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The Widowed Slaves Return Home (Robb Pettrie)

The Widowed Slaves Return Home by Robb Pettrie

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I still am having a hard time believing our situation. Here we are again. My friends and fellow widows are all totally naked, well except for a slave collar around our necks, wrists cuffed behind our backs, 18” chains shackled on our ankles, and 6” FM! (Fuck Me!) stilettos locked onto our feet.

Each of us is locked on our knees facing the front of one of the luxury seats located in the middle of a very special corporate jet owned by the world’s largest for-profit sex slavery company in the world. In addition, we also just heard a judge sentence us all to a lifetime of sexual slavery and sell us to the company as their wholly owned property.

In other words, we are now their legal prostitutes and sex slaves for the remainder of our lives. And, we are headed back to our old home town, where our public humiliation, bondage, and sexual servitude will continue. And, where our totally naked bodies will be used by all of our old friends, relatives, and townspeople – for a price.

All because of a silly, kinky, and sex dare weekend that went awry.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2016

No. words: 55000

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


[This is a continuation of the original story, The Widowed Slaves. Although it has been designed as a standalone story, reading The Widowed Slaves first will give a better understanding of the events that follow.]

Chapter One

I still am having a hard time believing our situation. Here we are again. My friends and fellow widows, Alice Sokowski, Betty Grimes, Hilda Smith, and me, Jackie Austin, are all totally naked, well except for a slave collar around our necks, wrists cuffed behind our backs, 18” chains shackled on our ankles, and 6” FM! (Fuck Me!) stilettos locked onto our feet.
Each of us is locked on our knees facing the front of one of the luxury seats located in the middle of a very special corporate jet owned by AE Investment Corporation, the world’s largest for-profit sex slavery company in the world. In addition, we also just heard a judge sentence us all to a lifetime sexual slavery and sell us to the company as their wholly owned property. In other words, we are now their corporate prostitutes and sex slaves for the remainder of our lives.
The jet contains a total of 16 extra wide luxury passenger seats located in eight rows. In addition to us, there also are four more naked women locked on their knees facing the seats located in the front of the plane. However, what’s really surprising is that the eight seats in the back of the aircraft have eight more naked slaves chained in a kneeling position. Three of those seats are now occupied with two men and one woman. All three passengers are currently receiving oral service from an attending sex slave.
It all starts a couple of months ago when all four of us are the trophy wives of the former four top executives of my hubby’s company, Austin Enterprises. Then, one very dark day changes all of our lives. All four of our hubbies are killed in a plane crash while responding to an explosion at one of the company’s plants. The explosion ruins the company, and the subsequent plane crash makes all four of us very rich widows.
After burying our life partners and financial benefactors, all four of us surviving widows begin enjoying the good life. We are young, good looking widows with plenty of time, and money, to burn. Even when our hubbies are alive, all four of us are a bit on the adventurous side – bisexuals that would fuck anything with a big dick or set of tits. Oral and anal included. ‘Kinky’ and ‘Swingers’ are our middle names. Cougars in every sense of the word.
Our hubbies are quieter and frequently preoccupied with company business, So, we all learn to take our pleasures from many sources. On both sides of the sexual street, so to speak. Yes, all four of us are natural bisexuals. We love cock. But, we also appreciate, and enjoy, tits and cunt. And, from time to time, we role play as both lezzie dommes and subs. In short, we are kinky bitches who love both serving, and getting served, by men and women, young and old, rich and poor. Anything to keep our tits hard, our cunts wet, and our sexual energy in high gear.
Then, about six months after that fateful day, while sitting around one of our backyard pools bare ass naked and in a drunken stupor, we decide to have a whore’s contest. The idea is for all four of us to see who can raise the most money – with our body. It’s to be a true fucking competition. From 5 PM Friday until 5 PM Sunday. Each of us is to see who can ‘turn’ the most ‘tricks’ while pretending to be hookers. Something that we each have been doing for years. Only, now we are going to see who can do it best for money.
And, to insure a fair and competitive contest, we all agree to a set of predesigned rules: We are all to spend the entire weekend living like common street hookers. And, like most hookers, anything that earns us money that does not include death or injury is legal. Sucking, fucking, rimming, golden showers, bondage, spanking, BDSM – whatever we are willing to do to earn the maximum amount of money in a 48-hour period. The only thing that matters is how much money we have come Sunday evening.
Of course, there is a reward for the eventual winner. And, penalties for the losers: Sexual Slavery. Each loser serves a full week as the sex slave of the winner. A no-limits sex slave. And, since we are all kinky, bisexual whores at heart, we all know that losing this contest has consequences. One week of no limits sex slavery for failing as a whore. This motivates each of us to compete fairly – and aggressively.
We also agree that any violation of any of the contest rules results in automatic forfeiture of the contest. And, getting caught violating the rules carries an extra penalty. If caught, the cheater is to serve an extra month of sexual slavery to the winner, and a full week of slavery to anyone else finishing the contest according to the rules.
We also decide that we do not want to ruin our reputations in our home town. Although we are all bisexual sluts in our private lives, our public persona is that of well-respected women and pillars of our society. So, we all agree to hold our fucking contest on neutral ground. None of us wants our private kinks to become public knowledge in our own backyards.
Hilda suggests that she knows of a small, but very kinky, town over on the coast that is considered very sexually liberal and open. A community with no sexual hang-ups, morals or rules. We decide that this is the perfect location for our fantasy and make plans to spend the weekend competing to see who can have the most unlimited sexual fun for money. And, knowing that three of us will be returning naked, in chains, as the sexual slaves to one of our good friends is even more motivation.
Boy, are we wrong about our chosen locale. Shortly after arriving in the town, and before we know what hits us, all four of us are arrested, charged and convicted as illegal and unregistered hookers. That’s right. We picked the one place where prostitution is legal – but only if you’re registered with the city. Of course, we do not know anything about this little regulation, and all four of us are busted by the heat.
Upon our arrest, each of us is stripped of all our clothes and our freedom. (See Widowed Slaves for details). Eventually all four of us is sentenced to a lifetime as Indentured Sex Slaves and Private Duty Whores and sold to the AE Investment Corporation. Yes, my hubby’s old company. Only now the company is a major player in a rapidly growing market: Sexual slavery. The very company that took over my hubby’s ruined business now has control of our lives, as well as our tits, ass, and cunts.
In fact, I still remember those fateful words when James Williams and Robert Turner exit the corporate jet and welcome us to our new lifestyle. They both were on the Austin Enterprises’ Board of Directors when our hubbies were alive, and now are the top executives and slave masters of AE Investments. Not only that, but I’ve sucked both of their cocks, and more, during many private parties. Both are damned good fucks. Only then it was voluntary. Now, I am their legal sexual property.
“Well, long time no see,” James says to the four of us. “Well, we always knew that you four were nothing but very expensive whores while your husbands were alive. Now, you’ve only proved us right. Welcome to your new place in life. The only difference between then and now is that the price of your pussy. Only now there won’t be anyone kissing your ass for a blowjob or fuck. In fact, from now on, you’ll be the ones on your knees kissing asses – and sucking cocks, and more.”
“The cargo is secure,” James tells the jetliner’s captain once we are all locked into place. “Let’s get this bitch into the air.”
“Oh, yes,” Robert Turner adds. “For those slaves who are not otherwise occupied, I suggest that you try to get some rest. We’ve got an all-night corporate party to attend later. And, guess who will be tonight’s entertainment.”
Then, without any warning, James comes over and sits in the chair directly in front of me. He slides first his slacks, then his undies, down his legs. His man meat is already enlarged and ready for action.
“OK, slut,” James says to me. “We both know that this is not new to you. You know what to do, so get busy. I would hate for your captivity to begin on the Punishment Line.”
I don’t like threats. But I must admit, the last time I sucked his cock it was a pure pleasure. Hopefully this time will be, too. Of course, the last time I was doing it voluntarily. That’s not true now. I also know that this probably will be my first of many cocks, and cunts, that I will be required to service until my days as a wholly owned whore and sex slave are over. So, I decide to enjoy the experience, and to see how quickly I can make him cum.
“Is that the late, great, Jackie Austin up there sucking Master James’ cock?” one of the other whores says out loud.
I know the voice. It belongs to Kassie Madera, the wife of one of my late hubby’s assistants – and one of my chief rivals. She’s a real bitch. Of course, she probably says the same about me. I know how I got led into a lifetime as a sex slave. I wonder what her story is? I would love to ask her. But, right now my mouth is full.
“Whore Kassie,” Robert says after landing a tawse across her ass. “You know the rules. You will be the first exhibition tonight. 25 with a cat in a pillory. I hope your snide remark was worth it.”
I have to admit, hearing that Kassie is going to get publicly whipped brightens my day. Now, don’t get me wrong. I never want to see another woman receiving the lash. Well, almost. Kassie is not just another woman. That bitch was constantly trying to fuck my dear, departed hubby for, like, forever. I think she objected to the fact that her hubby occasionally visited our house and dommed both me and my late hubby.
I also think Kassie is a bit of a domme herself. She probably objected to the fact that she was never invited – or involved – in our games. But, like me, she’s a submissive sex slut now. And, one that will be whipped whenever this plane lands. I must admit that I probably am going to enjoy it. I just hope that I will not be joining her soon.
“Ignore her,” James says to me. “Your job is to pleasure me, not worry about her. If you don’t improve your technique, you will be joining her.”
“Oh, just in case you’re wondering,” James continues to explain. “Not only are all of the female employees of your hubby’s old company now taking orders from both Robert and me, but so do all of the wives and adult daughters of our company’s male employees. Your hubby’s old company is nothing but a front for the largest sex slave network and auction house in the country.”
“But, that’s nothing new,” Robert adds. “All of Austin Enterprises’ plants were fronts for sex slave farms. Your darling hubby just kept that information private from you. Of course, you were his unpaid whore the entire time you were married. And, since you were getting plenty of cock and pussy, you never really wondered why he came home smelling like cunt. Or, if you did, you were smart enough not to say anything.”
“Either way,” Robert continues. “You no longer have any choice of who, when, and where your three holes get used. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. And, remember, when your usefulness to the company is over, so will be your life. For, we, too, have a Gallows Hill. You had better get busy and give me the best blowjob that you can. Act as if your life depends upon it. For, it does!”
Just as I am about to gobble up his cock, I hear a very familiar voice coming from one of the slaves locked behind me. I quickly recognize the voice. It’s another one from my past.
“Choke the bitch, Master James! Make her suffer.”
It’s Julia Barnes, my former hubby’s Personal Assistant. Or, is that Fuckretary, for her many job duties included giving my hubby a morning BJ and an after lunch ‘nooner’. She always thought that I never knew about her and my hubby. But, what she also did not know is that while she was servicing my hubby, I was providing a similar service to hers. And, her hubby liked to talk. I knew everything that she did to mine because hers liked to ‘kiss and tell’. I was, and still am, a good listener.
Unfortunately for Julia, Austin Enterprises officially went under after the disaster. When that happened, all of its employees – including Julia – were instantly out of a job. Both she and her step-daughter fell on some hard economic times. So, I helped them out financially – by hiring them as ‘temps’ whenever I threw a party. Well, the term ‘temps’ is a bit sugar-coated. For, they both served as naked sex slaves at my parties. Six holes, no waiting. It seems like she’s still a sex slave. Only her gig is now permanent – along with mine.
“I can’t wait to see her on the Punishment Line tonight,” Julia adds. “In fact, can you make her eat me out while you whip her ass? You can whip mine, too, if you want. I just want to see that bitch suffer.”
“Quiet, Bitch Julie,” James replies. “You know the rules. You just earned 50 and 12, and since this is your third infraction, you hereby are converted from a free woman to a permanent, full-time sex slave. Report to the Slave Mistress when you are released from the pillory.”
Later I learn that 50 and 12 means 50 lashes with a cat and 12 hours locked in a pillory on the Punishment Line. Of course, when the whipping is completed, any slave locked in a pillory is fair game for anyone else. Slave or free man or woman. Of course, I also learn that in my old home town, there are very few free women. And, because of Julie’s uncontrollable desire for revenge against me, there is now one less free woman in town.
Not wanting to find out more about the Punishment Line, I quickly begin to deep throat James’ cock. Yes, it’s as big, and magnificent, as I remember. With each stroke it tries to gag me. Julie is right. He does have the ability to choke a woman when he thrusts deep into her mouth. Thankfully, I learned how to avoid the gag reflex a long time ago, and now I can deep throat with the best. A talent that has served me well.
As I continue to suck on James’ cock, I see Robert come to the back of the plane. Soon I see him leading Julie away from her original position. He takes her into a separate room. Later I hear a blood curdling scream. I know that scream, for I have experienced it personally. Someone has just gotten her ass branded. My guess is its Julie, and she now is officially and permanently marked as a slave.
It will take me a while to learn the true nature of our little town. For, I always thought that our community was a piece of rural, small town Americana inhabited by perfectly normal people. Little did I know that there is a totally male dominant sub-culture within our friendly village of white picket fences. A place where by day all the adult women in town appear to be normal wives and mothers. By night, each and every one of them over the age of 18 is a hooker, a slut, or a sex slave. All, that is, except for Alice, Betty, Hilda, and me. Until now, of course.
In fact, for years I thought that my hubby’s business was manufacturing. However, I rarely visited his office, and never visited his plants. If I had, I would have learned that his actual business was as a slave trader. Every woman inside his plant, whether slave or free, was kept naked 24/7. And, most slaves were kept in chains. Many were locked in cages whenever they were not displayed for potential customers.
In fact, I am just now learning that the only times that my late hubby’s office staff ever wore any clothes was when any of the four of us visited our hubbies at work. At all other times, the entire female staff was, and still is, naked. They all knew that part of their job was to ‘service’ the males in the office upon demand. Even the free women knew that their job required that each of them had to be bare ass naked and ready for action whenever at work. And, failure was not an option. The penalty for failure was, and still is, immediate and permanent sexual slavery. That always includes a stint in the Punishment Line. Or worse. One of the galley slave ships. Or, Gallows Hill.
Today, I am learning that I am about to join the remnants of my late hubby’s business. Not as a free woman employee, but as a sex slave. For since the plane crash, James and Robert have officially purchased and reorganized Austin Enterprises into AE Investments, Inc. And, the new company is continuing the old company’s time honored tradition.
In fact, under the guidance and leadership of Masters James and Robert, AE Investments has managed to enslave most of the adult women in town. Later I will learn that most women in town are sold into slavery by their fathers on their 18th birthday. And, those who avoid that fate have no choice but to work in the plant in a ‘voluntary’ capacity. Those who refuse are eventually arrested for vagrancy. Naturally, female vagrancy is punishable by – you guessed it – a lifetime of sexual servitude.
As I continue to suck James’ cock, and I feel him growing more excited with each stroke, I hear Robert returning Julie to her previous position. As she walks past me, I do see a bright red brand on her right ass cheek. Serves the bitch right. I always knew that she was my former hubby’s private whore. Now she’s going to be everyone’s whore. Just like me.
As Julie is getting locked back into position, I feel James grab the back of my head. And, hold on. I know what’s cumming. As always, his blast is more than I expect. I’ve blown many a guy. No one can coat the back of my throat like James. If this is to be my role, I hope that he picks me to become his personal whore. But, with so many young cunts to choose, an occasional throat fuck is probably all that I will receive from him.
As he finishes, and I make sure to swallow, I hear the jetliner’s captain announce that we are about to begin our final approach and that everyone needs to be seated and strapped in. James does not say a word. He just leans back in his seat, pulls his seat belt around his waist, and prepares for landing – all with his cock still in my mouth. Will wonders ever cease? And, I need to make sure not to let my teeth damage his marvelous equipment.
Once the plane lands, both he and Robert go up to the four slaves locked in the front row and releases their bindings. Once the plane has come to a complete stop, one by one all of us other slaves is released, too. One by one we are led down the ramp. Damn! There’s another paddy wagon awaiting our arrival. Six of the women are told to report back to the office and resume their regular duties. They are also told to be sure that they are at the party room no later than 8 PM tonight. The rest of us, including Kassie, Julia, and the four of us, are all locked into the paddy wagon. Like pigs to a slaughter. Or, is that, whores to a fucking.
As we travel from the airport towards the center of town, I see that there are fewer and fewer clothed women walking the streets as free women. In fact, it appears that the majority of women over 18 are now wearing slave collars, cuffs, and shackles. We have not been out of town very long, but this change takes all four of us by surprise.
Suddenly, we turn the corner towards the old town square. Suddenly I see something located in the center of the square that appears to be brand new. At least it was not there when I last visited the center of town. For, in the middle of the square is a row of about 24 pillories. Many of them are filled by naked women. Women with red marks all over their backs, thighs, and ass cheeks. I also see remnants of cum and piss dripping from many of their holes.
“WTF!” Betty exclaims when she sees the sight.
“It’s the Punishment Line,” one of the other slaves says. “Trust me. Do everything you can to avoid spending any time in there.”


Interesting use of humiliation Structural civilization surrounding slavery is not easially sustainable in a modern world Good use of female jealousy Accepting submission in 1984 but worth the read Elliott 4 out of 5 (Elliott )

Author Information

A 60 YO WM who loves reading and writing bisexual spanking, bondage, and sexual slavery stories.


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Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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