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Victims Inc (Simon Grail)

Victims Inc by Simon Grail

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Chelsea, Tess and Nina work for Bodzforhire, a seemingly respectable agency that supplies women for various temping, promotional and general Girl-Friday jobs. Actually, they are being hired by select customers who want the thrill of luring young women into playing starring roles in their inventive sexual fantasies. Chelsea, Tess and Nina are the perfect innocent victims because they really do not suspect they are about to experience such perverse treatment, even when it happens to them again and again. But why can’t they remember their previous encounters? And why do all their ordeals have a Shakespearian theme to them? Does Miss Timms, who runs Bodzforhire, have a secret agenda? Is the truth best forgotten, or will it always come out in the end? And, despite everything, will the three women learn to love their roles as perpetual gift-wrapped victims?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2019

No. words: 43500

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Extract from: “Victims Inc.”

Tess Metcalf mopped at the ugly stain on the black and white checker-work rubber-tiled floor with increasing vigour, moving in time with the music on her headphones.
‘Out, out, damned spot,’ she muttered, irritably brushing a loose strand of blonde hair out of her eye. What was that stain? Something disgusting, no doubt. Why were people such pigs at times?
Tess was labouring in the ground floor male toilet block of the disused St. Bardolph’s High School buildings just outside Chislehurst. It was a room lined with tiled walls and lit by cold white florescent tubes. Along one side were the stand-up urinals with a line of high frosted glass windows above them. On the opposite wall were half a dozen toilet stalls while on the farthest wall from the door were the basins. There was a plan to renovate the school and workmen were due to come on site the next day. New sanitary regulations said there had to be one set of clean and functional toilet facilities ready for them before work started. The power and water had been turned on in advance, allowing her to work. Of course, they could have hired portable toilets but this was apparently the more cost-effective option. It was cheaper to hire her for a day than a couple of plastic huts with chemical WC’s in them for a month.
Still, it was paid work for which Tess knew she should be grateful, though this was not exactly where she had planned to be at nineteen. Actually, if she was honest with herself, she had never planned ahead much at all. In fact, this was probably the hardest day’s work she had ever put in under a school roof. She’d never been academically-minded and she knew she was lucky she had found work with Bodzforhire when she had. Up until then she’d been living in a virtual squat. She’d never had much family support to rely upon. Now at least she could be independent and have some sort of life to look forward to.
Tess glimpsed herself in one of the newly polished mirrors over the row of washbasins. Even with her hair tied back and dressed in unflattering stained overalls and work boots she was pleased with the reflection.
She had pale creamy skin, blue eyes and straight blonde hair which when unconfined fell to shoulder length. This crowned a cheerfully mischievous face with a neat nose and pouting, impudent lips. Her figure was slender, almost girlish, except for the swell of breasts under her overalls that would have looked modest on a woman of larger build but on her slighter form appeared disproportionately prominent.
Were these the looks of a girl who should be mopping toilet floors, she wondered briefly? She knew she would never have made a proper fashion model but there had been times when she considered trying some glamour work. It would certainly have been easier on the back.
However, these fancies did not stop her mopping her way methodically across the floor. Working for Miss Timms in the last few months had given her a sense of pride in doing any job well. A few hours ago the place had been a mess. Now, thanks to her efforts, the toilet pans, urinals and basins were scoured and disinfected, the paintwork had been wiped down and soon the floor would be as clean as age and wear permitted. Dull it may have been, but it was honest work.
Because of her headphones she didn’t hear the footsteps on the corridor outside. The first she knew that she was not alone was when the door swung open and two men strode in.
Both were white and clean shaven. They were dressed alike in black suits, white shirts and ties, and each carried a clipboard. Dark glasses concealed their eyes. They appeared to be in their forties, and one was slightly thinner and taller and the other a little plumper and shorter.
Tess started for a moment at their sudden entrance and then recovered. They must be planners or something
‘Sorry, I’m not quite finished,’ she said, pulling her headphones off. ‘I didn’t think you’d be here until tomorrow. Are you with the builders?’
At first the pair did not answer. They were looking around the room with apparent close interest. Finally, their gaze settled back on Tess. Both smiled coldly.
‘No,’ said the fatter one, taping a name badge Tess now saw was clipped to his jacket pocket. ‘We’re the Inspectors. I am Inspector Shallow.’
‘And I am Inspector Slender,’ said his companion, sporting a similar badge.
Tess frowned. ‘You mean like building inspectors, surveying?’
‘No,’ said Shallow. ‘We’re here to inspect you.’
‘You and your work,’ Slender added.
Tess shook her head in confusion. She knew nothing about anybody checking up on her. ‘Did Miss Timms send you?’
‘Nobody sends us. We just arrive and inspect.’
‘To check you’re obeying the rules and regulations.’
‘Everything has got to be up to standard, you see.’
Their voices were beginning to annoy Tess. They carried unpleasant, wheedling and self-satisfied undertones. They belonged to the sort of people who delighted in finding fault.
‘Well I’ve done my best,’ she said sharply. ‘You should have seen the place when I got here this morning.’
Slender pointed to the stubborn stain on the floor. ‘You call that your best work, do you?’
‘It won’t come off, at least not with anything I’ve got with me,’ Tess protested. ‘Does it really matter? There’ll be a lot of men in work boots tramping in here tomorrow and I bet they won’t wipe their feet first.’
‘Oh, it all matters,’ Shallow assured her, making a note on his clipboard. ‘You’ll have to do it all again.’
And with that he very deliberately kicked over her bucket, sending a wave of filthy water washing across the floor.
‘You fucking idiot!’ Tess raged, advancing towards them furiously. ‘Who the fuck do you think you are! Get out of here or I’ll – ughhh!’
Slender had thrust out a hand holding a small aerosol can and squirted something into her face that burned her throat and stung her eyes. She gasped and stumbled half-blinded, her eyes filling with streaming with tears, tearing off her work gloves to wipe her face.
But before she could clear her eyes the men had grasped her arms, twisted and pulled them up behind her back. With their free hands they grasped her hair, pulling her head back painfully far. Tess twisted and kicked out wildly but even though they were not big men, together they were stronger than she was.
‘Gerrof, you crazy dickheads!’ Tess yelled, trying to blink away the stinging mist from her eyes.
‘Bad language, that’s not allowed either,’ Shallow admonished.
‘Nor is resisting the Inspectors,’ said his companion.
‘It’s against the rules.’
‘Now we’ll have to give you a full inspection.
‘Because we think you’re a dirty girl.’
‘A filthy, dirty girl.’
Slender squeezed her breasts through the fabric of her coverall while Shallow slid a hand between her legs. ‘This overall is not regulation for a start,’ he declared. ‘It’ll have to come off!’
‘You fucking bastards, you…uhhh! Awww!’
While Shallow pinned her arms behind her back, Slender held her hair with his left and with his right slapped her faced methodically, forehand and back, with almost mechanical precision.
‘We told you that bad language was not permitted,’ he said, punctuating each word with a slap.
Tess’s shrieks and yelps of pain echoed back from the hard walls. But there was nobody else to hear them. She was alone and helpless. Sickening fear replaced her anger, tying a cold knot in her stomach.
‘Now you will say: “Sorry, Inspector,” do you understand?’ He slapped her again. ‘Do you understand?’
She wanted to be brave, but she felt the fight draining out of her.
‘Yes, Inspector!’ she blurted out. ‘Sorry, Inspector.’
‘And you’re our Dirty Girl,’ said Shallow. ‘What are you?’
‘I… I’m your Dirty Girl, Inspector.’
The servile words sickened her, yet she could not find the courage to recant them. How could she have given in to them so easily? Yet it felt only too horribly true. It was like the toilets were a tiny tile-lined world apart where the rules had just been rewritten. Until they had entered she had been its undisputed ruler. Now she had been deposed with such ease the Inspectors were its masters and she was their subject to do with as they wished...
Tess was twisted and turned between the two men as they stripped the clothes off her. Boots, overalls, t-shirt, shorts, bra and panties. One of them held her hair to keep her in check, but she was too dazed to resist. It seemed to be happening to another person.
When they had Tess totally naked, the thin man pulled a reel of repair tape from his pocket. Pulling her arms back further until her elbows touched, they bound a strip of tape about her forearms just below the joint and another about her wrists. Only then did the self-styled inspectors pause to examine her. She could see herself reflected in the basin mirrors, her flesh appearing very bright against the almost monochrome tints of her surroundings. Her eyes seemed huge, the expression on her face cowed and fearful, without a trace of pride left on it.
Her legs were girlishly slender. Her pale bottom cheeks were apple-like in their rotundity. Her narrow hipbones stood out in the overhead light. The nether lips of her tight little pussy cleft, crowned by a close-shaven “V” of golden curls, pouted as impudently as those of her mouth. Her breasts, capped by large pink nipples, seemingly mature, womanly attributes stuck on her girlish frame, their prominence emphasised by the tension on her shoulders that threw her chest out. They bobbed and jiggered freely with a heavy fluid motion as the men cupped, slapped and squeezed them.
‘Adequately full and mobile,’ Shallow declared.
‘Quite pliant,’ Slender agreed as he pinched and lifted her right breast by its nipple until it was stretched out into a fat cone.
Tess snivelled and whimpered as her flesh was stretched painfully taut. Shallow pinched her nipple until she gasped, but she clamped her jaws against any words of protest.
‘And adequately sensitive,’ he declared with a smile.
‘How do they hang?’ his companion asked.
‘Maybe we should test them for floor clearance.’
Pushing Tess down onto her knees they gathered up the spilt bucket. Re- filling it from a basin they added fresh cleaning fluid from the holdall of materials Tess had brought with her. From this store they also selected a scrubbing brush.
They set the bucket down beside the stain. Pulling Tess’s head back they pried her jaws open and jammed the wooden handle block of the scrubbing brush between her teeth. Her lips were stretched painfully wide as her teeth indented its grooved sides. By reflex her tongue pushed against the handle that now filled half her mouth, but it was jammed in so tightly she could not spit it out.
Slender pointed at the stubborn stain. ‘Scrub it off, Dirty Girl!’ he commanded.
Tess blinked at him stupidly for a moment through tearful red eyes, looking from the frothing bucket to the floor. Then she bent forward, closed her eyes and held her breath as she dunked the brush in the bucket. Her nostrils filled with chemical fumes and she gathered up a beard of froth as she pulled her head up again. Squirming round she had to spread her knees wide, lower her hips and dip her back to bring her head down far enough and remain in balance. She wiped her head from side to side as she began to scrub. Her heavy fluid breasts swayed in time, causing her nipples to scrape across the floor.
‘Nipple clearance zero,’ Shallow said making a note on his clipboard.
Tess realised they could look right up her rear as she bent over. They could see up her bottom crack with the slit pouch of her sex gaping under it. She was utterly shamed and exposed. She could feel their eyes on her most intimate parts. This was how they got their kicks, the pair of perverts!
Slender prodded her rear with the toe of his shoe. ‘Go on, Dirty Girl. We want to see it shine!’
With a sob, Tess obeyed.
It took fifteen minutes of hard scrubbing before the stain was gone. By that time her knees were numb and the muscles of her neck and back were bands of fire. Her cheeks and lips were red from splashes of cleaning fluid.
As the men inspected her work Tess knelt trembling in fear that she would have to do more. She did not think she had the strength.
‘That is satisfactory,’ they said at last, making new ticks on their clipboards
To her shame Tess actually felt a brief flush of warmth at their approval. Then she shuddered at the thought of being grateful to the men. How could she submit to their will so easily?
They dragged Tess to her feet, having to support her while her knees unbent.
Then they pulled the scrubbing brush from her sore mouth. Her jaws would not close. When she tried to make them, she felt her facial muscles crack agonisingly. Her lips and tongue were numb, and she could hardly speak.
They led her over to a basin to wash her sore face off. Then they dried her with paper towels from the dispenser and gave her water to drink from her bottle. In the mirror she saw her tightly taped arms and hands drawn behind her back were now tinged with purple. She could hardly move her cold stiff fingers.
The Inspectors looked about the room again, considering the large puddle of dirty water on the floor from the spilled bucket.
‘Next you must mop that up, Dirty Girl,’ Slender said.
‘Please, Inspector,’ Tess said miserably, hating herself for sounding so disgustingly meek and servile. ‘My hands are stiff… I don’t think I can hold a mop.’
‘You won’t need to hold it in your hands, Dirty Girl,’ Shallow explained with an evil grin.
They bent her over and, while one braced her, the other rammed the handle of the mop up her rectum as far as it would go. She shrieked and blubbered as the ribbed plastic handle sheath slid into her anus, forcing her tight sphincter wide. It felt huge and impossibly hard and rigid inside her soft, plaint back passage. They used another strip of tape to bind her wrists to the mop shaft a little below where it emerged from the narrow pink valley of her bottom cleft.
They freed her and she stood up fearfully, trying to direct the weight of the mop with her numbed arms. The end rested on the floor and she felt the contact and pressure transmitted into her. She saw herself in the mirrors: a grotesque composite being unnaturally shaped to perform her allotted task.
The Inspectors emptied the bucket and set it down by the spillage. ‘Get mopping, Dirty Girl,’ they commanded.
‘Yes, Inspector,’ she said miserably.
The tape strap to her wrists gave her just enough leverage to lift and guide the mop from floor to bucket and back again. She waddled across the wet floor bent over with the mop jutting obscenely out of her rear, desperately twisting her head round to try to see what she was doing. She was aware of every stroke of the mop head. Each push with her hips drove it a little further up inside her, making her buttocks clench tight and then relax by reflex. She felt her stomach bulge as she sodomized herself afresh with every stroke. Moving the mop from side to side was even worse, as it set the end churning inside her slender pelvis. As the mop head soaked up water it got heavier and harder to move. She had to bend over and swivel round, lifting it with care to drop it into the slotted draining cup set in the bucket top.
Squeezing the water out was probably the hardest part. The motion ground the handle around deeper and harder inside her. She had to twist the mop head round and bear down to wring it out. She corkscrewed and twisted her bottom about, waggling her hips from side to side. And all the time the inspectors looked on, making notes and ticks on their clipboards.
In her misery Tess felt her sore cheeks burning afresh. It was utterly degrading and deeply shameful…and yet at the same time also desperately and perversely arousing. What kind of twisted tart could get a kick out of this? Her kind, apparently.
The handle took up a lot of room in her slim body and its unyielding presence was alien and frightening and yet also commanding and horribly exciting. As she manipulated it she was also effectively pushing against her vaginal sheath and teasing her clitoris from within. The sensations were amplified by her bladder which was full and needed emptying, further stimulating her swelling pussy as it grew hot and slick and oozed with pleasure juices. By now her nipples were standing up in rock hard pulsating points, but that was the least of it. She prayed the Inspectors could not see that she was actually beginning to drip on the floor.
Her task was becoming a race to finish before she disgraced herself, or the two different kinds of pressure building inside her combined into something even more degrading. Frantically she pushed and pulled her bottom mop across the floor, all the time clenching it like a vice in her rear to contain the terrible wriggling of its head within her. She twisted and ground the last drops out of the mop into the bucket and then stood bowed over, still impaled, trembling and shivering with need.
The Inspectors examined the floor and made ticks on their clipboards.
‘That is satisfactory,’ they conceded.
Hating the pitiful pleading words, Tess said: ‘Please Inspectors, you’ve had your fun with me. Now please, please let me go now.’
‘Oh, we’re not done with you yet, Dirty Girl,’ said Slender. ‘We’ve got to inspect your other work next.’
Tess wailed as they freed her wrists from the mop handle and pulled the head out of her tender rear with a pop. She felt her stretched anus still gaping obscenely wide as though inviting another plugging. She hunched over, moaning and squeezing her thighs together to hold her pee in: simmering, unfulfilled and achingly desperate.
‘Do you need to relieve yourself, Dirty Girl?’ they asked
‘Yes… please,’ she sobbed.
‘Well we need to check the stall function next. Do you volunteer to help us?’
She did not think what that might entail. ‘Yes, anything!’
They led her over to the nearest toilet stall, its bowl disinfected and gleaming from her earlier efforts. Twisting her round, they sat her on the seat and pulled her legs wide so that she opened her straining sex to them. Crowded into the open doorway of the stall they loomed over her.
‘Now pass water,’ they said.
Cheeks blazing Tess could not hold back any longer. A stream of hot pee gushed from between her swollen labia, hissing and spurting, foaming in the depths of the bowl. She was agonisingly aware of the blank sunglass eyes of the Inspectors recording every shameful drop that fell from her. She was being watched as she emptied herself like a child in potty training.
When her fountain finally ran dry, Inspector Shallow pulled a sheet of paper from the dispenser and calmly wiped her pussy clean. Tess moaned and almost came over his hand as his paper-covered finger tips slid though her sopping cleft. She had reached a summit of rutty, mindless need and there was only one way down.
‘Are you a Dirty Girl?’ they asked.
‘Yes!’ she sobbed. All her self-possession had gone now. Her entire world seemed to focus about the need to have her pussy filled at any cost.
‘How dirty?’
‘As dirty as you want!’
‘What do you want?’
‘To be fucked hard! Please fuck me hard!’
They pulled her off the toilet and marched her round to the gleaming white urinal wall. Bending her forward until her head was as low as her knees they stood her on the ribbed strip edging the gutter where so many thousands of boys had stood before. Her breasts flopped down, bobbing about her collar bones, their nipples pulsing painfully hard. They pulled her bound arms up until their backs pressed against the cold ceramic and taped her wrists to the flush feed pipe that ran along the wall just below the high window sill.
Trembling, Tess looked upside-down at her tormentors through her spread legs. They had taken floor clothes from her cleaning pack and were wetting them at the basins. Twisting and wringing them half dry, they began to advance on her, swinging the damp cloths through the air. She saw the grins on their faces and the bulges in their trousers. Tess spread her legs a little wider, accepting what was to come, ready pay the price for her ultimate relief.
Swish, smack! The rough cloths slashed across her tight round buttocks, the inspectors beating her with alternating strokes, merging into a continuous rain of stinging blows. Tess screeched and howled in pain as her pale bottom turned from pink to scarlet. Braced as she was against the urinal wall, she could not escape the full strength of each blow on her upturned rump. The sharp wet cracks of cloth on flesh rang back amplified from the walls, taunting her with a playback of her suffering. Her eyes filled with tears as the pain burned into her, merging with the terrible need filling her loins. It grew and swelled into something desperate that could no longer be contained, but it needed a final to key release it.
‘Oh God, please screw me now!’ she wailed.
Slender pulled open his flies, grasped her narrow hips and plunged his cock into her rectum. Her aching muscle ring clamped shamelessly tight about his shaft. Half a dozen thrusts inside her hot pre-stretched passage were all she needed and she orgasmed with a plaintive shriek, her juices spraying out between her legs.
If she had not been tied-up she would have collapsed. As was she sagged against the urinal back, her legs going weak and turning in at the knees. Distantly she was aware of the inspector pounding into her, gasping and spouting and filling her rectum with his sperm. After a few moments he pulled out of her ravaged bum hole, leaving it empty and open to the air once more, rimmed with his seed.
Her shattered mind filled with a single thought: it was not enough! Her pussy demanded filling! Shamelessly she spread her legs wider and pushed her reddened bottom out, signalling the availability of her dripping sex.
Inspector Shallow obliged. She felt his cock butting at her slot and then finding her lovemouth. He slid into her eager passage and began to pump away, setting her haunches bumping against the wall. She looked up between her jiggling, swaying breasts at her own slot being reamed out. Passion swelled within her and burst like a volcano and she came for a second time in five minutes. While the Inspector satisfied his lust with her limp body, she bumped limply against the urinal panel.
She would have happily hung there in that near faint for longer, but they had one parting gift for her. Standing on either side of her they directed their recently exercised penises and peed over her sore hot bottom. She spluttered as the streams ran down over her and trickled away along the gutter.
‘Dirty Girl!’ they said, and then left.
There was a long silence in the old toilet block. Then with a hiss the slowly filling cistern emptied, and water gushed from the sprinkler pipe down the back of the urinal wall, washing over Tess’s bound arms and head and soaking her hair.
As she hung against the wet ceramic, bound, naked and degraded, she thought that it was fitting end for such a slut as she must be at heart. She felt utterly drained and disgusted with herself and yet also perfectly satisfied. In a strange way she did not even hate the pair, whose real identities she would never know.

Author Information

Simon Grail is an artist and author of many strong BDSM content A1 books, including the best sellers "Sex Slave Holiday","Hell School for Teachers" and "The Young Women of St Evals" and "The Bagatelle Club". Past works include:"The Purgatory Club" trilogy, the "Bondmaid" Saga sextet, the "Lesbian MILF Blackmail Gang", "Sisterhood of Submission", the "Dragon School" and "Castle of Slaves" novels, and several short stories including the ongoing "Breaking in..." and "Nightmare in..." series.


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