her if she wanted to enslave back to him?”
Alex remembered when she was the one asking the identical questions and seeing how much the others enjoyed dribbling out the stories in tiny pieces. She gave in to the urge to do the same and gave answers guaranteed to spur more questions. “She got shot protecting him” Alex forestalled the question she saw forming. “She’s a world ranked karate champion. Was, anyway. I don't know if she still has the ranking as a slave. Anyway, he bought her to be his bodyguard. Some guy was trying to kill him and she got shot fighting the guy. She was dying and he had to free her to get medical attention for her.”
Yvonne nodded, seeing the obvious conclusion to the story. “Then she enslaved back to him because they love each other.”
Alex grinned knowingly. She knew what was coming and decided to play with her friend a little more. “Not exactly. Her love for him might have had something to do with it but she didn’t know that he loved her. Not then anyway. Maybe she suspected it but she didn’t know it for sure.”
Yvonne was still slightly confused so she asked warily. “If her love for him might have had something to do with it, then something else did. What was it? Does she enjoy being a slave so much that she wanted back into his chains? Or was it being his slave that made the difference?”
Alex shook her head, negating Yvonne’s conclusion. “No, she enslaved back to him to save Rita’s life. He was going to kill her; he was fed up with Rita’s antics and her resistance to being a slave. Jodi bought her life by enslaving back to him.”
Yvonne got an exasperated look on her face. “Wait a minute. Rita... long red hair...one of the ones I’m working on. He was going to kill her and now he trusts her to represent him in front of the IRS?”
“Yup.” Alex grinned broadly. “This is such a fun place, isn’t it?”
Yvonne tried another approach. “If he was going to kill her, she had to know it. How does she feel about that now? Isn’t she kind of pissed at him about that?”
Alex got up to get a refill of coffee. She answered while she was doing that. “Nah. She’s forgiven him. I think she realized it was more her fault than his. From what they told us he really tried to bring her around for a long time and put up with a lot of shit from her, so she had reason to not hold it against him. Also, I think Rita loves him too, but nobody has ever come right out and said so.”
Yvonne shook her head in defeat. “Okay, I give up, no more questions. Just tell me what’s going on here so I can understand it.”
Alex laughed. “Nope. It took us two full days of nothing but talking and questioning to get just the basics of all the stories straight.” She paused in her answer, then corrected herself. “That’s not exactly true either. We did a lot of playing and joking while that was going on, but in essence it’s a reasonable approximation. But for you it’ll take three, because in addition, I’d have to include my story and those of the other Carmelites.”
Yvonne blew tea out her nose as she choked. As she wiped up the tea she had spewed all over the table she asked incredulously, “You were a model. Now you're telling me that you were a fucking NUN? Other Carmelites? More nuns?”
Ales sipped her coffee without saying anything, but Yvonne could see the laughter in her eyes above the coffee cup. Alex knew she was going to enjoy making Yvonne work to pry the history of this house and its occupants out of her.
In the usual fashion, slaves appeared for breakfast individually or in pairs as another day was getting started. Yvonne marveled slightly at how without any apparent guiding hand, every one of the others knew what to do and when to do it. Almost as if by magic the morning routine developed and was soon in full motion. Today’s scheduled cadre of gym rats were out exercising; cleaning was in progress, and the other chores and duties were being attended to. The only notable change to an otherwise normal day was that the CA’s had been carved out of the day’s duty roster. Today they were getting their hair done.
Rita had been the first to coin the sobriquet CA’s for use by herself and her cohorts, and the others liked it so it’s use quickly caught on. The other slaves teased them about it at first because they all knew it was essentially a meaningless designation. They were, and would remain, sex slaves for as long as Craig owned them, and nobody had any expectation that that would be for anything other than for as long as they lived.
Alex had volunteered to be Yvonne’s assistant. That made sense not only because the two had been friends, but more because with her background in make-up and knowing innumerable beauty tips, her learning how to do hair was a natural accompaniment. By unspoken designation it was increasingly evident that Alex would become the in-house beauty salon. Yvonne had no problem with the idea of teaching Alex how to cut and style hair so she willingly agreed to make teaching part of her charter for as long as she was there. Brenda, however, was a bit of a surprise. Brenda hurried through her chores for the day, and that after having pawned some of them off and even having gotten agreement from Veronica to make short work of Carmella’s daily scrubbing. Brenda wanted to learn hair styling also, in addition to learning as much as she could about make-up techniques. She had previously approached Alex about that and had secured a promise that she would be taught as much as Alex knew. Yvonne didn’t really care, teaching two was as easy as teaching one and in some respects it was more fun. That, and having a second assistant, made the whole process a lot easier.
Yvonne assembled the four women in front of her, briefly studied their faces and the way they currently had their hair done. She confirmed what she already knew, namely that they wanted to all look alike. Shortly after meeting Craig the previous evening she had talked to him about how he wanted the slaves to look. As their master, he would tell them what he wanted, and as the customer, he would tell her what he wanted her to do. After a brief discussion, she pulled out a folio of pictures showing different styles. She went to what she thought he wanted and it took very little looking for him to confirm her conclusion. He liked what she referred to as “eighties” hair. That meant soft waves and “full” hair. In short, it would be a fair amount of work, not just for her, but for the slaves to maintain after she left. But the customer was always right, and slaves were there to please their master. Now all she needed to do was decide which specific style would make them all look their best. It turned out to be an easier choice than she had expected and having made her choice, she set to work.
Rita and Sasha had been the first two to get their hair washed; now Gina and Vivian were being done. Brenda showed up in time to get in on the first lesson. Yvonne started with a brief overview of how hair could enhance the shape of a face, then went on into greater detail about how to achieve the desired hair ‘fall’ with cutting and shaping techniques, such as using rollers. She pointed out differences in each of the four women’s faces and deftly trimmed each as necessary.
With the completion of rollers being inserted and hair now being blow-dried, she asked her two pupils if they wanted to practice what she had just taught. Both were anxious to do that, so she asked for volunteers from the remaining slaves. There was no shortage because all of them wanted to be done up. For a short time there was consideration being given to shaving Carmella’s head but the idea was ultimately discarded when Jodi commented that she knew for a fact that their master hated the look of bald women. Given his fetish for long hair on his slaves, his dislike for a bald woman should have been intuitive. She pointed out that while Carmella might not be his first choice as a sex slave, he definitely wouldn’t like looking at her bald, and he would undoubtedly think it was appropriate to punish whoever was responsible.

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Currently living in this universe but searching in the Northwest corner of the planet, looking for the doorway to the alternate universe in which this story takes place


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