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The Taming of Paula (S.L. Hendrickson)

The Taming of Paula by S.L. Hendrickson

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Everyone has a sex drive but Paula’s was stuck in overdrive. She calls it the monster between her legs. She lost another job for having sex with a supervisor. She wasn’t trying to sleep her way to the top; the monster needed attention. So she has to go live with Marcia.
Marcia is a professional business woman and head of the woman’s auxiliary. Most people think she is a prude because she always wears conservative clothes unlike Paula, who looks like a hooker and doesn’t care if people think she is the office tramp. Marcia never remarried after the death of her husband so Paula thought she had given up sex, but she would soon learn that Marcia also had powerful urges. Marcia teaches Paula how to dress and act like a professional, and she tames the monster through control and discipline.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 9 / 2017

No. words: 37538

Style: Erotic Domination - F/F, General Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Paula awoke feeling a little groggy from the one drink, went into the kitchen, found the coffee pot was still on, and was thankful assuming Marcia had left it on for her. She poured a cup and started back to the bedroom. As she passed the basement door, she heard sounds just like last Sunday. She stood in front of the door sipping the coffee. The door was locked like before. Her mind started to race; there were so many locked doors in this house. What was her aunt hiding? Was she a closet neo-Nazi or growing pot in the basement? For several minutes, she stood sipping the coffee, trying to make out the sound. Having never been down there it had to be just and old refrigerator, she thought, but the longer she listened to it the more it sounded like voices, like moaning. Finally, she went and put the coffee cup on the table and got a butter knife. It only took a couple of moments to jimmy the door open. Instead of just walking down the stairs, she took one step at a time like a child. There was a railing, so she gripped it tightly and on the third step stopped to listen. The moaning was louder, and she could just make out that the stairs went down and to the left. There was a light down below, but it was very dim. She went down another step, bent over to look, thought she saw someone, but there was not enough light to be sure. After a few more moments, she stood still and was wondering whether to forget the whole thing. She started to take one more step when someone grabbed the back of her hair, ripped her hand off the railing, and started pushing her down the stairs. Someone was bending her arm around to her back and was in the grip of someone very strong.
“Look who I caught spying on us.” The woman tightened the grip on her wrist.
“No! I wasn’t spying. I heard some noises, and was just checking them out.”
They all stopped and stared at Paula.
“So, how do you like our woman‘s auxiliary?” Marcia said. In the dim candlelight, she saw four naked women. The woman let go of Paula and came around from behind. It was Agnes who was in charge of the billing department at the store.
“Hi, my name is Violet,” a little woman said as she unhooked Paula’s bra. It fell to the floor.
“You really have beautiful breasts. Marcia said you had nice ones.” She had to get on her toes to get the nipple in her mouth and then started sucking on it and at the same time started massaging the other one. Paula looked over, and Marcia had switched positions was now flat on a couch with one of the blonds from the store sitting on her face while the other blond was working a vibrator in and out of her. The smell of sex was everywhere. The girl on her face was moaning and tossing her head from side to side. “Eat me,” she said.
Paula looked down at Violet and thought she was very attractive. Her face was like a china doll. She was not a midget, or a dwarf, just a very small woman. Violet massaged one nipple with her tongue, and the other with her fingers and Paula felt her knees start to buckle.
“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable on the couch?”
Paula sat on the other couch, and Violet wasted no time getting back to the nipples. Her hands were very small, but they were doing magical things.
“Are you really going to let this bitch stay?” Agnes said removing her blouse.
Her small hand found its way inside the full panties.
“She’s really wet; I think she wants to be here.”
“I think she’s a bitch that needs to be pounded,” Agnes said as she unsnapped the front-loading bra, and Paula saw the biggest set ever. They were twice as big as hers. They rested on her large, round stomach. At the store, some of the other women made fun of Agnes because she wore bras that made them stick out like two torpedoes were attached to her chest. Agnes then removed her skirt and panty hose, massaged herself while watching Paula and Violet.
“Have you ever done a woman before?” Violet asked as she put three fingers inside and pressed her thumb against her clit. It was large and stuck out a couple of inches.
“No,” Paula said as she felt that dam about to give way.
“Just what I thought,” Agnes snorted.
“I bet she would like to learn. Would you like to learn, honey?”
Paula looked over at Marcia, who had her face buried between one of the blonde’s legs while the other one was driving a vibrator between her cheeks. What Paula really wanted was Marcia now more than anything. She figured that this was a test to see if she would bolt for the door and at that moment, she would make love to a dozen other women if it meant being with Marcia. Violet pressed down harder and for Paula, it was the point of no return.
“I want to learn. Show me what you want me to do.”
“Fine, you can have her first but then that the bitch is going to get it,” Agnes said.
“Do you want to do mine?”
“Yes, I’ll do you,” Paula said as hers exploded covering Violet’s fingers with juice.
“She almost comes like a man. She really squirts. Now do me, honey.”
Paula got down on her knees as the monster was throbbing. Violet spread her legs. She thought it was going to be disgusting, but it smelled like passion and sexual desire. She kissed it gently and then ran her tongue up and down.
“That’s good, now put your tongue inside,” Violet said spreading it apart for better access. “Do you really want to learn how to please a woman?”
“Tell me how you want it.”
“Push your tongue as far as you can; now move it around inside; that’s it; you’re going to be good.”
Paula was using her full lips and tongue as best she could, never tasted a woman, until now, had never even thought about it. She found herself honestly liking the smell and taste of the first one. The smell of the sex was filling her nostrils, and it was intoxicating. They had just met but she wanted to please her, wanted her to squirm, and wanted to taste her orgasm.
“Find my clit with your tongue. That’s it, now box it.”
Violet put her feet on Paula’s shoulders and grabbed her hair.
“That’s it honey, now put your tongue back inside.”
Juice flooded her tongue, and it was very warm.
Agnes put on a nine inch, strap on, dildo and got on her knees behind Paula. “I’m going to really do you bitch. You want it bitch?”
Paula turned, looked at her, and said, “Do me, you fat cow.”
That gave Agnes all the incentive she needed, lined up the dildo and pushed all of it into her in one big thrust. Paula didn’t even flinch. Agnes started working it in and out as fast as she could and with every thrust, the dildo was hitting her own clit. Agnes pumped and pumped and Paula kept waiting for it to end, but it didn’t. That heavenly tool just kept going in and out. For the first time in her life, the monster was full, and she was really getting it. She attacked Violet with new vigor and feeling it spasm on her tongue so Paula knew she was close to coming again. Agnes kept pounding her as Paula went from boxing Violet to using her tongue to ream her out. Her tongue was deep inside when Violet came again. There wasn’t as much juice like her own orgasm, but it tasted so good Paula swallowed as much as possible then went after her again wanting her to come for a while.
Agnes laid her big breasts on Paula’s back and pushed even harder. Paula had to stop the tonguing; it was exploding over and over. Tears were running down her cheeks. She was finally getting what she always wanted. Paula looked up at Violet and said, “I really needed this.”
Violet pushed her hair back and said, “I know honey; we all need it sometime.”
“You really got some nice hips, bitch” Agnes said, as she grabbed them, digging in her fingernails and kept the dildo slamming into her. Paula used the couch for leverage and started pushing back. The dildo was starting to hit Agnes really hard.
Marcia and the two blondes stopped pleasing each other. It was now Paula’s initiation, and they wanted to watch. She rested her face on Violet had never been done this long before. It felt like it had opened up and was as wide as her hips. Agnes stopped pounding and started moving the dildo around in a circle. Paula thought it was being turned inside out, and then it exploded again. Agnes started thrusting once again, and Paula felt the tip of the dildo hit the back wall. Paula couldn’t believe it had opened up even more. She spread her legs wider and timed it, so she pushed back when Agnes thrust forward. The steady thrusting was making her have one continuous orgasm for the first time in her life. She never wanted the pounding to stop but Agnes was close to coming herself, so she started pushing in and out as fast as she could, grabbing on to Paula’s hips for dear life. The orgasm made her big body shake. Paula didn’t even notice because she exploded again. She had no idea how long it was, but it felt like it had been hours.
Paula looked over at Marcia, and she was draped over the top of the couch, and the two blondes were doing her cheeks. They were each sucking and massaging them. They both spread her cheeks apart and started taking turns tonguing her hole.
“Push your tongue into me. I’m coming hard.” Paula knew no matter what else happened she wasn't going to be satisfied until she had her mouth on that beautiful ass.
Agnes removed the strap on dildo and sat on the couch. “Come do mommy’s nipples.” She thought the old, fat, woman was disgusting, but she just got the best experience of her life so without hesitation she crawled over and massaged one of the massive breasts and then using both hands picked up one of them and started sucking on the nipple.
“No, don’t suck them, nurse on them like a baby.”
Paula started to feed on the nipple. Violet was now doing the other nipple. Agnes started squirming on the couch.
“Oh, you do mommy so well. You’re right she has a fantastic mouth and tongue. With a little more training, she could be good. Now go down and do mine.”
Paula couldn’t believe what she was about to do. Her whole life, she had only been interested in seducing men and getting them between her legs, but now she was going between another woman’s legs. Of course, she had not seen that many up close, but she figured this had to be one of the hairiest on the planet. The pussy was hidden in a forest of hair. It took a few moments to brush back the hair and then Paula dove in. The smell was less pleasant than Violets as she started to run her tongue up and down; the taste was more pungent, a bit sour. She had no idea that they would have different smells and taste.
“That’s it, but don’t be gentle, eat it.” Paula took the cue and sucked in the lips and started to chew. Agnes was now moaning and pushing her hips forward trying to get more of Paula’s face into her. She pushed more hair away and found her clit, sucked it into her mouth, and chewed on it. Agnes was really squirming now, and her large thighs were banging up against the sides of Paula’s head. Then she could feel someone massaging her and hoping it was Marcia. She stopped and looked back, but it was one of the blondes tonguing her. She thought that there was no way could be pleased again after such a long, hard one, but she started to feel that pressure deep down. The blonde was rubbing between her legs while sucking on her bottom. Then she mounted her and started humping. She was shaved, and her juice was being spread all over. The blonde then reached around and started to play with Paula’s breasts. Before today, the thought of something like this would have been too kinky, but she just loved the feeling. She attacked Agnes again wanting to make her come really hard. She had her tongue in deep while using her fingernail to attack. Agnes would have screamed out in pleasure but Violet was driving her tongue, deep down, her throat and massaging her breasts. Beads of sweat were forming all over Agnes’s body, and she started to tremble while Paula felt the pressure inside. Agnes suddenly squeezed Paula’s head so hard she thought her skull was going to be crushed. Agnes’s juice flowed all over her tongue. Since it didn’t taste that good, she didn’t swallow letting it run down her chin. Agnes trembled several more times and then released Paula’s head from the vice like grip of her thighs. The blonde humped Paula until she screamed out from a powerful orgasm and fell on the floor.
Paula got up and looked over at Marcia, and the other blonde was pumping a dildo in and out of her. Violet pushed one end of a double dildo into Agnes and then into herself. She got on top, and started moving her hips up and down driving the dildo deeper into each of them. What a strange sight Paula thought as she collapsed on the couch, such a little woman on top of a big one. Paula looked up and saw a patch of blond hair, and she attacked it. She drove her tongue deep inside and rolled her lower jaw. The blonde pushed down on Paula’s tongue and started moving her hips in the other direction so the tongue started to really ream her out. Her juice started to flow, and Paula swallowed. It was a bit salty and thicker than the others.
“My bottom really needs to be reamed,” Marcia said so the other blonde worked all nine inches of the strap on dildo into her.
“I have been horny for days so do me hard.” She worked it in and out very slowly, teasing her with it, and then pulled it all the way out.
Marcia spread her legs, bent over, and pushed back making her bottom an easy target.
“Come on baby, you know I need it bad, abuse me with that thing.”
This time she drove all nine inches into her hole as hard as she could. Marcia touched her own clit and then screamed as her body shook from the powerful orgasm. The other blonde was now pushing her thumb in and out of Paula’s getting it nice and wet and when her thumb was soaked with juice, she pushed it into her hole while sticking two fingers into the monster. That sent Paula over the edge again and she felt the dam break. She withdrew her fingers and watched as the pussy squirted twice.
“She comes just like a man. You will have to squirt in my mouth sometime.”
The other blond was now ramming the dildo in and out of Marcia and massaging her nipples. Their bodies glistened from sweat.
“It looks like we have a new member. You know what we have to do.” Marcia said as the dildo slid out of her.
Violet put cushions on the floor, and then they blindfolded Paula, so she wouldn’t know who was doing what and not knowing what was going to happen next had Paula shaking. Agnes went first. The two blonds grabbed Paula’s legs and held them up and back so Agnes could have better access. She sucked on her gently, very womanly not like the hard, man-like pounding she had given her earlier. Violet was next, working her small fingers into her while she sucked. Agnes then sat on her face and the thick bush almost smothered her. Paula was so happy when she got to taste Violet again. The blonds worked together on her. She spent the rest of the morning being sucked on by every member and tasting each one. After tasting the sweetest of the group, the blindfold was removed.

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Writer of erotic fiction.


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