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A Teenage Girl's First Sex (J.W. Throat)

A Teenage Girl


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    • Average 2.7 from 3 ratings

An Eighteen Year Old Virgin's True Story Of Deflowerment.

This is a true story. Alison was eighteen and still a virgin, a sweet, innocent girl, when she first went to university. But at university she will take her first steps on the ladder of sexual awareness. There she will see a naked male body for the first time in her life. She will give her first hand job, her first blowjob, and finally give away her virginity as she at last experiences sex, real sex.

Join her as she takes those faltering steps to womanhood, enjoy with her the pleasures of those first sexual experiences, be there as she finally allows him to take from her the innocence of virginity.

You will be taken through every stage of her sexual awakening. Her first kiss, the first time she lets him touch her leg, her breasts, her body. The moment she sees an erect penis for the first time, and the moment she touches first it.

Then be with her as she experiences each new sexual delight, mutual masturbation, oral sex, and finally the whole thing.

Alison lost her innocence at university, and as her story unfolds you too will want to be there, want to read it, want to experience it alongside her.

This is a book you want to buy.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Eric - Shaun Publications    Published: 5 / 2008

No. words: 11825

Style: Young Adult Erotica, General Erotica, Erotic Fetishes

Available Formats: PDF  


Then Andrew asked her if she wanted to see his penis. She had not thought about it, but when he asked she realised that she was both clinically curious and sexually interested in seeing his todger, so she replied politely "Yes please."

He undid his zipper and let his erect penis pop up into view. At the time it seemed big to Alison, but she has since realised, with more experience, that his penis was below average size. Andrew asked her if she wanted to touch it. Again she replied "Yes please."

She cupped it in her hand, it felt warm, which did not surprise her, but she was suprised how soft it felt. An erect penis is usually referred to as "hard" and she expected it to feel like a rod of metal or stone, not like a warm fleshy thing. She was also suprised, and slightly amused, by the fact that she could feel his pulse beating through the veins in his penis.

While Alison held Andrew`s penis, feeling very, very, naughty, she was also wondering what to do with it. Andrew began fondling her breasts again and said "If you want to, you can play with my penis too." Alison was a little confused, but since he was squeesing her breasts, she squeezed his penis. He winced in pain and said "Not like that, rub it up and down."


It comes down to 15 pages of nothing. It's a story, not to be confused with an erotic story. No real sex, no real turn on. 1 out of 5 (Linnie)

Worth reading. 4 out of 5

Author Information

J.W. Throat started collecting stories of sorority initiations when at college when an American girl he was chatting to told him hers and his (corny and slightly crass) reply got him into bed with her. From then on he asked any reasonably attractive American woman if she had an "interesting" sorority initiation story. Most either didn't or were not prepared to tell him about them. But enough did for him to build up quite a collection of stories. Soon he was asking because he really wanted to collect the stories, not just to get laid. From there he went on to collect stories of other kinky sex life. He collects everything, but mostly bondage, which is strange because he claims that he has no personal interest in bondage. But that has not stopped him becoming a cult figure in the bondage arena.

He has been collecting stories for well over twenty years now, and has an amazing collection. Early on he had the commercial sense to get most of the people who talked to him to give him permission to publish the stories, and for about ten years now his stories have been appearing wherever he can find a market, with the result that he has become quite a cult figure in the bondage arena, and very popular in several other genres.


Publisher Information

Eric - Shaun Publications have been producing erotic eBooks since 2006. Eric - Shaun Publications is the \"adult\" division of a company that publishes mostly non-fiction eBooks, but occasionally fiction. And that company itself is a devision of our main company that has been in business since the early 1980s (it was initially a software wholesale/retail company, but has since branched out into many things). Because we published a large number of UFO and \"conspiracy theory\" books, the company began to get a bad name as \"a group of nutters\", which was detrimentally effecting the sales of our more serious publications. So when we decided to publish \"erotic\" eBooks we decided to set up a totally different company and keep it separate from our main business to prevent the main company getting even more \"bad press\".

Anyone hoping to contact Eric or Shaun will be disappointed, there are no such people. They are simply pseudonyms used by the main company to front our erotic eBook business (say the company name out loud to yourself if you want to know why we chose those names).

At the moment (February 2008) we are re-proofreading our books and giving the authors a chance to correct any errors that may have been missed. In some cases we are giving them a better cover too. This is because we are changing our sales method and will be selling our books through A1 Adult EBooks from now on, and felt that moving to such a prestigious company warranted this. It will take us about three to four months to do this to all our existing books, but we hope to have finished re-releasing our back catalogue in June, and will then begin releasing some exciting new titles to our range.

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